More On Interdimensional Concepts ~ Part III

Interdimensional-Concepts-Part-III-mainAs I have said, everything has already been created, everything which is far beyond the capacity of your mind to even very spiritual-growth-4-postfaintly imagine. You could never get to the end of it. In infinity, in this way, as you journey through infinity in your evolution, you are contacting, at any given point, a certain number of these cyclic wave forms and their information. Then, according to other different wave forms which you have contacted in this cyclic transference pattern from the past, you react and you form the basis of your present-day third-dimensional life.

brain-waves-cyclic-4-postYou see, mind wave forms, as they are connected with the psychic anatomy and all other wave forms which emanate from the psychic anatomy, are more strictly fourth-dimensional in nature; that is, they, too, are cyclic. Part of this cyclic pattern is, of course the reaction between the electromagnetic fields of the different atoms involved, in other words, an oscillating process where we have both positive and negative. (more…)

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More On Interdimensional Concepts ~ Part II

Interdimensional-Concepts-Part-II-main-4-postThe value of time in any person’s mind is a quasi-evaluation. The consensus of even a few years time, memory-wise speakingremembering-past-experiences-4-post is, so far as the time factor is concerned, absolutely meaningless. A person may remember many incidents of his past life but so far as reliving them, so to speak, with the actual time consonant is impossible, because time, as it relates to any happening in a person’s life, must relate itself harmonically to all life processes, past and present and in the combination of harmonic structures, the time element is the differentiation factor which separates these wave form patterns into understandable reactive components.

To look at a piece of moon rock and say equivocally that it is 4.7 billion years old is moon rockmeaningless even if it were true because such elements as were at that time, 4.7 billion years ago, concerned with integrating atoms into molecule combinations which formed the rock—were then expressing the time consonant as the reactionary element in the formation of this rock, which could be quite analogous to witnessing a lava flow from a volcano. Perhaps the Earth scientists might get some satisfaction from this comparison and feel within themselves a great sense of accomplishment at having arrived at this meaningless comparison. In his limited thinking, he would not be concerned with tlava flow twohe possible billions of years, time-wise, which were necessary to bring this atom-molecule lava flow up to its expressionary point or that such lava flows could recur hundreds of thousands of years apart. Yes, even the same lava could have been re-melted and cooled many times, again giving no information as to what form these atom-molecule combinations took and for that matter what every atom-molecule combination takes which could be found anywhere in the galaxy or universe as planets or suns, etc. The 4.7 billion year age denotes a sharp and immediate creation from apparently nothing and imparts no information as to the total evolutionary consensus involved before and after the lava flow which formed this rock. (more…)

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Infinite Light

Infinite-Light-stanza-oneAnd so the Three Wise Men that cometh from the East
Give not the treasures of spices and ambers and myrrh
And brought to the lowly born.


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More On Interdimensional Concepts ~ Part I

Interdimensional-Concepts-main-4-postJudging by the current news media (at the time of this writing, 1971), the Apollo 15 on moonApollo #15 flight to the moon is still very much in evidence; in fact, scientists and astronauts are eagerly beginning the examination of the various lunar rocks which were brought back on this flight, and in particular, that piece of black, glass-like rock called the Genesis rock which they believe to be about 4.7 billion years old. Astronaut David Scott also made a statement that these moon explorations should be continued, that it was very necessary and important. The 18th and 19th trips or flights have been cancelled and Scott believes these should be reinstated, etc.

To a person who has some insight and understanding of the Genesis Rockinterdimensional cosmos, such efforts and explorations, the belief that determining the age of a rock or the kind of a rock that it is will give them insight into the creation of the universe—such an assumption is ridiculous, asinine and elemental. It clearly points out the very obvious fact that these so-called scientists are trying to understand creation in much the same way as a blind man trying to describe the elephant after holding the animal’s tail for a few moments. (more…)

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The Psychology of Conditioned Reflexes

The-Psychology-of-Conditioned-Reflexes-main-4-postOne of the first and central figures in our modern present-day psychology was a Russian psychologist and physician named Ivan Petrovich Pavlov (1849-1936). It was Pavlov who pavlovfirst discovered and developed what is no doubt the most basic underlying principle of this psychology—a basic tenet called conditioned reflexes. With a group of dogs, Pavlov began his famous experiment. Just before feeding the dogs, he would ring a certain little hand bell, then begin the feeding. After a few days time, Pavlov noticed that after he rang the bell the dogs began to exhibit certain reactions. They would begin to bark and howl and their saliva glands were very strongly activated. In time, Pavlov also noted that any time during the day he rang that bell, the saliva glands were activated; however, if any other bell was used, there was no reaction! It was this reaction Pavlov called a conditioned reflex.

pavlov_classical_conditioning_dogs (more…)

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To See Or Not To See

To-See-Or-Not-To-See-main-4-postIn the various epistles of UN.AR.I.U.S., it has been frequently stressed that the doorway to heaven is not through some ecclesiastical system, but by beginning to understand and by learning the functioning principles of the great Infinite Intelligence, through the doorway of personal consciousness. This is quite true and the only way any person attainsspiritual-pathway-4-post salvation from these material worlds. It is the way which Jesus spoke of and pointed out to His people 2000 years ago.

Obviously, to begin to understand this Creative Intelligence, we must begin at the bottom point in the scale of evolution which is the material world. No person could begin to understand the Creative Intelligence from the top, for he would have to be an Infinite Intelligence himself before such a feat could be accomplished. (more…)

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The Moderator On Black And White Magic

Black-And-White-Magic-main-4-postThere is at the present time much literature, if one wishes to seek such literature, both ancient and modern, relating to ancient translations of various esoteric sciences as exorcism or casting out. The average student can become somewhat acquainted with these things by reading. Our purpose with UN.AR.I.U.S. is to explain these things to you scientifically, in the nomenclature of the modern day scientist, of the savant of this time. From these teachings we shall begin to build a future concept wherein those false structures of the subversive elements of negativity as they reside in the astral planes shall be torn down and voided, for truly, man is today—and particularly the people of America—suffering from derelictions and malformations of interpretation from the lower astral orders.

We do not need to fear that man will blow himself into a cloud of atomic dust, neither do we need to fear invasions of spacecraft. These things have given the uninitiated or the unobservant person on the earth today something of a fearful consequence in his mind. But we need to be more aware within ourselves of the forces of negativity which are about us and are moving for the destructive purposes of mankind. It is safe to assume that our modern medicine and our modern psychiatry are struggling with these subversive forces, and that in this struggle while they may have fallen on one side or another on the path of truth, they must rise again, they must reinstate themselves. They must come back to the fundamental elements of man’s true spiritual nature. The future scientist and psychiatrist of the world will learn and know all of these things which you people are being taught and he will use them for the benefit of mankind. For the hopelessly insane, incarcerated behind bars into screaming, raving masses of incurable humanity, we shall have ways and means, either through scientific instrumentation or with the aid of clairvoyant perception, to cure all of them. We shall not do so with the crude use of shock therapy which is in use today but actual electronic instruments shall remove obsessions in a scientific and orderly manner. The patient will neither suffer pain nor consequence. These things are being done on other planets among other races of people in other dimensions. They will be brought into this world in their proper time when people require and demand that they be given. (more…)

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Fuels or Fools?

Fuels-or-Fools-main-4-postThere can be no doubt in the mind of any person but that we have entered well into a new scientific age; for city-hightway-4-posteverywhere about us, are the many manifestations of this technocracy. Cities and the highways which link these cities contain vast evidence of this new age of science and the very skies are now used as highroads for various devices of communications brought about by this science. Yes, even the small children play about in space suits and helmets, riding rockets through imaginary skies to distant planets.

Several of these much talked about scientific achievements or atomic power plant 4 postprojects are however, still dreams which have yet to be fulfilled. Heading the list of these dreams is atomic power; for despite various developments in nuclear weapons, power plants, and atomically powered submarines, man is still far from his goal in achieving an abundance of cheap atomic power. For the present and future generations comes the idea of the vast and staggering proportions of this need and which can be gathered from some currently available statistics. (more…)

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Newfound Spring

Newfound-Spring-stanza-oneIt was April when I came to earth, and a
gentle rain was falling
And the air was filled with the promise of
Spring – and so I waited until May
Then my eyes feasted with the beauty of
fresh flowers and the multitude
of growing things.


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Judge Not

Judge-Not-main-4-postIt has been observed in this humble cliche, that every dog has his day, and while this observation may seemingly have involved members of the canine world, yet there is a much deeper and more philosophical content which could be applied in various cyclic movementssoldiers marching involving mankind, individually or collectively, whether they concerned the rise and fall of civilizations, or more individualistic expressions such as kings, emperors, ruling deities, religions, hierarchies, etc., for these too, have also lived in their day and vanished in time. While such various expressions and re-expressions always idiomatically assumed the environmental form of the race which so produced it, or into such singular expressionists so connected, the principles behind such resurgent cyclic movements were, and are basically the same, and are as true today as they were when they happened many thousands of years ago.

To understand then, these basic principles which engender cyclic movement, either individually or, as they are good-vs-evil-4-postresumed in the collective masses of some civilization, we will always find the underlying motions of such cyclic movements, whether progressive or retrogressive, as comprising delicately balanced equilibriums, between two widely divergent polarities of life — good and evil. In a progressive evolutionary movement, as it concerns the development of a race of people, a civilization, or any singular person, any progressive balances which can be called good or constructive must be maintained in order to offset the corrosive action of the negative or evil polarity. (more…)

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Education – A Fantasy?

Education-is-Fantasy-main-4-postEvery year colleges, universities and high schools graduate many thousands of young men and women who, graduation-two-4-postaccording to these ranks, are educated. It is well known however, that most of these graduates are absorbed into various strata of social life and apparently have not fully justified either the claims made by educators or by any such personal exemplifications of brilliance or genius which could be attributed as a culminating realization of our educational systems.

Moreover, in almost all cases, such education relegated this individual within the education 4 poststrict precincts of that particular curriculum from which he graduated; he possesses only mental automation, a parrot-like configuration of form and substance which suggests that the individual is incapable of mental spontaneity, independent action, or such mental functions and their usages which could be considered independently creative. Psychologically speaking, this obvious fact is substantiated, inasmuch as a close study of mental processes reveals the obvious fact that any person is merely correlating past existent forms of consciousness from the subconscious into the present tense. (more…)

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Mighty God

Mighty-God-stanza-oneThou must stand upon the seashore, and
look with wandering eye
And gaze upon the waves and of their
strength and of their mightiness
That they fall upon the sands, still they
ever must recede back unto the place
from whence they sprang.
Yet we may wonder at the
mightiness of all this. (more…)

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Meng Tse On The Origins Of Buddhist Philosophy ~ Part II

History-Of-Buddhism-main-4-postHindu-statueThere are — while you are watching and looking about at this great temple of Manu and noticing the beautiful mosaic tiled floors — the great statues of the different gods as they are so manifest in India today, and you can further describe these scenes to your fellow earth man. We will progress somewhat along the lines of modern psychiatry as they are expounded in the medical translations of inductive therapies in the fields of psychology and psychiatry of your day. Anyone who is studying such philosophies or interpretation is, as a consequence, subject to a vast amount of different interpretations of what is called psychological or psychiatric material. The elements entering into such philosophies, as they are so numerous, must be, in direct contrast, quite confusing — and indeed they are.

The tides of expression as they have arisen from the middle ages, from the days in which people were burned at the stake for witchcraft — for merely conceiving some of Sigmund_Freudthe more mental and spiritual natures of man — are now being expressed into your present day, as some of these exponents have become known as psychiatrists or doctors or psychologists. For the purposes of analytical evaluation we shall classify psychology into two divisions; the reactionary group which is by far the largest group, and the liberal expression or the progressive group. In the reactionary group will be found the very numerous doctors or practitioners as they exist in different hospitals, clinics, or private practice in the various cities about your world today. It is this reactionary group which is largely practicing such concepts of psychology or psychiatry which have more or less been practiced by such exponents as Freud, Watson, James, and others whose names are too numerous to mention. The Freudian concept, in itself, seems to be one which is in more popular usage. It is based primarily, as it was in Freud’s time, upon two basic instincts, as he called them, the sexual nature and the will to survive. The modern psychologist has, however, modified these concepts to some extent. He immediately throws up his hands in horror at the mere mention of instinct. However, we might remind you that such facets that enter into the interpretation of psychology or psychiatry are not explained to any great extent in any concept of psychology or psychiatry as they exist today. The psychologist cannot tell you why it is that a child, almost from the time he starts to crawl, becomes somewhat destructive in his nature, and that he is continually modern psychiatry twotrying to break up things about which he knows nothing. The psychologist may mutter something about a reflex or impounded reactions into the consciousness of the child, but these are not so easily brushed aside. The fact remains that most children, if they become destructive in their childhood, are merely reflecting from their psychic consciousness the little wave forms and vortexes which are impounded in the psychic body; the numerous manifestations of destructiveness, which they have, at some time in their evolution manifested in a reactionary way from some previous earth lives. (more…)

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Meng Tse On The Origins Of Buddhist Philosophy

On-The-Roots-of-Buddhist-Philosophy-main-4-postGreetings to my dear earth brothers and sisters; may I first say that I am so happy to come to you and to be of some service to you. I can be known in the Meng-Tse-4-postfuture as the personal identity of a small Chinaman who lived about a hundred years after Kung Fu, and was known as Mencius or Meng Tse. I have been given the privilege of conducting you through this great city of Helianthus; and we are about ready to somewhat explore the sections which are more immediately concerned with your earth history. However, before we go into this section, we shall pause in this beautiful parkway and discuss something more of the philosophies of Hinduism while your eyes are becoming accustomed to what you see about you.

The text of Buddha, in itself, was simply one which he largely devoted to the explanation of the origin of the different phases of Hinduism as they exist much as they do in India today. He was, during his earth life, very greatly shocked aBuddha-seeing-the-suffering-of-the-people-4-postt seeing the suffering of the peoples who believed they were practicing the true monistic God Principles by this perversion and abuse of their bodies. The version of the Brahmanistic concepts or the Vedic translations as they have been so warped and distorted were completely vilified in many ways by the individual known as Brahavara, the person who became known as the god Janus. Buddha pointed this out specifically, knowing that no harm would come from this direct finger pointing at this individual, because he knows that this person has, since that time, come into a place of spiritual understanding; and although he did set aside the divine conception of Brahma — the triad of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva — yet, since that day, he has worked out and expiated his crime, and was enabled to reincarnate into your world and was known as the Mahatma Gandhi. (more…)

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The Evolutionary Pathway

The-Evolutionary-Pathway-main-4-postChristianity or any other religion; (the author) knows how essential such systems are, in the first mans-evolutionary-growth-4-postprogressive steps of evolution, and which are man’s first acknowledgement of the great mysterious creative forces. He knows that as every man started as a cell, or entity of consciousness, which began to reappear or reincarnate in cyclic movements from life to life; and that through frequency relationship, this entity of consciousness gathered about it and wove together other entities which were harmonically attuned to it. Thus begins each man as he has always begun and as he starts this evolutionary pathway, so will he find this pathway threading its way among the things with which he is familiar, and which were either partly or wholly responsible for this regenerative process stemming from the Infinite Source. (more…)

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