What Is God ~ Part II

What-Is-God-Part-II-main-4-postWith Q & A from Lesson #1 of ICCC

Science and fundamentalism must accede to the fact that man is a generic creation of God’s own spiritual life forces and has a definite plan of evolution whereby through his numerous reincarnations, he learns of the Infinite nature of God and thus acquires what Jesus called the Father within, or transmitter-and-television-setthe Christ-self.

Before going into this question period, let me explain something of that which is termed psychic liberation. You must understand what energy is; that energy in itself, in whatever dimension or form that it assumes, is intelligent. It re-creates that intelligence and continues to re-create it until it is further modified by some existing or external forces. We might liken a human being to a television set; we say that the Infinite is the transmitter. Within the television set are certain components which are known as condensers, resistors, coils, etc. By the continuity or the expression, or we say a polarized plane and cathode-ray-oscilloscope-figure-twofrequency transmission from the transmitter, take unto themselves an amplification and separate these various single component parts to further integrate them and project them into the picture tube where they are flashed onto the fluorescent screen. There are at that time a series of dots moving at the rate of 16,000 per second which are in horizontal lines and as you would write in a letter across the page, there are certain elements of synchronization, retrace, etc., which are expressed.

The human being functions much the same, with but little difference. Your external life, or your physical life man-as-television-4-poston the outside, can be likened to that phosphorus screen on the surface of the tube. The same scientific principles are involved in various wave structures or frequency relationship; these psychic structures are themselves the determining elements of transmission. You, yourself, as a physical being, are reflecting outwardly. Your physical body and your physical appearance are just a reflection of your psychic self which is composed of an infinite number of tiny vortexes of innumerable wave forms and shapes. They are in themselves portraying their own individual expression, their own particular portion of life; if not from this life, then surely from some past life experience.

Evolution is more simply and basically understood by realizing that these different psychic impingements, the past livesmalformations of wave forms—as they interpret these negative experiences or phases of our life—can be corrected. They can be neutralized, they can be changed, and they can be replaced by constructive elements. It is essential that every person realize that he does possess, and has since he was created in the lowest order of human relationship (and has always possessed), the essential element of clairvoyance. Clairvoyance is not an occult term but is a word which merely means the ability to relate man to his higher self or his inner consciousness. The personal expressional clairvoyance, whether expressed in a large or a small way, is in itself determined by the status or position of the evolution of the individual. We shall reach the point in our pathway of life whereby we determine through some psychic transmission and gain some affinity with the inward consciousness of self.

All of the old philosophies of the ancient civilizations are based primarily upon that one concept. As Jesus so aptly put it, “Seek ye first, the Kingdom of Heaven which is within, and all things shall be added unto you.”

Q – You mention psychic self and Superconscious self, are these two the same or interrelated and the impingements, are they in both these bodies?

A – This is a very abstract concept but we shall explain it to you as simply as we can. We shall begin by saying that God is infinite. To become infinite, if we stop to think a moment, God must become finite in every conceivable way that you can think of. One of the ways in which God becomes finite is in His own individual self through man. Every man thus becomes God. This is the Superconsciousness because God has created, through an abstract way, what we call a life cycle, wherein are placed all of the different experiences, the infinite number of things in which God is, Himself. So man revolves in his dimension of consciousness until he acquaints himself with all Infinity and thus he attunes himself to the Infinite Consciousness of his true self.

Q – Are there any shortcomings or weaknesses in this Superconsciousness?

A – There are none; there are merely things which determine the quotient as experience of the personal self. So we stress not the experience but the importance of that experience in the person‘s own evaluation of what that experience meant to him. Does this clear that point up?

Q – Some, but what relation, or what is the psychic self then?

A – The psychic self is constructed by the elements of the personal expression along this life cycle. You see there are many dimensions of expression in God’s own self, an infinite number; to bridge the gap between the higher self we have the psychic body, which is with us through our countless evolutions. It is constructed and reconstructed from time to time, just as our physical body is, from the different experiences through which we pass. It resides in the dimension which is commonly called the 4th dimension. The psychic anatomy is just beyond our physical conscious sight. It can be photographed. It radiates an aura and is very tangible, but only to people who have sight and vision to see it. It is not physical in the sense of the word that you interpret a physical being, because an atom is merely a vortex of energy and is a nucleus of an expression of positive energy with a negative world. We shall discuss that in detail a little later in the lessons because we are going to place great stress and emphasis on energy and how energy appears and reappears in different dimensions and in different forms, how it becomes a part of us and how it is a part of us. It lives, breathes, and acts through every pore of our very consciousness. Just remember that the Superconscious Self is the life cycle. It is the Supreme Conscious Self of God Himself, and in the creation of man as an individual, the psychic body itself is the structure of experience.

We might say that just because you think something and, in ceasing to think about it, does not mean that the particular thought has ceased to exist. It has not; that thought has been reflected into your psychic body and has become a part of yourself, as a wave form. When that fact can be brought home to people they won’t be running around doing some of the things they are now doing; when they find they have to continually live with every thought, every experience, that what they are from day to day will be with them and live with them for thousands of years to come, then they won’t be quite so anxious to commit these acts.

Q – You mean thoughts as energy exist in the inner dimensions as well?

A – That is just exactly what I was speaking of a few moments ago because energy always reflects itself into other dimensions. It is imperishable because it does not exist in the dimensions of time—frequency relationship which it does in this dimension. Here we have sound wave frequencies. Over there these things exist other ways.

Q – You speak so much of energy.

A – Energy denotes an action. In order to have action, we must have a directive force.

Q – What is behind this energy, the component parts of energy?

A – Let us get into the physical or the material plane in explaining this to you—in a way in which we might understand it as seeing it on an oscilloscope as a definite change or a distortion of wave form patterns in some wave frequency. That distortion and that frequency appears and reappears as a fundamental part of that wave form until it is changed by external forces.

Q – Then what regulates the changes of form?

A – In the case of a television set, we use applications of external energy which are coupled with the original sine wave frequency through resistors, condensers, coils, etc.

Q – Then you are saying there must be an energy behind the energy to direct it?

A – That is exactly right; that is one of the basic and more abstract concepts of this whole concept of UN.AR.I.U.S.. The fact is that stemming down from these infinitely higher dimensions are great vortexes of energy.

Q – Would this be the source of power or force behind the energy?

A – That would be the prime directive source, yes. But the psychic body is, shall I say, the material interpreter because it is in the wave forms of the psychic body that determines our reactionary thought pattern of life.

Q – That’s merely a form of harmony, is it not?

A – We can actually assume that all energy, in all forms or transmissions, or in dimensions in which we find energy, always has a very definite relationship with harmonic cord structures. It cannot function any other way. Suppose now your radio is attuned; it is a super heterodyne radio. We have a frequency of 600 kilocycles, we have a frequency of 1500 kilocycles, we beat them against each other and regenerate a 900 kilocycle intermediate frequency note which carries the carrier through amplification into rectification.

Q – Where does consciousness begin?

A – Consciousness begins from the Superconscious Self.

Q – Well, isn’t that force counteracting with other forces?

A – It not only counteracts but it regenerates. Take two violins; if they are in tune and we pluck the “A” string of one, it regenerates the music in the other. In other words, in our understanding of energy, we know that energy is always changing. There is no such thing as a solid mass; it is an erroneous misconception. The atoms in this building, the walls in this room are all pulsating substances. They are all masses of energy just as is your body. They all have to be supported internally from other dimensions.

Q – I am aware of that however, but there must be a directive force behind all energy and it must be an energetic force.

A – That is right and that is God. That is the Infinity of God because God, in His relationship to all these forms and expressions of energy, interprets these things through the various frequencies and harmonic structures and the transpositions of energy in the various dimensions.

Excerpt from The Infinite Concept of Cosmic Creation

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Q & A On Astral Influences, Dimensional Planes & More

Astral-Influences-Dimensional-Planes-main-4-postQ – What is meant by dark forces?

A – Dark forces are those who lack a sense of direction or proper sense of directive relationship. In other words, they are selfish.

Q – Isn’t it easy to be under their influence instead of under the higher spiritual forces?

A – Yes, it is something like learning to ride a bicycle. We can tell you to maintain a positive attitude continually in all expressions. When you see the Infinite flowing into you and your thoughts or concepts, and when you will realize that everything about you is whispering that little secret of creation, that little secret of infinity, then you will gradually acquire the higher consciousness or attunement with the higher Spiritual forces and the dark forces cannot so easily influence you.

Q – Is it true that some of the lower astral forces portray themselves as being higher than they actually are, thus trying to influence us?

A – Yes, this is true; but people who are sincerely seeking, do arrive at a certain point of discrimination and need not fear because that Superconsciousness, the Still Small Voice, is the determinant which will determine that which enters our consciousness. Those of you who are along the path of evolution (a little farther than the average materialist), who lived on higher planes in between incarnations and have set up certain contacts, certain affiliations with certain organizations of more highly developed souls, you automatically know the light from dark powers, and the Enlightened Ones help to guide you and help to moderate your actions to a certain degree. Of course it is all according to how you can conceive of these things and how much you let yourself be guided and directed. As I say, I never get into trouble until I go against that “Inner Voice”.

Q – Is it always other intelligences who guide? Is it not your own Christ within? Do we need outside guidance?

A – Indeed, this Christ consciousness is our goal. That is right, but we very often do need help. Down here in this little old terrestrial planet, we very often need guidance until we have reached the place where we can function from the Superconscious at all times. When we reach that point the Yogi calls “Nirvana” we no longer need to reincarnate into this karmic world. We could not live five minutes unless we have this inflow of the Infinite energy through the hypothalamus from the higher dimensions. That energy supports every atom in your body, supports your intelligence, and supports many other things in your life today of which the scientist does not yet know. (more…)

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The Last Supper

The-Last-Supper-main-4-postOne of the daily tasks performed here at the Center is the reading and answering the numerous letters which come to us from those who would aspire to a better way; yet, hardly a task, fRuth-and-Ernest-Norman-4-postor it is more often that we joyously read of wondrous happenings.letters-4-post

With all this, however, there is reflected in these letters, the rising and receding tides of emotionalism and desire, defeat and victory in personal conflicts; and in seeing all of these things, I am often reminded of an incident which took place nearly two thousand years ago, a scene depicted as the Last Supper, a time when the Nazarene sat with His twelve disciples and shared with them the symbolic bread and wine. And as this was done, He spoke of one among them who was a traitor and who would soon betray Him to the high priests. (more…)

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What Is God?

What-is-God-main-4-postBelow are excerpts from a letter written as a reply to a young student of twelve years of age who asked, “What is God?’

Dr. Norman, the Moderator, replies as follows:

…God and Infinity are one and the same; that is to say that all the world about you is actually God. There are trillions of atoms in your body; each one is a tiny solar system of energy or electricity, which is part of this God. Likewise, all of the flowers, trees, houses, the sun, the moon, the stars, even the earth itself are all part of this God. And there is much more than can be seen or touched, felt or heard or as Jesus said, “In my Father’s House, there are many mansions.” And when He spoke of the mansion, He spoke of a place in which people live. So that after you leave this earth in what is called death, you will go to live in one of these places or mansions, which the scientists of today call a dimension.

A dimension is only a group of atoms which have combined together to form molecules; the molecules, in turn, form all of the substances that you are familiar with in your life today. The air you breathe is composed of molecules of nitrogen and oxygen, which in turn are merely a number of little atoms of nitrogen to form a nitrogen molecule. This is common chemistry, which you can find in any of the schoolbooks in high school or in college books.

We must learn to understand God in this way; we should not try to look upon God as a Supreme Being or a separate person, because God is and composes all people, black, white, red, yellow, whatever race, color or whatever they believe; they are all a part of God, just as are all the animals, the birds, the fish–everything that lives on planet Earth is part of God, because they are all composed of the same little solar systems of energy which is called an atom. (more…)

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Energy And Mass ~ Part II

Energy-and-Mass-main-4-postLesson 3 from The Infinite Concept of Cosmic Creation ~ Part II

In the early 1900’s, a man by the name of Max Planck came along with his theory of quanta. The scientists Max Planck twobelieved up until that time that all energy was of an electronic form. In other words, there were tiny little particles of solid electricity which were somehow being precipitated along certain directions. It was Max Planck who established the Planck’s Theory of Quanta which, I believe, is 6.624 x 10-27 ergs per second. (Called Planck’s Constant.) In other words, to make it more simplified, the formula merely means that energy itself does not simply flow through something and come out the something else at the other end. There must be a very definite relationship of harmonic or frequency transposition.

Now we begin to understand that everywhere in space, everywhere within us, everywhere around us, everywhere, going on all the time in a manner and in a fashion which our physical eyes, our ears, or any of our five senses cannot determine or discriminate, are vast seas of energy in a continual reciprocating, interchanging and interlocking of an innumerable and in an infinite number of cycles. (more…)

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Hippocrates On The Practice of Present Day Medicine

Hippocrates-On-Medicine-main-4-postMy dear brothers and sisters, I am most happy to renew our exploration again into this section of Parhelion. For Hippocratespersonal identity, I am Hippocrates, one of the teachers here, who gave a previous transmission.

The preceding transmission, was a general discussion of elemental factors in your civilization and the summary of reincarnation by my very worthy brother, Apollonius of Tyana, who generalized somewhat on the various aspects of life and civilization and personal evolution.

We can now resume somewhat more of a direct exploration here into another of these sections, which is devoted to the general practice and understanding of psychiatry and medicine in various terrestrial and astral dimensions. (more…)

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The Brain Cell And Consciousness

The-Brain-Cell-And-Consciousness-main-2-postJust recently an article came out about a new mapping method of the brain which scientists think will help them discover how the brain creates consciousness.

brain-mapping-2-postThis conventional brain mapping method traces all the branches of a particular neuron by injecting a dye into individual cells, dissecting the brain into several sections, and then tracing the path of the dyed neurons manually. What the neuro-scientists don’t realize is that the brain is only a switchboard and not the seat of consciousness. The seat of consciousness resides in the psychic anatomy or psychic body and this body resides in the immediate adjacent 4th dimension which at this point is not detectable by the five senses or current scientific instrumentation.

The following is how scientifically a brain cell acts as a go-between between the spirit body or psychic anatomy and the physical processes as explained in Cosmic Continuum:

“Let us consider scientifically for a moment just what the brain is and its relationship to human conduct inbrain cells neurons our present-day existence. The brain is composed of some twelve billion small cells; and while it is true that at birth this brain represents an organ which is still comparatively unfunctionable, it, like the intestines and many other parts of the anatomy, has not yet come into its full usage. However this does not, in any sense of the word, mean that in days to come in the life of this infant, such interpolations of consciousness in his daily life will form all of the functionable attributes of his brain. (more…)

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Energy And Mass

Energy-And-Mass-main-4-postLesson 3 from The Infinite Concept of Cosmic Creation

Love-In-Action-2Greetings again from UN.AR.I.U.S., meaning Love in Action.

This officially opens lesson #3, which is entitled “Energy and Mass” and which will be conducted through mental transmission from such personages as Sir William Crookes, Faraday, Isaac Newton, Einstein and others.

In order to establish some form of continuity between each succeeding lesson, we shall spend a few moments in reviewing something of the past one. In our first discussion we established the fact that the world was obviously going through some sort of great change or metamorphosis and that it was obviously necessary to develop a new science or a new philosophy which was relevant and most conducive to the betterment of science-vs-religion-4-postmankind for the particular evolution which is in the future. It was also established that the existing systems of religion, fundamentalism and science were, in themselves, incomplete and unable at this time, for various and obvious reasons, to fulfill the need of the coming races and generations of mankind. It was also established that as far as the Western world was concerned, we could resolve the dispensation of philosophy into the lives of the various inhabitants of this time and generation into two factions: science and fundamentalism. In trying to compromise and to orient himself into the various and obvious differences in this factionalism, man is suffering sore and grievous illnesses. (more…)

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On Reincarnation

On-Reincarnation-main-4-postThe word reincarnation merely means to reenter into; in a sense, each time we reenter a room, we are reincarnating. Referring man-at-doorway-2again to psychology in the science of psychosomatic medicine, the proven theory is that everyone reacts from basic subconscious thought patterns derived from experiences which were formed first in our early childhood, therefore, in every moment of our daily lives, as it exists in the present, we are reliving the past from these subconscious abstractions. Sadly enough, present-day psychosomatics do not include past lifetimes which are often the true seat of some present-day illnesses or conditions incurred as psychic shock from some one particular past-life experience.

Scientist twoParadoxically, although none of the present-day sciences express or believe either in reincarnation or the continuity of life, these existing sciences are the ones which will form the first step in our personal evaluation of life and will help explain just what this mysterious force is. This scientific equation is, incidentally, the common ingredient lacking in all present-day dispensations of psychical knowledge, whether they relate either to reincarnation or to the more orthodox concepts. Neither modern science nor materia medica knows as yet, in a pure sense, what life is or what is commonly referred to as the creative or re-creative life force. (more…)

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Unchained-stanza-1Bound am I not with chains of mortal flesh,
Nor doth the fetters thereof cut the flesh
Neither doth my heart bleed within me
And crieth for the freedom of the soul.


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humulity-stanza-oneRaise not thine arms and shout that ‘I am He’
Neither that thy mind and voice
is greater than all others.
For surely there is none among ye,
but who canst also raise his voice and crieth out.


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Q & A: The Nature of Energy And Dimensions

On-The-Nature-Of-Energy-And-Dimensions-main-4-postExcerpt from The Infinite Concept of Cosmic Creation

Q – You speak so much of energy.

A – Energy denotes an action. In order to have action, we must have a directive force.

Q – What is behind this energy, the component parts of energy?

A – Let us get into the physical or the material plane in explaining this to you—in a way in which we might understand it as seeing it on an oscilloscope as a definite change or a distortion of wave form patterns in some wave frequency. That distortion and that frequency appears and reappears as a fundamental part of that wave form until it is changed by external forces.

Q – Then what regulates the changes of form?

A – In the case of a television set, we use applications of external energy which are coupled with the original sine wave frequency through resistors, condensers, coils, etc.

Q – Then you are saying there must be an energy behind the energy to direct it? (more…)

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Born Equal Versus Equal Rights ~ Part II

Born-Equal-vs-Equal-Rights-II-main-2-postTo those who live in Higher Worlds, this earth is indeed an elemental environment, a battleground of emotional vicissitudes waged frequently with passion and fire, hotter than the proverbial hell; and from this furnace of human iniquity runs the riotsmolten ore into the mold of human experience which, when cooled in the breeze of temperate wisdom will yield the etheric form of logic and reason which sublimates the reason and the necessity of evolutionary creation from the slime and muck of a material world.

As has been previously stated (see Part I), the problem of racial differences is indeed a rather dangerous area of introspection in which any statements or commitments made pro or con could wrongfully commit any person in the eye of his fellowman as some sort of an anarchist or misanthropist; such commitments could also be wrongly made as the proposition of equality is a total involvement of all factors involving human existence on this planet. Some of these factors not being known to man, he must therefore remain an caveman-4-postemotionally prejudiced judge until he so learns of this totality of human existence. Introspection and an analysis should begin, therefore, in the beginnings of man’s earth life evolution. As it is with all creatures, man too lives his earth life under the same primitive and elemental jungle law as do all other earth creatures. This is the law of survival. (more…)

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Born Equal Versus Equal Rights ~ Part I

Born-Equal-vs-Equal-Rights-main-4-postThe popular phrase, “All men are born equal”, first came into prominence at the beginning of the revolutionary-warRevolutionary War and was perpetuated by its incorporation in the Declaration of Independence. It should be pointed out, however, that some of these instigators, advocates and underwriters of this war were children and descendants of religious refugees who came over on the Mayflower and similar vessels to colonize the New England States, where they set up one of the strongest and most oppressive of all religious systems still classically referred to as puritanical, etc. These people did all and more of the oppressions and atrocities in the name of religion, as were done by the Church of England—the cause of their migration. Yes, they even burned “witches” at the stake as late as 1890! (more…)

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Sweet Are The Flowers

Sweet-Are-The-Flowers-main-4-postSweet are the flowers which bloom upon our
pathway of life . . . rarest of perfumes
of each precious moment
And of these things which are all of our togetherness.


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