Hippocrates On The Practice of Present Day Medicine

Hippocrates-On-Medicine-main-4-postMy dear brothers and sisters, I am most happy to renew our exploration again into this section of Parhelion. For Hippocratespersonal identity, I am Hippocrates, one of the teachers here, who gave a previous transmission.

The preceding transmission, was a general discussion of elemental factors in your civilization and the summary of reincarnation by my very worthy brother, Apollonius of Tyana, who generalized somewhat on the various aspects of life and civilization and personal evolution.

We can now resume somewhat more of a direct exploration here into another of these sections, which is devoted to the general practice and understanding of psychiatry and medicine in various terrestrial and astral dimensions. (more…)

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The Brain Cell And Consciousness

The-Brain-Cell-And-Consciousness-main-2-postJust recently an article came out about a new mapping method of the brain which scientists think will help them discover how the brain creates consciousness.

brain-mapping-2-postThis conventional brain mapping method traces all the branches of a particular neuron by injecting a dye into individual cells, dissecting the brain into several sections, and then tracing the path of the dyed neurons manually. What the neuro-scientists don’t realize is that the brain is only a switchboard and not the seat of consciousness. The seat of consciousness resides in the psychic anatomy or psychic body and this body resides in the immediate adjacent 4th dimension which at this point is not detectable by the five senses or current scientific instrumentation.

The following is how scientifically a brain cell acts as a go-between between the spirit body or psychic anatomy and the physical processes as explained in Cosmic Continuum:

“Let us consider scientifically for a moment just what the brain is and its relationship to human conduct inbrain cells neurons our present-day existence. The brain is composed of some twelve billion small cells; and while it is true that at birth this brain represents an organ which is still comparatively unfunctionable, it, like the intestines and many other parts of the anatomy, has not yet come into its full usage. However this does not, in any sense of the word, mean that in days to come in the life of this infant, such interpolations of consciousness in his daily life will form all of the functionable attributes of his brain. (more…)

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Energy And Mass

Energy-And-Mass-main-4-postLesson 3 from The Infinite Concept of Cosmic Creation

Love-In-Action-2Greetings again from UN.AR.I.U.S., meaning Love in Action.

This officially opens lesson #3, which is entitled “Energy and Mass” and which will be conducted through mental transmission from such personages as Sir William Crookes, Faraday, Isaac Newton, Einstein and others.

In order to establish some form of continuity between each succeeding lesson, we shall spend a few moments in reviewing something of the past one. In our first discussion we established the fact that the world was obviously going through some sort of great change or metamorphosis and that it was obviously necessary to develop a new science or a new philosophy which was relevant and most conducive to the betterment of science-vs-religion-4-postmankind for the particular evolution which is in the future. It was also established that the existing systems of religion, fundamentalism and science were, in themselves, incomplete and unable at this time, for various and obvious reasons, to fulfill the need of the coming races and generations of mankind. It was also established that as far as the Western world was concerned, we could resolve the dispensation of philosophy into the lives of the various inhabitants of this time and generation into two factions: science and fundamentalism. In trying to compromise and to orient himself into the various and obvious differences in this factionalism, man is suffering sore and grievous illnesses. (more…)

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On Reincarnation

On-Reincarnation-main-4-postThe word reincarnation merely means to reenter into; in a sense, each time we reenter a room, we are reincarnating. Referring man-at-doorway-2again to psychology in the science of psychosomatic medicine, the proven theory is that everyone reacts from basic subconscious thought patterns derived from experiences which were formed first in our early childhood, therefore, in every moment of our daily lives, as it exists in the present, we are reliving the past from these subconscious abstractions. Sadly enough, present-day psychosomatics do not include past lifetimes which are often the true seat of some present-day illnesses or conditions incurred as psychic shock from some one particular past-life experience.

Scientist twoParadoxically, although none of the present-day sciences express or believe either in reincarnation or the continuity of life, these existing sciences are the ones which will form the first step in our personal evaluation of life and will help explain just what this mysterious force is. This scientific equation is, incidentally, the common ingredient lacking in all present-day dispensations of psychical knowledge, whether they relate either to reincarnation or to the more orthodox concepts. Neither modern science nor materia medica knows as yet, in a pure sense, what life is or what is commonly referred to as the creative or re-creative life force. (more…)

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Unchained-stanza-1Bound am I not with chains of mortal flesh,
Nor doth the fetters thereof cut the flesh
Neither doth my heart bleed within me
And crieth for the freedom of the soul.


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humulity-stanza-oneRaise not thine arms and shout that ‘I am He’
Neither that thy mind and voice
is greater than all others.
For surely there is none among ye,
but who canst also raise his voice and crieth out.


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Q & A: The Nature of Energy And Dimensions

On-The-Nature-Of-Energy-And-Dimensions-main-4-postExcerpt from The Infinite Concept of Cosmic Creation

Q – You speak so much of energy.

A – Energy denotes an action. In order to have action, we must have a directive force.

Q – What is behind this energy, the component parts of energy?

A – Let us get into the physical or the material plane in explaining this to you—in a way in which we might understand it as seeing it on an oscilloscope as a definite change or a distortion of wave form patterns in some wave frequency. That distortion and that frequency appears and reappears as a fundamental part of that wave form until it is changed by external forces.

Q – Then what regulates the changes of form?

A – In the case of a television set, we use applications of external energy which are coupled with the original sine wave frequency through resistors, condensers, coils, etc.

Q – Then you are saying there must be an energy behind the energy to direct it? (more…)

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Born Equal Versus Equal Rights ~ Part II

Born-Equal-vs-Equal-Rights-II-main-2-postTo those who live in Higher Worlds, this earth is indeed an elemental environment, a battleground of emotional vicissitudes waged frequently with passion and fire, hotter than the proverbial hell; and from this furnace of human iniquity runs the riotsmolten ore into the mold of human experience which, when cooled in the breeze of temperate wisdom will yield the etheric form of logic and reason which sublimates the reason and the necessity of evolutionary creation from the slime and muck of a material world.

As has been previously stated (see Part I), the problem of racial differences is indeed a rather dangerous area of introspection in which any statements or commitments made pro or con could wrongfully commit any person in the eye of his fellowman as some sort of an anarchist or misanthropist; such commitments could also be wrongly made as the proposition of equality is a total involvement of all factors involving human existence on this planet. Some of these factors not being known to man, he must therefore remain an caveman-4-postemotionally prejudiced judge until he so learns of this totality of human existence. Introspection and an analysis should begin, therefore, in the beginnings of man’s earth life evolution. As it is with all creatures, man too lives his earth life under the same primitive and elemental jungle law as do all other earth creatures. This is the law of survival. (more…)

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Born Equal Versus Equal Rights ~ Part I

Born-Equal-vs-Equal-Rights-main-4-postThe popular phrase, “All men are born equal”, first came into prominence at the beginning of the revolutionary-warRevolutionary War and was perpetuated by its incorporation in the Declaration of Independence. It should be pointed out, however, that some of these instigators, advocates and underwriters of this war were children and descendants of religious refugees who came over on the Mayflower and similar vessels to colonize the New England States, where they set up one of the strongest and most oppressive of all religious systems still classically referred to as puritanical, etc. These people did all and more of the oppressions and atrocities in the name of religion, as were done by the Church of England—the cause of their migration. Yes, they even burned “witches” at the stake as late as 1890! (more…)

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Sweet Are The Flowers

Sweet-Are-The-Flowers-main-4-postSweet are the flowers which bloom upon our
pathway of life . . . rarest of perfumes
of each precious moment
And of these things which are all of our togetherness.


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The World Of The Abstract

The World of the Abstract main 2 postThe modern present-day scientist is making the same mistakes as in days of old, in the relative values and equations which relate to being-burned-by-heat-4-postenergy. For instance, in the relative equation of heat there is an immediate relationship with all particular sources which he has learned from his experiences are emanating radiated sources of heat which is warm or hot according to the sense of reaction of feeling. As a child he may have learned that touching a flame or some hot surface burned the skin and was a painful experience, therefore, any such future relationship with such source of energy called heat will have a definite psychosomatic action.

It is in the aspects of general relationships that while man is commonly called third-dimensional in a physical and material sense, he is therefore deveryday consciousness 4 postefinitely an active integrated participant of such a material plane of consciousness. He has learned through experience to view all things objectively or from the front side only. This has become an unconscious thought pattern inasmuch as everything he does in his daily life happens objectively and from one moment to the other. He can, of course, if given time through such sources of information as are retained in his memory consciousness, place or imagine other particular correlated aspects which are pertinent to the immediate objective reaction. However, here enters a rather fallacious interpretation of objective reasoning: that while he may have substantially experienced such correlated facets, he has not yet progressed sufficiently far in his mind evolution where such thought forms of past experiences can replace the more driving a carsubstantial objective placement in the association of his immediate realization. Something of an example of these objective relationships could be pictured as in the act of driving a car. While the driver, through long experience has perfect control in the forward motion of the vehicle, and while this in itself may be an integrated system of reflexes, they are all primarily connected with a long chain of circumstances and experiences; and yet with all this, there is still another and even greater part which makes it possible for this driver to drive this car. (more…)

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The Symbolic World

The-Symbolic-World-main-4-postIt has been observed that man is a creature of many and diverse proclivities. In this respect he is somewhat different than other forms of life abounding on the earth plane whose life expressions are moremans-expression-4-post closely confined within specific dimensions.

While the earth man is quite capable of expressing and re-expressing an infinite number and variety of expressions in his earth life, he would no doubt be nonplussed and horrified to be suddenly confronted with the realization that all these expressionary forms, even the most grandiose of intellectual efforts were almost entirely a system of idolatries constantly reasserted into consciousness in symbolic forms. (more…)

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More On Mental Function And Hypnosis ~ Part II

More-On-Mental-Function-And-Hypnosis-Part-II-main-4-postTo complete our descriptive analysis and to further clarify any remaining questions which may arise from the text on hypnosis, let us continue: the question may arise, how does human-brain-4-postthe psychic anatomy establish and maintain contact with the brain cells. Now the description of the brain is quite well-known or is immediately available in encyclopedias, home medical books, etc. Briefly, it is of semi-spherical shape with a corrugated surface and is divided into four parts: the two front parts the cerebrum; the cerebellum is the rear portion and in the center is the hypothalamus which is actually the end of the spinal cord. This mass of brain cells is unique and different from any other physical structure. The number of cells is of academic interest; estimates vary from around the fifty to sixty billion mark. In appearance this brain mass has a soft putty-like appearance and feel. There are no connecting tissues or nerves and each cell floats in an envelope of plasma. (more…)

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Voice of Spirit

Voice-of-Spirit-Stanza-AMan goeth about the earth
And there is much knocking and grinding,
Likewise there is great haste
Unto the end of nothing.


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The Many Dimensional Levels of Venus – Part II

Many-Dimensional-Levels-of-Venus-main-4-postAlthough only a few hours have passed since my last visit conditions are so propitious that it was deemed advantageous that I again make contact. I hope that you will pardon my intrusion in your daily earth life routine.

venusSo we will resume our little trip where it was left off the previous evening. Now we are again back on the surface of Venus and we find ourselves standing in a beautiful forest glade, and although it is quite familiar to me, I see in your mind that you are almost overwhelmed with the beauty. For the benefit of your earth brothers,Venusian-glade-4-post let us sit down upon this grassy bank beside a pool so that I may not only explain more fully these things about you, but that I may also clear up some of the salient points which I see are not quite transparent. As you look about you, you see many tall trees which stretch hundreds of feet into the air, and the overhanging branches seem to reach out and form a canopy which delicately laces the radiant solar energy that comes from the great golden orb which shines above; and while it is the same sun which shines on your earth it has here quite a different appearance, not being small and white and extremely brilliant, but being large and of a soft golden yellow color which can be easily looked into. As you have been told the sun is not as commonly supposed, a mass of disintegrating atomic energy which is dissipating itself as white hot heat, but is instead a radiant energy projector which converts energy and reflects its light and other associated energy fluxes into what you term your three dimensional world. This energy source is of course the Fountainhead. (more…)

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