The Nature of Viruses

The-Nature-of-Viruses-main-4-postScientists were absolutely shocked to find out that millions of bacteria and viruses are floating around in our atmosphere. The problem is that they don’t simply stay there but fall down on Earth. For the very first time, a scientific study, which the International Society for Microbial Ecology Journal published, analyzed the amount of viruses moving up and down in and from the atmosphere. And the results were terrifying. It seems that over 800 million viruses per square meter become caught in the planet’s upper troposphere. Also, tens of millions of bacteria and billions of viruses are deposited, per square meter, each passing day.

This discovery might answer why genetically identical viruses exist in such different environments on the planet. They travel the atmosphere and end up in a completely different spot than the one they originated from. And experts agree that this is most certainly the cause. But in order to reach these results, the scientists had to look at the amount of viruses at a great height. It also seems that some particles of vapor from sea spray and soil allow viruses to travel on long distances. ~ Journal Recorder (more…)

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The Psychic Anatomy Development Concept ~ Part II

Psychic-Anatomy-Development-Concept-main-Part-IIIt is within this psychic anatomy development concept that we find the true kernel of truth in evolution and spirit-2-body-2-postwhich was unknown by Darwin or any succeeding contemporaries! That is, true evolution takes place only within the psychic anatomy, the external or physical body—the expressionary agent.

amoebae-evolution-4-postFor example, with a former presentation of Charlie, the amoeba: in his natural habitat, a watery pond, Charlie lives in a temperature of, say approximately 70 degrees F. However, if we begin to raise the temperature of his watery environment, we can in the succeeding weeks, see the progenies of the great, great, great, great-grandchildren of Charlie live in a water temperature which would have quickly killed good old Charlie! Now the tolerance factor was not passed on to the succeeding generation through the DNA molecule, which was only a secondary transmitting or oscillating element. The tolerance factor was information impounded in the psychic anatomy of each succeeding generation of amoebas; energy referring back to the same oscillating polarity exchange and the subsequent harmonic regeneration which impounded these harmonic fractions within the psychic anatomy, to again regenerate under the same closed-circuit conditions into the succeeding amoeba body, this tolerance factor. (more…)

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As Children

As-Children-stanza-oneHappy are the days of little children
And in the hours of childish life
their feet doth dance the hours away.


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The Psychic Anatomy Development Concept ~ Part I

Psychic-Anatomy-Development-Concept-main-4-post-1In a broad and general abstraction, the presentation of the UN.AR.I.U.S. curriculum, and as an interdimensional reading the principlesscience inclusive of all known and unknown factors in the creative interdimensional cosmogony, this presentation was, therefore, in its first form, most necessarily simplified to make it even partially understood and also by necessity certain comparisons and compromises were also included to make this interdimensional conception more easily compatible with existing third dimensional objectivisms.

However, in all aspects and in any particular objective introspection, the presentation of any Unariun concept does deserve a more thorough presentation which will make it more serviceable and understandable in a more progressive intellectual society—particularly the scientific society. psychic-self-4-postThe concept of the psychic anatomy is one of utmost importance, as it at once does either directly or indirectly, involve all aspects of planetary and interdimensional life. This concept should therefore be most fittingly expanded into its true perspectives. In the present state of development, all sciences as they are now so propagated, are all strictly third dimensional in their circumferences and, as a consequence, are still completely ignorant of the true basic life factors which are not third dimensional in nature, but which are an expressionary composite of interdimensional energy forms which function immutably according to well defined laws; called in the more familiar idiom of this science, as oscillations or the interchange of positive-negative polarities which carry the idiom of information, and to subsequent harmonic patterns regenerated in this oscillating process which can and do, in this grand synonymy of interdimensional oscillation, link and relink this interdimensional cosmos into the creative effigy of Infinity. (more…)

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Builder-stanza-1Behold! the greatness of man’s many lives upon earth,
And the greatness of his many empires and cities thereof,
In the building and the tearing down – and again in the building,
And of the many temples, and of the many kinds of worship.


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Progressive Evolution: The Life Cycle ~ Part II

progressive-evolution-life-cycle-main-part-ii-4-postWe say that the consciousness of God, as it is contained in the spiritual circle or cycle of man’s own man-hooked-up-to-his-life-cycle-4-postindividuality, can be likened somewhat to his umbilical cord. He maintains this constant inflow of Divine Energy into his own spiritual Life Cycle at all times. This he must do. The various dimensional and factional orders of integration in God’s infinite universe are so contained that each one is supported from outside the other by succeeding higher realms of consciousness. Now you will begin to understand why we say that it is not the act of committing some good or some sin that is of importance. The utmost importance is contained in the reaction which takes place within your mind, which is reflected and thus becomes a constructive element or a defective wave form or impingement, within your psychic body. If this is of evil consequence, with the repetition of the reflections and impingements of these evil consequences into your psychic body, you will become the creature which is thus formed and reformed, as far as the proper sequence of your evolutions are concerned; and thus you will relegate yourself into the lower astral orders. (more…)

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Q & A On Atomic Warfare With The Moderator

Atomic-Warfare-main-4-postQ – Would these Higher Intelligences let us get into an atomic war and destroy everything here?

A – There is something which we call our own birthright, if we may put it that way, based upon our own threshold of perception; for instance, we come into these worlds for the benefit of our experience; it is our birthright to go through them. When anyone gets along the path sufficiently far so that he is trying to be directive or helpful to mankind, he never goes beyond the point where he forces anyone to do anything. He can reflect these intelligences or higher wisdom or answers to their questions into their subconscious.

Q – We know there are many who want strife and wars, but people as a whole are praying for peace, etc., and in that case wouldn’t they come under these guidances whereby wars of such a nature could be averted? (more…)

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Progressive Evolution: The Life Cycle ~ Part I

Progressive-Evolution-The-Life-Cycle-main-4-postGreetings, dear one. We here in the centers of Shamballa have heard certain questions arising from time to time Man with question mark in his brainin your minds as you have tried to evaluate and to place these truths within your minds. Now let me say that this is a healthy sign and a symptom that you are progressing. You can never properly evaluate truths, as they come to you through the doorway of experience, until they are properly placed within your mind, by integrating them with the necessary order of sequence, which is evolving about you in the dimension at your particular time. The problem of man’s evolution in the numerous dimensions is in itself a very profound and, I need not say, a very advanced subject.

The truths which are being given you at this time are thousands of years in philosophy-word-collageadvance of the time in which other people of your time shall come into somewhat of a proper relationship to these truths. Therefore, do not fear a confounded feeling because you do not place within your minds a proper perspective of the objective values of these truths at this time. The philosophies of the earth today, just as they were in the time of Darwin and Mendel, are in themselves being constantly and repeatedly stressed, for the concepts were resolving in these individuals at their time in an effort to solve something of the riddle of man’s nature. All philosophies and ideologies, whether they are scientific or spiritual interpolations on your earth today, contain only small fractional elements of the truths which are relative to mankind at his particular state of evolution, and they are themselves even only partially factual. (more…)

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All Things

All-Things-main-2-post-pngAnd so we ask not that it is his,
or it is thine,
Neither from whence it came,
Nor of the things whence it came
For even as one small part is,
of all of us. (more…)

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The Early History of Jesus ~ Part II

Early-Years-of-Jesus-Part-II-main-4-postby Saul of Tarsus channeled by Alexander Smyth

“This sleep,” added the recluse, “is very different from the ordinary one of mortals. The mind and all the powers of life are totally abstracted from the corporeal senses, and his individual existence is quiescent to all influences, save that of your own. In fact, his body is totally insensible, and his spirit is subject to your will in all respects, as I will convince you.”

The recluse then took a small stick, with which he beat the sleeper over the shoulders and legs, without eliciting any signs of sensibility or motions. Then he gave Jose some directions how to exercise his will-power over him. Jose then stood in front of the sleeper, and with the concentrated energies of his will, commanded the latter to arise and follow him. Immediately the sleeping John arose and stood erect; then, with a fearless step, he followed Jose around the hut, passed out of the doorway, and for a few minutes walked to and fro in front of it; then returning to the hut he was restored to his former position by the side of the fire. (more…)

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The Early History of Jesus

Early-Years-of-Jesus-main-4-post-3by Saul of Tarsus channeled by Alexander Smyth

Friend Alexander, I will not insult your intellect by supposing that you believe there is any truth in the vile and ridiculous account that Luke and I concocted when we wrote the history of Jesus, concerning Mary, the virgin mother–the Holy Ghost in the form of a dove, acting as a proxy for the God of Heaven, in begetting a son who was to be equal to himself, and had existed through all time before he was begotten. I will not insult your reason, by supposing you to believe any part of these silly lies; but I will give you the true account of his youthful days as far as I received it from Jesus himself.

A short time after I had passed into the spirit world, being exiled from all society, in dreary exclusion, I received a visit from the spirit of the much injured Jesus, whom I had caused to be sacrificed to the hatred of the Jewish priests. I quailed before his benign and noble presence, feeling myself unworthy to meet his gaze. He gently rebuked me for the many evils I had done him, saying that he was informed of all by Judas, whom I had sent to the spirit world the same night that Jesus died. He told me that he forgave me for all my wickedness in regard to him, and then he spoke in sympathizing tones of my suffering condition. He said he could not mitigate my agonies, or he would, advising me to repent, aspire after righteousness, and strive to renew my nature for the better; that my wretched exclusion would be terminated in course of time, and I then would be allowed to mingle with the blessed. He then spoke of many parts of his history, enlightening me on many points I knew not before. (more…)

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More On Interdimensional Concepts ~ Part III

Interdimensional-Concepts-Part-III-mainAs I have said, everything has already been created, everything which is far beyond the capacity of your mind to even very spiritual-growth-4-postfaintly imagine. You could never get to the end of it. In infinity, in this way, as you journey through infinity in your evolution, you are contacting, at any given point, a certain number of these cyclic wave forms and their information. Then, according to other different wave forms which you have contacted in this cyclic transference pattern from the past, you react and you form the basis of your present-day third-dimensional life.

brain-waves-cyclic-4-postYou see, mind wave forms, as they are connected with the psychic anatomy and all other wave forms which emanate from the psychic anatomy, are more strictly fourth-dimensional in nature; that is, they, too, are cyclic. Part of this cyclic pattern is, of course the reaction between the electromagnetic fields of the different atoms involved, in other words, an oscillating process where we have both positive and negative. (more…)

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More On Interdimensional Concepts ~ Part II

Interdimensional-Concepts-Part-II-main-4-postThe value of time in any person’s mind is a quasi-evaluation. The consensus of even a few years time, memory-wise speakingremembering-past-experiences-4-post is, so far as the time factor is concerned, absolutely meaningless. A person may remember many incidents of his past life but so far as reliving them, so to speak, with the actual time consonant is impossible, because time, as it relates to any happening in a person’s life, must relate itself harmonically to all life processes, past and present and in the combination of harmonic structures, the time element is the differentiation factor which separates these wave form patterns into understandable reactive components.

To look at a piece of moon rock and say equivocally that it is 4.7 billion years old is moon rockmeaningless even if it were true because such elements as were at that time, 4.7 billion years ago, concerned with integrating atoms into molecule combinations which formed the rock—were then expressing the time consonant as the reactionary element in the formation of this rock, which could be quite analogous to witnessing a lava flow from a volcano. Perhaps the Earth scientists might get some satisfaction from this comparison and feel within themselves a great sense of accomplishment at having arrived at this meaningless comparison. In his limited thinking, he would not be concerned with tlava flow twohe possible billions of years, time-wise, which were necessary to bring this atom-molecule lava flow up to its expressionary point or that such lava flows could recur hundreds of thousands of years apart. Yes, even the same lava could have been re-melted and cooled many times, again giving no information as to what form these atom-molecule combinations took and for that matter what every atom-molecule combination takes which could be found anywhere in the galaxy or universe as planets or suns, etc. The 4.7 billion year age denotes a sharp and immediate creation from apparently nothing and imparts no information as to the total evolutionary consensus involved before and after the lava flow which formed this rock. (more…)

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Infinite Light

Infinite-Light-stanza-oneAnd so the Three Wise Men that cometh from the East
Give not the treasures of spices and ambers and myrrh
And brought to the lowly born.


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More On Interdimensional Concepts ~ Part I

Interdimensional-Concepts-main-4-postJudging by the current news media (at the time of this writing, 1971), the Apollo 15 on moonApollo #15 flight to the moon is still very much in evidence; in fact, scientists and astronauts are eagerly beginning the examination of the various lunar rocks which were brought back on this flight, and in particular, that piece of black, glass-like rock called the Genesis rock which they believe to be about 4.7 billion years old. Astronaut David Scott also made a statement that these moon explorations should be continued, that it was very necessary and important. The 18th and 19th trips or flights have been cancelled and Scott believes these should be reinstated, etc.

To a person who has some insight and understanding of the Genesis Rockinterdimensional cosmos, such efforts and explorations, the belief that determining the age of a rock or the kind of a rock that it is will give them insight into the creation of the universe—such an assumption is ridiculous, asinine and elemental. It clearly points out the very obvious fact that these so-called scientists are trying to understand creation in much the same way as a blind man trying to describe the elephant after holding the animal’s tail for a few moments. (more…)

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