Adventures of An Out-Of-Body Traveler

Adventures-Of-An-Out-Of-Body-Traveler main 4 postVistas of InfinVistas of Infinity Book coverity by Jurgen Ziewe deals with the reality of our life after death, not spirit communication, but actual visits with all sensory perception intact using out-of-body travel. The author spent over forty years refining his OBE skills via a lifelong practice of deep meditation. He projects his consciousness into parallel dimensions and non-physical reality systems whilst retaining full waking awareness throughout. He probes into the infinite vistas of human consciousness and brings back detailed accounts of his journeys and observations.

The reports gathered followed a strict research protocol, where the author interviewed dead people and visited the higher dimensional realities, from the darkest places to the most illuminated regions of cosmic consciousness and realms which are traditionally referred to as ‘Heaven’.

These are lively, first-hand accounts providing a narrative which is destined to revolutionize old concepts and perspectives. ~ review by

Vistas of Infinity – How To Enjoy Life When You Are Dead

Introduction by Jurgen Ziewe

By the time you have finished reading this, three thousand people will have died on our planet. By the end of the day their numbers could populate a small town if they were to gather in one place. The vast majority of these people will have no idea of what has happened to them and what is going to happen after their body has been recycled. Our ignorance about our future destiny when we die is problematic because it is the source of much fear, uncertainty and suffering.

Simply subscribing to the belief of the atheist, which states that when the electricity powering our brains is switched off our Consciousness simply vanishes into nothingness, hardly makes us feel any better. And even if this were true then this would probably be the only occurrence of nothingness in the whole of nature.

Whether we are theists or atheists, having our belief put into question will always antagonize the believer, but as long as we cling to our preconceived ideas without an iota of proof we are vulnerable to doubt. We will never know what will happen to us when we die unless we can see for ourselves. We are passengers riding on a train without having a clue where it is taking us. We rely on vague ideas and beliefs promoted by others rather than by taking our clues from Mother Nature, who offers us glimpses into our greater reality every night when we go to sleep. She has made provisions for us to learn and find out, if only we pushed the door left ajar for us a little further and walked through while remaining aware.

Only fairly recently have the pioneers among the dreamers discovered that we can wake up in our dreams and then take the necessary steps to discover what kind of life lies beyond the limitations of our physical body. The few who dared to step through the door, after giving it a final push, have found the powerful consensus that we can lead a life independent of the physical body and, by implication, a life that continues after death. Not only that, many have returned knowing exactly what their future life will look like and have even contacted their dead relatives in the process of finding out. Modern scientists are now referring to this state as Non-Local Consciousness and are hesitantly venturing into territory formerly reserved exclusively for religions and mystics.

Ironically, experiences of Non-Local Consciousness don’t discriminate between what people believe in, the atheist and the devout Catholic may find themselves walking side by side in non-physical locations until their beliefs tear them apart. The atheist may discover, provided he ventures far enough, that there is a root level to his Consciousness which may prove him right in his belief that there is indeed ‘Nothing’, and yet this Nothingness is nothing he could have ever imagined. The person believing in God may also find himself proven right, but the God he expected to find is beyond anything he could have imagined as well. The atheist and the theist are both simultaneously on the right and the wrong track, but to reach this point of realization they will have to walk the long and winding road through the great unknown and their very own unconscious mind and render it conscious.

I personally, have spent many hundreds of hours in full waking awareness outside of my body on the flip-side of physical life and meticulously recorded what I found in my diaries over a period of more than forty years. These experiences, some lasting several hours, were the by-product of my regular deep meditation practice I have been conducting all my life between one and two hours every day on a regular basis. If I were to string all these hours together it would amount to spending over three years in an altered state of Consciousness. So what I have unearthed is not the result of any seance, imagination, wishful thinking, Ouija board or self-hypnosis. I was not channeling, nor was I dreaming or confabulating. It was the natural outcome when Consciousness is focused consistently and regularly over a long period on the very roots of its own genesis. What I discovered I experienced in full waking Consciousness, while during my physical waking hours I built a commercial career and held down a responsible and successful job, often while working sixty hours a week as a freelance commercial illustrator.

Yet the more I discover the more I have to admit how little I actually know, because the moment I climb to the top of a hill I discover a whole new unexplored mountain range right in front of me. As insignificant as my research appeared, I conducted it authentically in an altered state while I was fully awake with my self-awareness intact, in a state of Consciousness which was often clearer, sharper and more enhanced than my normal waking awareness. I believe the main reason this process became possible in the first place was simply my refusal to accept that what entered my five senses was all there was to reality, which led me on a lifelong quest to find out who or what this Consciousness was that was conscious – the only way to do this, I found, was by looking at Consciousness itself via meditation. It is a tragedy that even intelligent people are addicted to their belief that what they see and feel with their five senses is all there is to see of the whole of reality, even though modern science reveals a completely new and different take on existence almost on a weekly basis. Having turned my attention in the opposite direction beyond the senses I have discovered that what we witness during our waking day is only a minuscule part of the whole of our reality, not even the tip of the iceberg.

When I first set out on the journey over forty years ago, I never even knew Out-of-Body experiences existed. They were just a bonus of studying Consciousness from the inside; when I experienced my first OBE in the early 1970s it disassembled my perceived world of reality completely. I had no idea whether I had experienced a brain seizure, had plunged through a mysterious wormhole in space and time or whether I had lost my mind. Soon after the first strange anomalies happened, they began to happen more regularly and I started recording and experimenting with them. They had set in motion the most powerful shift in my perception of reality and the universe surrounding me which I could not ignore. But to qualify for an entry into my journal they had to adhere scrupulously to the following criteria:

1) I had to have full waking Consciousness while out of my body.
2) I had to be fully aware that my physical body was in another place.
3) I had to have full awareness of my waking life’s social identity.
4) I had to be fully aware that the experience was not even part of a lucid dream, let alone a dream.

It was only under these conditions that my reports would qualify as a valid testimony for the existence of Non-Local Consciousness. Some of these experiences lasted several hours, far longer than the average near death experience. My longest experience, reported in my first book Multidimensional Man, lasted over six hours. It was so intense and so vivid that I feared I might have died and permanently moved into a non-physical reality. Several times during this lengthy excursion I returned to my body to check that it was still alive. When I finally returned to my body for good in the early hours of the morning I found to my dismay that large chunks of my memory of the event were missing, with only fragments retained and perhaps just one hour of the whole experience intact enough to be recorded. This made me rethink my strategies for recall.

When our finer, non-physical energy body is reunited with the physical body a large part of the experience gets lost. This is why many people don’t remember their dreams. My first book of my adventures in non-physical realities was published in 2008. Since then I have adopted more stringent new recall techniques in order to overcome memory disruptions, using the following technique. Where I could, I would try to rerun the experience through my mind while still in OBE state. At times I would even report the experience to other non-physical characters to solidify it in my mind. On re-entry into the physical body I would lie completely still, not moving an inch, with my eyes still shut. In this position I would run through the whole experience again in my mind. If necessary I would do that again to make sure of any additional details that might have been overlooked. Upon finally moving and opening my eyes, I would grab my pad and pen, which were always close at hand and write the whole experience into my diary. I would then read through it again and pen down any fragments and key words that popped into my mind. I would close my eyes and recall any memory connected to them. I would then type my notes out. On occasion I would use deep meditation to go back into the experience for further recall. This way I was able to retrieve other relevant detail.

This technique worked so well for me that even now I can clearly picture whole scenarios as if they were memories from a holiday vocation. Because these Out-of-Body states were experienced in full waking Consciousness, I no longer see a qualitative distinction between my experiences in physical waking reality and those in the non-physical one. I simply now view waking experience in the context of a unified greater reality where one feeds and informs the other, with one being just as relevant and as important as the other.

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