What NASA Is Hiding: Incredible Structures On Venus

What-Nasa-Is-Hiding-Cities-of-Venus-main-4-postThe Magellan probe was launched by NASA with an aim to gather information about Venus. Launched back in 1989, the probe entered the atmosphere of the planet in 1994.

As part of its mission, the probe collected a huge number of photographs of the planet which were recently published by NASA on its website and is available for download and review here. This photographic evidence seems to show what appears to be cities and buildings on its surface.

Could Venus be inhabited by humanoids living in large cities on its surface? There simply seems to be no other explanation for the vast amount of structure seen in these photographs. This would make NASA’s conclusion that temperatures on Venus are supposedly hellishly hot and unlivable as fallacious. Even the massive cloud coverage over most of the surface of  Venus directly contradicts this.

But wasn’t it back in the 1950s that most ET contacts were from the planet Venus? Several contactees made the same or similar claims. Many of the messages were consistently alike including warnings about nuclear war.

As I reflect on this and review the Venus Global GIS Map, I come to the same conclusion as I’ve always come to; the only one that makes sense: Life exists elsewhere and everywhere in the universe NOT excluding Venus. WE ARE NOT ALONE.

Maybe a way to achieve world peace will be just a simple acknowledgement that others exist, just like us, everywhere, not just in our solar system, but throughout the many billions of stars, their planets, and galaxies throughout the universe.

Venusian-BuildingsVenusian Buildings (center)

What-is-NASA-trying-to-cover-up-hereWhat is NASA trying to cover up here?
Clearly-buildings-structures-on-the-planet-VenusPerhaps this is what they are trying to cover up: clearly buildings and structures
Venusian-Buildings-City-on-Venus-INotice the above top right – clearly a  building
Venusian-Buildings-City-on-Venus-IIMore building structures
What-is-NASA-covering-up-here-on-VenusWhat is NASA trying to cover up here?
Nasa-missed-blocking-this-one-Venusian-CityOops, you missed this one NASA – Clear structures on the surface of Venus

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