Meng Tse On The Origins Of Buddhist Philosophy

On-The-Roots-of-Buddhist-Philosophy-main-4-postGreetings to my dear earth brothers and sisters; may I first say that I am so happy to come to you and to be of some service to you. I can be known in the Meng-Tse-4-postfuture as the personal identity of a small Chinaman who lived about a hundred years after Kung Fu, and was known as Mencius or Meng Tse. I have been given the privilege of conducting you through this great city of Helianthus; and we are about ready to somewhat explore the sections which are more immediately concerned with your earth history. However, before we go into this section, we shall pause in this beautiful parkway and discuss something more of the philosophies of Hinduism while your eyes are becoming accustomed to what you see about you.

The text of Buddha, in itself, was simply one which he largely devoted to the explanation of the origin of the different phases of Hinduism as they exist much as they do in India today. He was, during his earth life, very greatly shocked aBuddha-seeing-the-suffering-of-the-people-4-postt seeing the suffering of the peoples who believed they were practicing the true monistic God Principles by this perversion and abuse of their bodies. The version of the Brahmanistic concepts or the Vedic translations as they have been so warped and distorted were completely vilified in many ways by the individual known as Brahavara, the person who became known as the god Janus. Buddha pointed this out specifically, knowing that no harm would come from this direct finger pointing at this individual, because he knows that this person has, since that time, come into a place of spiritual understanding; and although he did set aside the divine conception of Brahma — the triad of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva — yet, since that day, he has worked out and expiated his crime, and was enabled to reincarnate into your world and was known as the Mahatma Gandhi. (more…)

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The Evolutionary Pathway

The-Evolutionary-Pathway-main-4-postChristianity or any other religion; (the author) knows how essential such systems are, in the first mans-evolutionary-growth-4-postprogressive steps of evolution, and which are man’s first acknowledgement of the great mysterious creative forces. He knows that as every man started as a cell, or entity of consciousness, which began to reappear or reincarnate in cyclic movements from life to life; and that through frequency relationship, this entity of consciousness gathered about it and wove together other entities which were harmonically attuned to it. Thus begins each man as he has always begun and as he starts this evolutionary pathway, so will he find this pathway threading its way among the things with which he is familiar, and which were either partly or wholly responsible for this regenerative process stemming from the Infinite Source. (more…)

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Hippocrates On The Practice of Present Day Medicine ~ Part IV

Hippocrates-On-Medicine-main-4-postIn the future day, the weapons and guns of war and the battleships and the various impedimenta of the armies and navies which you so frantically construct (since you believe in a defense against destructive powers) shall be melted down into the plowshares to turn over the fertile earth as you have so familiarly termed it.

Your instruments, your scalpels, your various contrivances which medical-instrumentation-4-postare used for anesthesia, and many of the artifacts of present medical science, shall likewise be relegated to the dump heap; and these, too, shall be melted down into more useful instrumentation for the future world. The patient of tomorrow will be, indeed, a much more fortunate individual.

The masses of humans who are striving in the dimension of terrestrial expression as they are on the earth today, so steeped in the fear of ignorance and superstition in the age and time in which they live, are so warped and contorted in their expression and wayabstract man two of life, that these things do seem to us here to pose a problem of tremendous scope; and they cannot be alleviated in any one immediate age or in one immediate dimension. (more…)

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Hippocrates On The Practice of Present Day Medicine ~ Part III

Hippocrates-On-Medicine-main-4-poststressed outThe very simple and common ailment of headache, as it is so expressed in the general run of human beings as they exist about you in your own dimension, is in itself purely a product of hypertension. Incidentally, I might mention this is one of the ills of the human race today which is literally killing people by the thousands every year. Hypertension is purely a by-product of what Freud called the libido or drive; the tension of the times in which you are living. As was pointed out by Apollonius, the various pressures are induced, not only by governmental systems, but by the social and religious structures which exist around you, as you, in your various ways, are contriving to arrive at certain compensations and evaluations in these pressures.

physician monitoring vital signsEvery doctor knows that each patient coming to him in his practice, has symptoms which, in themselves, may indicate certain presupposed malformations or functions of the body; yet in a final diagnosis, there may be a whole host of other inductive conditions which have contrived to induce this condition into the human body. And as a consequence, every physician is confronted with a great deal of experimentation. (more…)

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The Unariun Mission

The-Unariun-Mission-main-2-postTestimonial by Ruth E. Norman Regarding The Beginning of the UN.AR.I.U.S. Mission:

Ernest-L-Norman-light projectionAlways as the Moderator (Ernest L. Norman) would voice his illumined Message of Truth, great Powers were present, often so intense were the frequencies, the Rays so potent, I would become so transcended, it was most difficult to remain awake; the Beam would just project me right out of the physical at times! And with each dissertation He brought was a new revelation; more and greater Truths of the Higher Worlds were added; day, after day, after day. He would let the Light shine and the Word and Power flow! Often, as He voiced and described the scenes on the inner – Venus in particular – did I also view these happenings. At one time, I recall I saw my brother, in spirit, as the Moderator was describing the line of plebians just passing through the great flames or fountains of Light-Energies, and I said, after He had finished, “Danny was in the group of emerging entities?” He said, “Yes, the fourth from the end.” Thus, much of the time I traveled in consciousness through these many visitations to higher worlds and which, of course, could never have been possible without the great discharge, the release of the many earth negations and ties which existed a short time previously. (more…)

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Dearest One

Dearest-One-Stanza-OneDearest ~ Once again you’ve come to me
from out of space into my starlit night
Borne swiftly by the magic wings of destiny
into my waiting, longing arms.


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Angels, Devils and Demons ~ Part II

Angels-Devils-Demons-main-4-postNow that we have discovered certain differences between angels, devils and demons, and we have found that the earth is one of the astral worlds—an underworld, peopled and populated by such expressionary forms as can be considered to be devilish in intent and purpose—this introspection leads us more directly to the comparisons between good and evil. Actually, the biblical depiction of God casting Satan into hell because he was insubordinate has a much more complete and abstract evaluation. It is a typical depiction of how a more advanced personality who had developed to that fallen angelpoint, where he was godlike in nature, could therefore be considered to be a son of God. At that highest point of his evolution, somehow he became tempted and, in the temptation, plunged himself, mentally and spiritually speaking, back into some earth-world environment, involved again in the intricate mazes of comparisons which are found in these earth-life dispensations.

At this point then, the, differences between evil and good are all-important. In numerous places (in UN.AR.I.U.S. Liturgies) it has been mentioned that God has become merged, from an old deistic configuration into the sum and total of Infinity; and, as Infinity is, in itself, an expressionary element constantly regenerating all forms with the substance of itself, as energy from these interdimensional planes; therefore this Infinite, or God, is also the net sum and total of all good and, is also the net sum and total of all evil. God thus becomes good and evil. Now this concept is not acceptable to the common, ordinary earth man who lacks the knowledge of the Infinite or who lacks other different, fundamental and basic concepts which would more rationally choice-between-good-and-evil-4-postintegrate the factors and the apparent truths in these statements. It is in the comparisons between good and evil and, in the determinants which are so superimposed that evil, in turn as a destructive element or a destructive intent does, by direct comparison, point out the goodness in good; and, as such, this evil therefore, whatever it is, does become good in this comparative system of evaluations. (more…)

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How Does A Flying Saucer Fly?

How-Does-A-Saucer-Fly-main-2-postThe most objective thing which you see around you and which you call solid form or substance is merely an abstract supposition and nothing else. You, just as the walls of this building and every other terrestrial substance which you see about atom-4-postyou, are nothing less than a pulsating mass of energy called atoms. Transpose these atoms into any other form and we have energy moving dynamically. Atomic energy is called static, based on 3rd dimension time-space concept. That is why you think it is solid; it is solid only because you are, in comparison, solid to it. If you could raise the vibration of the atoms in your body to a frequency a little different from that in which it normally exists in this world, you could do just as Jesus did, you could walk on water or through the walls of this building or through the stone of the tomb, for that matter. The Flying Saucer men of this day are doing that very thing. They come from other worlds; they fly in ships in which they have succeeded in changing the basic frequency of the atomic structures of the metal. Thus, they can span vast distances which our scientists call space. It is not space at all; instead, it is filled with this pulsating radiant energy which is the Infinite, itself. (more…)

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Angels, Devils and Demons

Angels-Devils-Demons-main-4-postIn the liturgies and expressionary elements of UN.AR.I.U.S., there has been on several occasions mention of devils, or of how devils became angels. It is conceivable that some person or student may, to some extent, misunderstand these statements; therefore, it would serve a good purpose if we might fully explore this dimension of introspection, and which would also serve a double purpose, inasmuch as it would acquaint any person or student with these particular dimensions of expression which are everywhere about him, or in which he could conceivably become so enmeshed at some future time.

Our first classification of devils should be made clear and distinct. They should not be confused with one other classification which could more properly be called demons. Everyone who has seen pictures of devil masks used by natives of Africa, or in the Tibetan-Devils-Mask-4-postreligious ceremonies in Tibet, has seen these weirdly carved and contorted figure faces used on these occasions. They were called devils but most properly should be called demon forms; for the witch doctors or priests who contrived these forms did so somewhat in replica or facsimile from the demon forms which they had envisioned perhaps in a trance state, or even brought back the memory of these visionary forms from one of the underworlds. Briefly then, a demon is simply one or more astral bodies which have undergone a complete deformation of all forms and continuities in the wave form structures of these astral psychic anatomies. They are oscillating without cause or purpose; they are wildly gyrating in numerous expressionary elements without thought or cause. Therefore, these expressionary elements, if they could be considered as a personal form, would indeed have a very insane attitude toward all things involved, so much more so that they would become extremely violent and destructive in all intents and purposes. (more…)

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Hippocrates On The Practice of Present Day Medicine ~ Part II

Hippocrates-On-Medicine-main-4-postThe physician of the earth today, takes pride in feeling that he is somewhat responsible for extending the span of human life. While this is quite true in some relative aspects, we must compare the statistics which state that man lives ten or twelve years longer than he did at mental-illness-4-postsome comparatively recent time. We must take these statistics on the analysis from which they were so compounded; they could be quite wrongfully slanted in a false interpretation. The great plagues of the past, such as the bubonic, or the epidemics of flue, smallpox, and various other types of diseases which decimated whole populations, have now vanished; but there have been other decimators of human population which are rapidly taking their place; these lie within the dimension of that which is called mental illness.

The mental illnesses in themselves are twofold in their destructive nature. An individual cannot be immunized against a mental illness, except through the induction of spiritual principles within his consciousness. This cannot be done with a needle, or with any other manufactured type of vaccine which might be contained and manufactured from a test tube in a laboratory. (more…)

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Conceiving The Inner Kingdom

Conceiving-The-Inner-Kingdom-main-4-postIt is the purpose of UN.AR.I.U.S. to explain what the inner Kingdom is, what its function is, what it is composed of, Inner selfwhat it does, and how you are connected to it with your inner self. Up until now there has been little, if any, available knowledge pertaining to what might be termed the spiritual worlds, the dimensional worlds outside this dimension which the scientist calls space. Space to scientists today is rather a vague and insecure concept which is constantly being subjected to different changes. One day he may think it is shaped like a saddle, another day he may think it is circular. Einstein himself went into the most abstract of mathematical formulas to try to conceive with in his mind and the objective mind what this dimension of space really is. This question cannot be answered by a mathematical formula. It never has been and never shall be.

Space, the spiritual worlds, and all things which reside in them, all substance and its elements and, in the infinite sense and in the abstract formations, all which we call God, is so completely abstract that it will have to be visualized; it will have to be assimilated, not in one lifetime, not in one progression but in thousands of progressions and lifetimes. (more…)

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What Is God ~ Part II

What-Is-God-Part-II-main-4-postWith Q & A from Lesson #1 of ICCC

Science and fundamentalism must accede to the fact that man is a generic creation of God’s own spiritual life forces and has a definite plan of evolution whereby through his numerous reincarnations, he learns of the Infinite nature of God and thus acquires what Jesus called the Father within, or transmitter-and-television-setthe Christ-self.

Before going into this question period, let me explain something of that which is termed psychic liberation. You must understand what energy is; that energy in itself, in whatever dimension or form that it assumes, is intelligent. It re-creates that intelligence and continues to re-create it until it is further modified by some existing or external forces. We might liken a human being to a television set; we say that the Infinite is the transmitter. Within the television set are certain components which are known as condensers, resistors, coils, etc. By the continuity or the expression, or we say a polarized plane and cathode-ray-oscilloscope-figure-twofrequency transmission from the transmitter, take unto themselves an amplification and separate these various single component parts to further integrate them and project them into the picture tube where they are flashed onto the fluorescent screen. There are at that time a series of dots moving at the rate of 16,000 per second which are in horizontal lines and as you would write in a letter across the page, there are certain elements of synchronization, retrace, etc., which are expressed.

The human being functions much the same, with but little difference. Your external life, or your physical life man-as-television-4-poston the outside, can be likened to that phosphorus screen on the surface of the tube. The same scientific principles are involved in various wave structures or frequency relationship; these psychic structures are themselves the determining elements of transmission. You, yourself, as a physical being, are reflecting outwardly. Your physical body and your physical appearance are just a reflection of your psychic self which is composed of an infinite number of tiny vortexes of innumerable wave forms and shapes. They are in themselves portraying their own individual expression, their own particular portion of life; if not from this life, then surely from some past life experience.

Evolution is more simply and basically understood by realizing that these different psychic impingements, the past livesmalformations of wave forms—as they interpret these negative experiences or phases of our life—can be corrected. They can be neutralized, they can be changed, and they can be replaced by constructive elements. It is essential that every person realize that he does possess, and has since he was created in the lowest order of human relationship (and has always possessed), the essential element of clairvoyance. Clairvoyance is not an occult term but is a word which merely means the ability to relate man to his higher self or his inner consciousness. The personal expressional clairvoyance, whether expressed in a large or a small way, is in itself determined by the status or position of the evolution of the individual. We shall reach the point in our pathway of life whereby we determine through some psychic transmission and gain some affinity with the inward consciousness of self.

All of the old philosophies of the ancient civilizations are based primarily upon that one concept. As Jesus so aptly put it, “Seek ye first, the Kingdom of Heaven which is within, and all things shall be added unto you.”

Q – You mention psychic self and Superconscious self, are these two the same or interrelated and the impingements, are they in both these bodies?

A – This is a very abstract concept but we shall explain it to you as simply as we can. We shall begin by saying that God is infinite. To become infinite, if we stop to think a moment, God must become finite in every conceivable way that you can think of. One of the ways in which God becomes finite is in His own individual self through man. Every man thus becomes God. This is the Superconsciousness because God has created, through an abstract way, what we call a life cycle, wherein are placed all of the different experiences, the infinite number of things in which God is, Himself. So man revolves in his dimension of consciousness until he acquaints himself with all Infinity and thus he attunes himself to the Infinite Consciousness of his true self.

Q – Are there any shortcomings or weaknesses in this Superconsciousness?

A – There are none; there are merely things which determine the quotient as experience of the personal self. So we stress not the experience but the importance of that experience in the person‘s own evaluation of what that experience meant to him. Does this clear that point up?

Q – Some, but what relation, or what is the psychic self then?

A – The psychic self is constructed by the elements of the personal expression along this life cycle. You see there are many dimensions of expression in God’s own self, an infinite number; to bridge the gap between the higher self we have the psychic body, which is with us through our countless evolutions. It is constructed and reconstructed from time to time, just as our physical body is, from the different experiences through which we pass. It resides in the dimension which is commonly called the 4th dimension. The psychic anatomy is just beyond our physical conscious sight. It can be photographed. It radiates an aura and is very tangible, but only to people who have sight and vision to see it. It is not physical in the sense of the word that you interpret a physical being, because an atom is merely a vortex of energy and is a nucleus of an expression of positive energy with a negative world. We shall discuss that in detail a little later in the lessons because we are going to place great stress and emphasis on energy and how energy appears and reappears in different dimensions and in different forms, how it becomes a part of us and how it is a part of us. It lives, breathes, and acts through every pore of our very consciousness. Just remember that the Superconscious Self is the life cycle. It is the Supreme Conscious Self of God Himself, and in the creation of man as an individual, the psychic body itself is the structure of experience.

We might say that just because you think something and, in ceasing to think about it, does not mean that the particular thought has ceased to exist. It has not; that thought has been reflected into your psychic body and has become a part of yourself, as a wave form. When that fact can be brought home to people they won’t be running around doing some of the things they are now doing; when they find they have to continually live with every thought, every experience, that what they are from day to day will be with them and live with them for thousands of years to come, then they won’t be quite so anxious to commit these acts.

Q – You mean thoughts as energy exist in the inner dimensions as well?

A – That is just exactly what I was speaking of a few moments ago because energy always reflects itself into other dimensions. It is imperishable because it does not exist in the dimensions of time—frequency relationship which it does in this dimension. Here we have sound wave frequencies. Over there these things exist other ways.

Q – You speak so much of energy.

A – Energy denotes an action. In order to have action, we must have a directive force.

Q – What is behind this energy, the component parts of energy?

A – Let us get into the physical or the material plane in explaining this to you—in a way in which we might understand it as seeing it on an oscilloscope as a definite change or a distortion of wave form patterns in some wave frequency. That distortion and that frequency appears and reappears as a fundamental part of that wave form until it is changed by external forces.

Q – Then what regulates the changes of form?

A – In the case of a television set, we use applications of external energy which are coupled with the original sine wave frequency through resistors, condensers, coils, etc.

Q – Then you are saying there must be an energy behind the energy to direct it?

A – That is exactly right; that is one of the basic and more abstract concepts of this whole concept of UN.AR.I.U.S.. The fact is that stemming down from these infinitely higher dimensions are great vortexes of energy.

Q – Would this be the source of power or force behind the energy?

A – That would be the prime directive source, yes. But the psychic body is, shall I say, the material interpreter because it is in the wave forms of the psychic body that determines our reactionary thought pattern of life.

Q – That’s merely a form of harmony, is it not?

A – We can actually assume that all energy, in all forms or transmissions, or in dimensions in which we find energy, always has a very definite relationship with harmonic cord structures. It cannot function any other way. Suppose now your radio is attuned; it is a super heterodyne radio. We have a frequency of 600 kilocycles, we have a frequency of 1500 kilocycles, we beat them against each other and regenerate a 900 kilocycle intermediate frequency note which carries the carrier through amplification into rectification.

Q – Where does consciousness begin?

A – Consciousness begins from the Superconscious Self.

Q – Well, isn’t that force counteracting with other forces?

A – It not only counteracts but it regenerates. Take two violins; if they are in tune and we pluck the “A” string of one, it regenerates the music in the other. In other words, in our understanding of energy, we know that energy is always changing. There is no such thing as a solid mass; it is an erroneous misconception. The atoms in this building, the walls in this room are all pulsating substances. They are all masses of energy just as is your body. They all have to be supported internally from other dimensions.

Q – I am aware of that however, but there must be a directive force behind all energy and it must be an energetic force.

A – That is right and that is God. That is the Infinity of God because God, in His relationship to all these forms and expressions of energy, interprets these things through the various frequencies and harmonic structures and the transpositions of energy in the various dimensions.

Excerpt from The Infinite Concept of Cosmic Creation

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Q & A On Astral Influences, Dimensional Planes & More

Astral-Influences-Dimensional-Planes-main-4-postQ – What is meant by dark forces?

A – Dark forces are those who lack a sense of direction or proper sense of directive relationship. In other words, they are selfish.

Q – Isn’t it easy to be under their influence instead of under the higher spiritual forces?

A – Yes, it is something like learning to ride a bicycle. We can tell you to maintain a positive attitude continually in all expressions. When you see the Infinite flowing into you and your thoughts or concepts, and when you will realize that everything about you is whispering that little secret of creation, that little secret of infinity, then you will gradually acquire the higher consciousness or attunement with the higher Spiritual forces and the dark forces cannot so easily influence you.

Q – Is it true that some of the lower astral forces portray themselves as being higher than they actually are, thus trying to influence us?

A – Yes, this is true; but people who are sincerely seeking, do arrive at a certain point of discrimination and need not fear because that Superconsciousness, the Still Small Voice, is the determinant which will determine that which enters our consciousness. Those of you who are along the path of evolution (a little farther than the average materialist), who lived on higher planes in between incarnations and have set up certain contacts, certain affiliations with certain organizations of more highly developed souls, you automatically know the light from dark powers, and the Enlightened Ones help to guide you and help to moderate your actions to a certain degree. Of course it is all according to how you can conceive of these things and how much you let yourself be guided and directed. As I say, I never get into trouble until I go against that “Inner Voice”.

Q – Is it always other intelligences who guide? Is it not your own Christ within? Do we need outside guidance?

A – Indeed, this Christ consciousness is our goal. That is right, but we very often do need help. Down here in this little old terrestrial planet, we very often need guidance until we have reached the place where we can function from the Superconscious at all times. When we reach that point the Yogi calls “Nirvana” we no longer need to reincarnate into this karmic world. We could not live five minutes unless we have this inflow of the Infinite energy through the hypothalamus from the higher dimensions. That energy supports every atom in your body, supports your intelligence, and supports many other things in your life today of which the scientist does not yet know. (more…)

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The Last Supper

The-Last-Supper-main-4-postOne of the daily tasks performed here at the Center is the reading and answering the numerous letters which come to us from those who would aspire to a better way; yet, hardly a task, fRuth-and-Ernest-Norman-4-postor it is more often that we joyously read of wondrous happenings.letters-4-post

With all this, however, there is reflected in these letters, the rising and receding tides of emotionalism and desire, defeat and victory in personal conflicts; and in seeing all of these things, I am often reminded of an incident which took place nearly two thousand years ago, a scene depicted as the Last Supper, a time when the Nazarene sat with His twelve disciples and shared with them the symbolic bread and wine. And as this was done, He spoke of one among them who was a traitor and who would soon betray Him to the high priests. (more…)

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What Is God?

What-is-God-main-4-postBelow are excerpts from a letter written as a reply to a young student of twelve years of age who asked, “What is God?’

Dr. Norman, the Moderator, replies as follows:

…God and Infinity are one and the same; that is to say that all the world about you is actually God. There are trillions of atoms in your body; each one is a tiny solar system of energy or electricity, which is part of this God. Likewise, all of the flowers, trees, houses, the sun, the moon, the stars, even the earth itself are all part of this God. And there is much more than can be seen or touched, felt or heard or as Jesus said, “In my Father’s House, there are many mansions.” And when He spoke of the mansion, He spoke of a place in which people live. So that after you leave this earth in what is called death, you will go to live in one of these places or mansions, which the scientists of today call a dimension.

A dimension is only a group of atoms which have combined together to form molecules; the molecules, in turn, form all of the substances that you are familiar with in your life today. The air you breathe is composed of molecules of nitrogen and oxygen, which in turn are merely a number of little atoms of nitrogen to form a nitrogen molecule. This is common chemistry, which you can find in any of the schoolbooks in high school or in college books.

We must learn to understand God in this way; we should not try to look upon God as a Supreme Being or a separate person, because God is and composes all people, black, white, red, yellow, whatever race, color or whatever they believe; they are all a part of God, just as are all the animals, the birds, the fish–everything that lives on planet Earth is part of God, because they are all composed of the same little solar systems of energy which is called an atom. (more…)

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