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Yada Speaks or The 500,000 Year Old Wisdom of E Yada di Shi-ite (1979) features transcripts of 18 channeled lectures from Yada along with a concluding lecture from Professor Alfred Luntz.  The book was introduced, edited and transcribed by Ralph G. Warren.  Yada spoke as one among a variety of transcendental ‘teachers’ of “The Inner Circle” using the body of Mark Probert as a channel.  A quotation selected for the title page reminds the reader that these communicators in their discourses were attempting “to describe the indescribable” including what we might refer to as the ‘afterlife.’  In a profile article about Mark Probert, Warren quoted Yada:

“I am E Yada Di Shi’ite.  I lived 500,000 years ago in the Himalaya mountains in a civilization called Yuga, meaning vast body.  My city was Kaoti, meaning city of temples.  I was a Kata or priest of the temples until I became a Yada or spirit light of the order of Shi’ite.  The Shi’ite order exists today.  There were 180 million people in my civilization, not monkeys.  Yuga was destroyed by a terrible earthquake which killed 80 million people.  My body was crushed by a wall of the temple—squashed me like a fly.  But I took my body with me . . . .”

Warren reported that there were more than 1,500 two track and four track seven inch tapes of the Probert trance-channeled lectures that were each from two to three hours long.  “The extremely ancient language of Yu which Yada spoke for about ten minutes before reverting to English became an item of great interest to professors of ancient languages at the University of Southern California.  One of these was Hans Von Kerber, professor of ancient and modern Asiatic languages.”  The professors “became so enchanted that they listened and talked for five hours and begged for more time.  Professor Kerber spoke Hindustani and Chinese dialects with Yada and discussed Inca and Maya writings.  He understood the root words in the Yu language.  Yada told him that the Yu language is the mother tongue or universal language.”

According to Mark’s teachers we entered the Aquarian age in 1945 and [the age] was heralded by the dropping of the atom bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.  It is significant that the lectures began in that same year.  The Aquarian age is said to be the age of pronounced emphasis on the advancement of mind.

In the article “Who Is Yada?,” Warren offered some quotations of Yada pertaining to this question, including:

“Wisdom cannot be given directly from one to another.  All I can hope to do is to ring bells in your head and you say, ‘Aha!  The spook just gave me some wisdom.’  But I gave you nothing.  You gave it to yourself by a recognition of what you already know.  For if you do not already know it how can I teach it to you?”

Below, in the left column are the symbols seen at the left in this black and white reproduction of Yada’s portrait painted by Mark Probert.  In the right column are the meanings of the symbols on Yada’s forehead.

Here are some quotations of Yada from Yada Speaks.

To those of you who have never witnessed a so-called spirit communicating through an entranced body, be assured your wonderment is due mostly because your teachings have not been in that direction.  So it is very difficult to comprehend.  Sometimes it is even frightening, awesome.  Religious teachers have let man believe there is something called the supernatural.  This means we should be very awed if not downright frightened about a condition we do not understand.

Were it not that religion bases its whole system on the belief in the supernatural, there could be no religion.  It is not only the Christian that holds with this, but every religion is based on the supernatural.

There is nothing supernatural anywhere in existence.  And when I say existence I do not mean alone the physical world for the physical world is but a shadow of the real world.  It is an externalized image.  When we do not know this we believe the reverse.

The question is so often asked: Who are the members of the White Brotherhood?  The answer is: You are!  All humankind are members of the White Brotherhood.  What is the White Brotherhood?  The Brotherhood of the Light out of which all has come.  It is not a group of men and women in India and China sitting on top of some mountain in the Himalayas or the Andes.  We human beings are all members of the White Brotherhood, the Brotherhood of the Light.

The moment we start idolizing a personality called Jesus, called Zoroaster, called Buddha, called Brahma—should I go on, and on, and on?  The moment we start such adoration of the personality, we are lost.  Lost meaning in ignorance, in darkness.  The real sun, the sun of intelligence has left us, gone out.

What is being born?  We talk and talk about the physical world as though it were a place separate from every other place.  This is only because we have come to believe in “place,” time, matter.  (Yada raps the table)  Sounds very solid, yes?  Very real!  Hitting you on the head with it you would believe it’s real.  IT IS TO OUR DIMENSION OF TIME.  IT IS TO OUR DREAM.

Your doll was projected into a state of awareness that the low mind of the doll, the emotional self, the ego self, has come to call the three dimensional world.  Matter!  (Again Yada raps the table)  Solid!  When you move into another state of awareness, which you may if you wish, called the astral world, it will be real to you.

Let us go back, my friends, to very ancient times.  How ancient?  Back to the period of time when the guardians of earth observed that a number of human beings on the earth in a state of awakening.  Coming out of the dream of what is called material evolution.  They were beginning to realize that they were separated from the matter world in which they lived, and that they were something distinctly different.  These guardians saw these thoughts, these ideas being formed in these awakening souls, and so they came to them in different parts of the earth and slowly taught them of their own divine nature.  They taught them that they were the sons of the sun.

The reason we are able to control this man’s body so well is simply because we have spent many years in developing his body, coming to know it and its various nerve functions.  But, even so, we find moments, especially some of us that do not use him as often as others, when it is difficult and it appears that we suffer periods of amnesia.  The same as his own consciousness does at times.  Many people suffer amnesia and they are not controlled by spirits.  None but their own spirit controls their body, yet there are little conditions they place in the nerves and especially in the glands.  Some of these centers may be shut off at times perhaps by a blow on the head so that the controller of the body, whether it is the owner or not, may suffer blank spells where he does not know who he is or where he is.

The day of judgment is right now!

Some people do not believe in what is called reincarnation, or rebirth of the human consciousness.

That’s all right.  This will not stop rebirth from happening if it is a law.  Now will it?  No!  Nor will it make it so if it is not a law.

What is back of that drive to survive?  It is the Creator in us, the eternalness in us that we sense.  It says you are, I am!  It doesn’t say forever, or never.  It just says, I AM.  And all of our creations say that—I AM!  Each leaf on a tree declares that singleness of purpose.  I AM!

Whatever we learn it is of little value to us unless we put it into our daily lives, practice it.

There is enough for everyone now, but it has been withheld, cornered, mishandled, mis-used, hoarded, where a few have much and the many have little.

When I put my experiences into words, I realize that each one of you exist in different environments, reared and conditioned to think in different ways.  So it may be that I will have to think of proper words that can be understood by you, using a simple kind of terminology that everyone can understand.

Now, it can be seen that a crime is something that will come back upon the one who commits it, because the law of life is the law of cause and effect, and we cannot escape this until we learn how to do it.  When you have a thought that you know, for your environment, is not a constructive one, it is wise to destroy it.  And by destroying it I simply mean this: To turn the forces of the thought into something constructive.  In other words don’t express it in that way, but in another way.

If we that are creating think a little bit, we will realize that anything that hurts another is going to, in time, equally unbalance us, cause us pain.  I am the point and everything moves away from me—the eternal wheel or circle.  Most people are not taught this, so they think they [are] going to get away with something.

Coming back into the physical world is entirely an individual matter brought about by your desires.  How well you have controlled them or how well they have controlled you.

At times Yada’s speech encompassed hyperbole.  The following passage provides an example of this.

Now there are really no dead except those who are not awake.  Many people, masses of people, the whole human race go around with the eyes open and it appears that they are awake.  They’re not!  They are aware only of their little outside dream and hoping it will be as they emotionally expect it to be.  They are not awake!  These are the living dead!  All of us must come up out of that state.  By degrees we come out of our dream into a greater state of reality.  Those that leave the physical structure in what is called death, enter a plane called the astral.  The majority enter only what is called the low-level astral plane.  Are these planes stacked up out there like chips?  No!  They are merely states of awareness of this or that human being which he has taken with him as gathered on this earth plane.  Right here in this room, my friends, there are various astral levels.

This metaphor of the ‘living dead’ occurs in other reports of transcendental communication.  For example, here is a quotation of the space visitor Orion in Orfeo Angelucci’s published account of his contact experiences The Secret of the Saucers (1955)

“Our disks, or saucers as Earthmen term them, are in your space-time frame as harbingers of mankind’s coming resurrection from the living death.  Although our disks are essentially etheric; that is, non-material, they are controlled in such a way that they can almost instantaneously attract substance to take on any degree of material density necessary.  Various other types of space craft are now permitted to visit Earth for certain purposes.  These are from other worlds and also space islands of various densities of matter.  Some are on the borderline between materiality and non-materiality.  But all are operated by intelligences highly spiritual in nature.  All are on a mission of love to their brothers of the Dark World, but mankind’s understanding of their ultimate intent and purpose will only become fully apparent further along in Earth’s Time Dimension.  We do not say that there are no negatives in the universe who have not attained primitive modes of space travel, but at present Earth is fully protected from these by both cosmic law and the etheric hosts.”

Here are some of Ralph G. Warren’s comments about his perspective of the Yada lectures from the foreword of Yada Speaks.

In all of Yada’s lectures there is a charming wayward wandering, and although everyone was thrilled and excited by his depth of wisdom, some of the people in the groups asked about this and wondered why he jumped from subject to subject, and seemed to “beat around the bushes.”

Yada replied, “Yes I do beat around the bushes for that is where truth is—around the bushes.  Truth is not one thing, and as soon as you say, ‘This is truth,’ you have eliminated everything else.”

Yada tries to lead us beyond our perceptual limitations by pointing in many directions.  Truth is constellated individually from the wanton waywardness of a random order that grants freedom for an inevitable personal arrangement.  In this way the universe always takes itself by surprise as a pattern from the chaos of feeling.  Were this not so, then the universe would forever repeat itself.

The great teachers that come to the earth, come to keep man aware of what the struggle is about.  Man has the blessed privilege of blundering, otherwise he would be forever trapped in the ignorance of material suffering.

Nature does not plant flowers in formal gardens but gaily scatters them across the countryside and waits for man to find a significance which he can catalog and circumscribe, or focus what he cannot see with a wider vision.

Reading the Yada Material is like running from the fields flower laden, arms filled with loose bloom, yearning to arrange the one and only bouquet, the bouquet of understanding.

More:  Yada Speaks,  Selected Communications – pdf file

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