Venusian Contacts Part X ~ Revisiting Adamski

Venusian-Contacts-Part-X-main-4-post  by Neil Gould

The events that took place in a remote area of New Mexico during the predawn hours of July 16, 1945 forever changed the world. The incredible destructive powers of the atom were first unleashed; what had been theoretical became reality. Shockwaves were exported Exo-Solar; the cosmic telegraph rattled the walls of the upper octaves of light; Earthlings had found the key to the atomic lock. Human looking Galactic ambassadors were dispatched, to reason with the Earth government whose technology had exceeded its ability to safely utilize this enormous power. Military priorities remained sacrosanct and the ETs were rejected forcing them to engage in citizen’s diplomacy directly with ordinary people, soon to become known as contactees. Under a carefully orchestrated Counter Intelligence Program, claims of ET contact were ridiculed and debunked. Overwhelming empirical evidence proving the reality of Human looking ETS surfaced to overshadow the military’s web of deceit. Pilots, a Government Employee, a photographic expert, an optical physicists and footage of a space craft in flight assisted in peeling back the stratified layers of time. (more…)

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Extraterrestrials Among Us

ETs-Among-Us-main-4-postMichael E. Salla, PhD


There is startling evidence from a number of independent sources that ‘human looking’ extraterrestrial visitors have integrated with and lived in major population centers up until recently, and this is known by a select number of government agencies and military departments. A range of highly classified government documents and military programs give credence to this phenomenon, as revealed by a number of whistleblowers. Command Sergeant Major Robert Dean, for example, claims that a top secret NATO document he witnessed in 1964 described how senior political and military leaders had been visited by and interacted with ‘human looking’ extraterrestrials who could easily blend into human society. What really concerned NATO leaders, according to Dean, was that extraterrestrials could be walking in the corridors of key political and military institutions. Aside from whistleblower testimonies, a number of private individuals claim to have encountered extraterrestrials posing as ordinary citizens in major cities around the planet.

George Adamski was the first to write about extraterrestrials secretly living among the human population. adamski-and-orthon-4-postIn his second non-fiction book describing his extraterrestrial contact experiences, Inside the Space Ships, Adamski discussed how human looking extraterrestrials had established a presence among the human population. They apparently looked so much like us that they could get jobs, lived in neighborhoods, drove cars, and could blend in easily with the human population. Adamski wrote about how they contacted him to set up meetings that led to his famous flights aboard extraterrestrial vehicles. While controversy over Adamski’s contact experiences and his credibility continues, Adamski’s UFO sightings and contacts with extraterrestrials were supported by an impressive collection of witnesses, photographs and films that a number of independent investigators concluded were not hoaxes. (more…)

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Mars Anomalies

Mars-Anomalies-main-4-postby Jeff Rense





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Venusian Contacts ~ Part VIII

Venusian-Contacts-main-part-VIII-4-postby George Adamski

I had to remind myself that, after all, they too were human beings and, no matter how far advanced beyond us, must still be subject to error and vicissitude… Here again a wondering thought slipped in as I mentally questioned what they had found on the “other planets” they had visited.

The Venusian’s eyes sparkled and a tiny smile flitted across his mouth as he caught my thought. He continued without interruption. “With the sole exception of inhabitants on Earth, we have found the peoples of other worlds to be very friendly. They…have gigantic space cruisers for the pleasure and education of their fellowmen. As we visit their planets and are welcomed, they also visit ours as friends. It is to the Earth alone that these passenger cruisers never approach. Nor will they be permitted to do so until your people have a greater understanding of fellowship as well as of the Universe beyond the limiting confines of your own little planet.

“During flights of this kind, those on the cruise have much leisure time, as well as definite hours devoted to learning. When they land on other planets mutually interesting social gatherings are held. In short,” and he made this very clear, “peoples of other worlds are not strangers to one another, but all are friends and are welcomed wherever they go. We consider planets throughout the Universe as being in one vast sea of life. The far distant planets by the billions which we have not yet visited will be explored when we have further improved our space ships. There are some planets so far out from any in our system that it would take us two or three years to reach them. Whereas, within our system, the distance between planets can be covered within a few hours to a few days.” (more…)

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New Evidence That Life Existed On Mars

New-Evidence-That-Life-Existed-On-Mars-main-4-postby Margi Murphy (Editor – Interspersed throughout this article are just a few of the latest anomalies found on Mars from another source)

Scientists have found key evidence which suggests life may once have existed on Mars.

Nasa’s Curiosity rover has detected boron, a key ingredient for life, on the dusty surface of the Red Planet.

The discovery is a huge boost in the hunt for extraterrestrials and could back up a theory suggesting life on Mars may have been forced underground when disaster turned the planet into a “frigid desert”.

MSL-1802-1805-M34-Update-possible-underground-entranceSome type of underground entrance?

Patrick Gasda, a postdoctoral researcher at Los Alamos National Laboratory said: “Because borates may play an important role in making RNA – one of the building blocks of life – finding boron on Mars further opens the possibility that life could have once arisen on the planet.

“Borates are one possible bridge from simple organic molecules to RNA. Without RNA, you have no life.

“The presence of boron tells us that, if organics were present on Mars, these chemical reactions could have occurred.” (more…)

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Positive ETs vs Negative ETs

Negative-vs-Positive-ETs-main-4-postBy Gerard Aartsen

If meetings with extraterrestrials, or space people, are always of a positive nature, if they do not abduct, but invite people on board their craft, and if it is not for nasty experiments, is there then no truth at all in the stories about ‘negative’ ETs?

To be sure, George Adamski’s space contacts confirmed that people who “through greed will desire to assume power over other men” can also be found on other worlds. And according to Lou Zinsstag, Adamski also said that in our system “there are three planets which are not friendly to us”. In his bulletin of December 1963, Adamski elaborated on this statement when he said: “Recently there have been some Venusian ships attacked by hostile space travelers. But by using the repelling ray, which is a part of the equipment of their ships, the ships of the hostile ones were damaged without destroying life.” At the same time, however, he made it quite clear elsewhere that, “[t]here are no monsters that we know about and most of the hostile reports have come from frightened people who in some cases have even shot at them when they came close enough. In cases like this the space people have used a ray to frighten them away, but never to hurt them physically.” In fact, the space people that invited Bruno Sammaciccia and his friends into their underground bases told them, when they asked to see young extraterrestrials studying there: “Yes, but secretly; we do not want to frighten them, because what they know about terrestrials is not good news. They think of you as some kind of wild beasts.” (more…)

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Ami “Child Of The Stars”

Ami-Child-Of-The-Stars-main-2-postBy Gerard Aartsen

We are no strangers to the concept of changing the appearance of things we hold dear and wish to protect from the attacks of our less sensitive – or sensible – fellows. Some things we know to harbor the truth because they lift up our hearts and our spirits beyond our ‘natural’ state, even if we can’t prove that they do so. When that happens, we don’t need external confirmation – we know, because the truth rings so loud in our soul. After all, Reality can’t be proven; it can only be experienced. So we could say that proof of something is necessary mostly for people who do not yet have the experience of that aspect of Reality.

Ami Child of The Stars bookSomething similar pertains when one reads Enrique Barrios’ book Ami “Child of the Stars” that, disguised as a children’s story, explains the secrets of life and the universe. Better, reading it helps one experience the secrets of life and the universe, leaving the reader with the same sense of joy and oneness as, for instance, listening to Beethoven’s An die Freude (‘Ode to Joy’) – which, not co-incidentally, is a celebration of the brotherhood of man. (more…)

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Uncloaking The Material Reality Of UFOs

Uncloaking-The-Reality-of-UFOs-main-2-postby Gerard Aartsen

One of the enduring ‘mysteries’ surrounding UFOs concerns their apparent ability to appear and disappear at will. Here, too, enlightening clues can be found in the accounts of contactees and the wisdom teachings, while scientific insights continue to provide interesting corroborations.

When the first measurements of the surface temperature on Venus came in 1958, George Adamski was quickly ridiculed for his assertion that his contacts hailed from that and other planets in our solar system. He was not alone, though, in maintaining his claims: Brazilian physicist-contactee Dino Kraspedon (pseudonym for Aladino Felix), Canadian researcher-contactee Wilbert Smith, Italian journalist-contactee Bruno Ghibaudi, and US contactees Howard Menger and Buck Nelson all said, more or less publicly, that the spacecraft and their occupants originate from within the solar system, mainly from Mars, Venus, Saturn and a few other planets.

While since the character assassination on the first contactees hardly anyone has placed the origins of the visitors from space within our own solar system, to this day esotericist Benjamin Creme states categorically: “All the planets of our system are inhabited…” but, he adds, “if you were to go to Mars or Venus you would see nobody because they are in physical bodies of etheric matter.” [Mars is physical, however Venus is not per Unariun liturgies.] This underscores what contactee Howard Menger was told in the 1950s: “[I]f an Earth man in physical body could go there he probably would not see some of the life forms which vibrate more rapidly than his own — no more than he can see the spiritual life forms in and around his own planet. Unless his physical body were processed and conditioned, he could not see the beings on another planet.” Reversing the same notion, George Adamski also said that the space people “can place their mind in a high frequency state that causes their body to become invisible to our limited range of vision.” He was told, in fact, that “…we can increase the frequency of the activated area of a ship to the point of producing invisibility. Except for our own precaution, your planes could fly blindly into our ship without seeing it. If we permitted you to come as close as that, when you hit, you would find our craft as solid as though functioning in a lower frequency.” (more…)

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A Spaceman’s Warning About The Dangers of Nuclear Radiation

The-Dangers-of-Nuclear-Radiation-main-4-postDino Kraspedon (1905–2004) was the pen name of Brazilian Aladino Felix, who claimed to be contacted byDino Kraspedon an extraterrestrial from Jupiter’s moons of Ganymede and Io. Much information of a scientific (mainly astrophysics), medical, and moral nature is given in his book.

He was born in Pedra do Baú and died in Uberaba, Minas Gerais. In 1959 he published Meu Contato Com Os Discos Voadores (My Contact with Flying Saucers). The book tells the story of his contact with a flying saucer commander at his home. The extraterrestrial visitor was given a lengthy Q&A interview by Mr. Kraspedon in which he explained advanced concepts in physics and gave insights on how to improve humanity’s social conditions on earth. Later he publicly clarified that he did not witness the male human extraterrestrial leaving or entering a spacecraft. Mr. Kraspedon correctly predicted that there would be a period of terrorism and ironically was arrested for suspicion of being a terrorist in 1968. – Wikipedia

A Spaceman’s Warning About The Dangers of Nuclear Radiation ~ By Dino Kraspedon

Q: Please tell me why you think our use of atomic energy is dangerous?

A: I do not say that the use of atomic energy is a danger to Humanity. What I do say is that aggressive hatred coupled with atomic energy will destroy the earth. (more…)

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Q&A On The People From The Planet Clarion

People-Of-The-Planet-Clarion-main-2-postTruman Bethurum (August 21, 1898 – May 21, 1969) was the second of the well known 1950s contactees, individuals who claimed to have spoken with people from other inhabited planets and entered or ridden in their spacecraft. His experiences led him to visit and discuss the issue with George Adamski.

Bethurum was born in Gavalin, California, and in the early 1950s worked as a mechanic on a road-building Truman Bethurumcrew and as a spiritual advisor. In 1953 Bethurum first published magazine and newspaper (Redondo Beach Daily Breeze, September 25, 1953) accounts of being contacted on eleven separate occasions by the human crew of a landed space ship, and repeatedly conversing with its female captain, Aura Rhanes. Saucer and crew, who spoke colloquial English, came from the unknown planet Clarion, which, from the earth, always remains out of sight. A 1954 book, Aboard a Flying Saucer, gave many details of Bethurum’s suffering at the hands of skeptics and a great deal of information about Clarion and its people.

Most contactees of this period became (or already were) leaders in new paradigm movements to inform people of extraterrestrial intelligent life, including George Adamski, George Van Tassel, Daniel Fry, George King and many others. Mr. Bethurum made it known that the space people had asked him to consider creating a place of learning for those who were interested in considering the possibility of extraterrestrial intelligent life, with Mr. Bethurum as facilitator. The Sanctuary of Thought, a philosophical group, was subsequently created near Prescott, Arizona. Mr. Bethurum claimed to possess physical evidence such as unique items given to him by Captain Aura Rhanes. (more…)

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Evidence Venusian Contacts Are Still Ongoing

Ongoing-Contacts-by-Venusians-main-4-postContactees became a cultural phenomenon in the 1940s and continued throughout the 1950s and 1960s, often giving lectures and writing books about their experiences. The phenomenon still continues and with this new photographic evidence would indicate contacts with Venus are still ongoing today.

As we will see,  the figure that appears in the photograph bears a strong resemblance to the Venusians of the contactees of the ’50s and 60s namely George Adamski, George Hunt Williamson and Howard Menger.

Venusian-Contact-4Video Images


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UFOs: Space Flight, Ether And The Speed of Light

Ufos-Spaceflight-Ether-main-4-postby Meade Layne

The following paragraphs are intended as the shortest possible synopsis of the factors involved. The supporting data and reasoning are extensive and can be found in the various publications of Borderland Science Research.

The aeroforms (flying discs, “saucers”, and UFOs) are best understood with respect to their origin and nature as being EMERGENTS: that is, they emerge onto our plane of perception from a space time frame of reference which is different from ours. This process may also be described as a conversion of energy and a change of vibratory rates.

That this is so, is obviously suggested by the phenomena themselves; since physical matter, as we know it, could not withstand the speed, temperature, and strain imposed by the observed operations of the discs and other forms. This does not conflict with the apparent composition of the ‘landed’ discs.

When the energy conversion takes place, the aeroform becomes visible and tangible. It appears to be and definitely is what we call solid substance, and so remains until the vibratory rate is again converted. The “steel” of the landed disc is an etheric steel and its copper is etheric copper – since the prototypes of all our metals exist in etheric matter; nevertheless chemical analysis has shown certain radical differences. The conversion process amounts to materialization and dematerialization (“mat and demat”). “Demat” on our plane of perception would be “mat” for any consciousness functioning on the etheric level, and vice versa. (more…)

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Venusian Contacts – Part VII

Venusian-Contacts-VII-main-4-postby Michael Barton

I had long believed that mental communication between planets was not only possible but that it would someday become almost as simple as our “long—distance” phone calls. So I set about the business of attempting to reach the planet Venus by means of telepathy.

I was, during this attempt at “space telepathy”, comfortably positioned on the roof of my house. There I was least liable to disturbance while concentrating. Also, it was quiet and dark so that I had no difficulty in focusing my thoughts. The message I decided to “transmit” to Venus was this:


This is the established “form” of communication language used by all Airline pilots on Earth. It is standard radio practice. I was, of course, not at all sure that interplanetary beings referred to their own planet as “Venus” or to ours as “Earth”. There would be, however, a mutual “meeting of the minds” as to what I meant. This I was sure of, since I would “transmit” in the form of Mind Images and Pictures rather than words. (more…)

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The Wall Of Light: Contact With Venus ~ Part II

Venusians-from-Planet-Venus-main-4-postby Arthur Matthews

It was during the fall of 1942 that the X-12 paid me another short visit, Frank wished to talk to me about a very private matter. During this visit I was lucky to be able to take a good look at the X-12 inside and out, Frank came into my home and after we finished our private talk, we walked down to the landing spot, when we reached the ship, I stood wild eyed looking at that great and wonderful thing, other members of the crew came out, all of them laughing at the surprised look on my face, but what I saw of the outside of that great ship was nothing to the wonders which I was to see and hear, inside. It was in fact the “thought-pictures,” which first convinced me that this ship and its crew of twenty-four persons, was indeed, as they said, from the planet Venus. When Frank and I arrived at the ship, he said, “Come inside and you may, if you wish, take a good look all over.”

I accepted his invitation, and he led me to a door, and we stepped into a small room, which he said was the elevator, in a few seconds, we arrived at the top level, or control room, located at the top of the elevator shaft (about 300 feet high:). “This is our control room,” said Frank. “You may inspect it.’ “But, “I replied, “Where are the controls?” (All I saw in the room was a circular seat, on which sat four persons; two women and two men. These four took no notice of us, they just sat and looked, so it appeared, directly at the wall). “These four are our controls,” said Frank “But where are the meters”, I asked, “and other things which appear to be an important part of our aircraft? In what manner can you guide, steer and control the power of this large ship without some form of control?” “Well,” said Frank, “perhaps the manner in which we control this ship, that is to say, the means we use, may appear to you Earth people an impossibility; every member of our crew is trained in the practical use of ‘Thought Power’. The four members whom you see here, keep the ship under perfect control at all times by the simple application of pure thought. In order to convince you, or at least try to convince you, that this ship has no other power, you may inspect every inch of it, but I can assure you there is no engine of any kind, either inside or outside. But, measure carefully, convince yourself. If you study the question, you will find nothing remarkable about our ability to make a practical use of the power of applied thought. Every person on Earth could, with advantage, do the same.” (more…)

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What NASA Is Hiding: Incredible Structures On Venus

What-Nasa-Is-Hiding-Cities-of-Venus-main-4-postThe Magellan probe was launched by NASA with an aim to gather information about Venus. Launched back in 1989, the probe entered the atmosphere of the planet in 1994.

As part of its mission, the probe collected a huge number of photographs of the planet which were recently published by NASA on its website and is available for download and review here. This photographic evidence seems to show what appears to be cities and buildings on its surface.

Could Venus be inhabited by humanoids living in large cities on its surface? There simply seems to be no other explanation for the vast amount of structure seen in these photographs. This would make NASA’s conclusion that temperatures on Venus are supposedly hellishly hot and unlivable as fallacious. Even the massive cloud coverage over most of the surface of  Venus directly contradicts this.

But wasn’t it back in the 1950s that most ET contacts were from the planet Venus? Several contactees made the same or similar claims. Many of the messages were consistently alike including warnings about nuclear war.

As I reflect on this and review the Venus Global GIS Map, I come to the same conclusion as I’ve always come to; the only one that makes sense: Life exists elsewhere and everywhere in the universe NOT excluding Venus. WE ARE NOT ALONE.

Maybe a way to achieve world peace will be just a simple acknowledgement that others exist, just like us, everywhere, not just in our solar system, but throughout the many billions of stars, their planets, and galaxies throughout the universe.


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