Voice of Orion

VoiceofOrion4PageThe Voice of Orion
by Ernest L. Norman

Continued explorations into another of the highly developed and spiritually-evolved planets. In these Elysium fields, people prepare themselves for future incarnations on earth, to be lived as teachers, authors, poets, etc. Gain the transcendency that will lift you to a higher consciousness as you read. Many of the former educators and leaders of the earth related their new awareness of the planet Orion.

 Excerpt from Infinite Concept of Cosmic Creation about his visits to Orion described in greater detail in The Voice of Orion:

“One of these great centers called Orion was visited next. It was devoted to educational endeavors and to the different ways in which educational systems and ways of learning are fostered and nurtured among the races of mankind. And here again I met a host of wonderful people. I was drawn to a great city which was called Helianthus. It was so named because it was laid out in the pattern of the sunflower, in thirty-three sections to correspond with the 33 Logi. Covering these vast, numerous sections was almost an impossibility and so I was more or less limited here to a visitation to but a few of these centers. I learned how the different students and adepts came and went to and from these different centers. I also saw the different educational systems, learned how they became teachers and how they became purveyors of different sciences or arts of different types, or wisdom and knowledge which was found useful in the races of mankind. The prevailing color of this planet and of the space all about us was yellow.”

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