What Are Harmonics And Why Does It Matter

Harmonics-main-4-postE=MC2: Einstein proved Energy = Mass and Mass = Energy. That is why we were able to explode the first atomic bomb but it also means that since we are composed of atoms, “we” are also energy. Energy vibrates. It has certain properties. It vibrates at certain frequencies. It attracts and repels other wave forms based on frequency. Waveforms can piggy back other waveforms. These piggybacks can cause distortions giving the waveform a certain IQ which can be infinite in variety.

All this is necessary in understanding how our psychic anatomy functions. Our psychic anatomy is the Kirlian-handspiritual counterpart of our physical, and just like the atoms in our body is composed of energy the psychic anatomy is composed of energy too. This energy body exists at a higher frequency level then the physical body and is as yet undetermined by science since scientists have yet to develop the scientific instrumentation to detect it with perhaps some exceptions like Kirlian photography which can detect some emanations of the aura.

soulic-body-4-postLike your physical body, your psychic body is constantly being either constructed or torn down. Your future evolution depends upon how you construct and reconstruct this psychic self; for linked to this psychic self is your pure Superconsciousness which is sometimes called your soul. This is your true self with which, in your ultimate struggle and in your infinite number of reincarnations, you acquaint yourself with the Infinite Nature of Infinity and thus see all of the things which are godlike in that concept. You will again come into a harmonic conclusion with that soul-self, and in that harmonic conclusion and in the fulfillment and the attainment of reincarnation, you will have attained the affinity with the Infinite.” Lesson 3 – Infinite Concept of Cosmic Creation (ICCC)

How well we are able to construct our psychic self will depend on how well we understand the principles of energy and how energy functions. There are no shortcuts. So, to start with, a short paragraph from Lesson 3 of ICCC on harmonics:

Understanding the principles of harmonics is if we strike the “A” string in one violin, the violins-harmonics tranparentpulsations of its energy will cause the “A” string of another violin to vibrate also. If we say that this string vibrates at a frequency of 100 cycles per second, it will  generate and regenerate in the other string according to the laws of harmonic structure. The principle involved is a basic  multiple of 2 and 1/2 times the fundamental frequency. It can rise to 10 or 15 thousand cycles per second. Therefore, the transposition of any energy form which we see in this world about us is concerned in just such a frequency relationship and under such existing laws from which there are no variations or deviations.”

This is also why it is so important that we maintain a positive attitude as Dr. Norman has stressed so many times for when we vibrate at a certain frequency, we are putting ourselves in contact or in synchronous vibration with that frequency, so when we are positive we vibrate with the positive side of creation. See The Plane of Life for more on this concept. What follows are some excellent instructional videos furthering the understanding of the important concept of harmonics:

We must needs know who we are, and what we are, and what we are here for; where we came from and where we are going. That is the purpose of this science which is being brought to you from higher minds of Shamballa, now named UN.AR.I.U.S..” ~ Dr. Ernest L. Norman

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