Voice of Venus

VoiceofVenus4Page The Voice of Venus
by Ernest L. Norman

 An amazing revelation of life on other planets. Vivid descriptions of beautiful celestial cities, teaching centers, healing wards, etc., which exist on our nearby planet Venus. The vanguard of great minds and Masters from these higher worlds are expressing through a constructive scientific self-development course called the UN.AR.I.U.S. Science of Life. This book is the first of this series.

 Excerpt from Infinite Concept of Cosmic Creation about his visits to Venus described in greater detail in The Voice of Venus:

 “One evening during attunement, I saw a beautiful, radiant figure standing before me. He announced himself-not in words but through the means of telepathic communication which is always used in these higher dimensions and states of consciousness; he inferred he could be known as Mal Var. We later found out from other sources that he was the disciple John, or John the Revelator. He said that he had come to give us a new version or a new translation of that part of the New Testament which had been so badly and sadly garbled in translations, (Revelations), and if I was willing, he would start from the planet Venus, which is the mother-father planet of this planetary system. From there, the higher celestial forces were in direct communication at all times in the work of psycho-therapy and spiritual healings for the people of this earth and other planets of nearby solar systems. So naturally, I gladly acquiesced.

 In the next moment I found myself sitting in front of a beautiful lake. This lake, perhaps a half-mile in diameter, was of the most intense cobalt blue I had ever seen. The tiny blades of grass upon which I was sitting appeared to be hand carved of the purest emerald crystal, yet they were as soft as velvet to the touch. I looked about at the towering trees which surrounded me, they too had that crystalline appearance of radiant energy. I was reminded of some clear stick candy which I had as a child. The trees were transparent, yet gleaming. Each tree leaf in the canopy overhead was a masterpiece of emerald art of glowing crystal. Through the overhanging, I could see the huge orb of the sun, a golden yellow disc which appeared, not as our sun does, but many times larger. About the sky were swirling clouds of opalescence and mother-of-pearl. I looked at all of this wonder and beauty and saw the butterflies which were flitting about like huge brilliant gems and many times larger than those on the earth. The flowers and the wild life scurrying about us in the thickets were exotic and beyond description. My guide was smiling as I was trying to take in all of my surroundings and as we were sitting there talking, he was explaining all of these things through my vocal cords, Ruth was taking it down on paper.

 After a few moments getting accustomed to the surroundings, we then walked out to the edge of the clearing; we went out on the plain and I saw before me a huge mountain range of the purest sparkling crystal. It was flat and on the top of this flat surface was a huge, wonderful city. It was an array of gleaming parapets, spires, minarets and domes, all glistening in that wonderful golden sun.

Soon I found myself going rapidly up the pathway which led to the top of this beautiful city. I was told that this city was Azure and that it was the place where those who were in spiritual work with earth people were at present and had, for many thousands of years been so working.

When we arrived into the city, I was immediately taken to the top of a high parapet or minaret which overlooked the city. It was circular in shape; there were four main streets which crossed like an “X”. In the center of this “X” was a wonderful, beautiful temple; it looked something like the Taj Mahal but it was so much larger, and so much more beautiful, and far more vast that it would have made even that gorgeous structure look like a whitewashed pueblo. All of the buildings which I saw about me, domes, towers, minarets which towered into the sky in all shapes and sizes and manner in a fantastic array of confusion, so it seemed to me, were composed entirely of that radiant energy crystalline structure. I was told that this substance was the radiance of the Infinite which had been brought down with the mind forces and crystallized into a useful, tangible substance which was projected as idea and form in these structures. I was then led in and out of these various buildings and temples.

I saw clinics in which were the suicides of the earth people, the murderers and the murdered while their psychic bodies were nursed back to health. I saw obsessions removed. I saw people being born from flames—huge living flames which were built from mind energies. These beautiful excursions for this entire book entailed a total of thirty trips to the planet Venus before it was completed. I was led into this great central temple, in the center of which was a huge block of pure crystal. The temple could hold something like fifty thousand people, all of whom were arrayed in their shining, luminous garments which appeared to be woven of spun gold and silver. I could see through the garments of these people by now and saw their bodies as palpitating radiations of light. They looked like glowing balls of luminosity in the form of a human shape. These people were indeed wonderful and beautiful to behold. I saw the great lenses which were set in the temple ceiling in the huge dome which projected the energies down into this great crystal cubical in the center.

 To cap the climax, a most fascinating and sacred event then followed. Soon there welled up throughout the distance all about us and filled everywhere, the sing-song chant of the energies and the mind forces of those gathered there. And thus they built up the living white flame of energy. Two people came up the aisle, walked slowly up the three steps into the flame and disappeared. I was told that these two persons were Jesus and His polarity.”

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  • David Mehew says:

    It seems we have such a dire need for understanding of ourselves prior to being able to fully grasp the awesome experiences this author relates. It is sad that so many seem only to be able to imagine Earth as the only planet. Stories like this one are extremely helpful in at least granting some the possibility of seeing other worlds. I wish I could see some of these other dimensions, although I’m not sure I could properly relate my experiences.

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