Voice of Muse, UN.AR.I.U.S., Elysium

VoiceofMuse4PageThe Voice of Muse, UN.AR.I.U.S., Elysium
by Ernest L. Norman

The reader will find this series of books most unique, by the fact that they carry a transcending power that lifts the consciousness from the physical to a higher state making possible the inception of the truths and science so contained within the texts.

Excerpt from Infinite Concept of Cosmic Creation about his visits to Muse, UN.AR.I.U.S., and Elysium described in greater detail in The Voice of Muse, UN.AR.I.U.S., Elysium:

“My next visit was to a planet which was much more homey, at least to my way of feeling, than were the other three which I had so visited. It was called Muse, after some Greek name of Greek mythology. It concerned, in five sectional forms, the different inspirational arts of the races of mankind in the various terrestrial and spiritual dimensions. They were literature, drama, sculpturing, music and painting. I went into this beautiful planet, which was of a very lovely coral shade, glowing out in space, surrounded and infused with this radiant energy. There were five smaller asteroids which were situated at various intervals around the planet of Muse. I was taken to the great city of Coralanthus.

Before getting directly into the heart of the city I passed down many streets under the personal guidance of Robert and Elizabeth Browning. They showed me various beautiful homes of people who had formerly lived upon the earth. Their abodes were set back in park-like grounds among the trees and flower gardens. The homes themselves were the most beautiful things that you could ever imagine, all glowing iridescent, opalescent, pulsating and of many colors. It was all so fairy-like and beautiful and I was tremendously impressed with the feeling of warmth and comfort of everything which surrounded me. I was getting into the city proper, of the five dimensional forms which serve in this five-functional relationship with the various five expressions of these inspirational arts. Here again I saw another demonstration or expression of this very precise integration among the students and the teachers occupying these various centers. One could wander about from one area to another to view plays, pageants, watch those artists painting scenes—see others carving in wood, in gold and in precious stones of all kinds. Everything was of this same beautiful glowing nature. I needed approximately ten or twelve visitations in this glorious planet to complete my explorations.

My next visit was to the planet Shamballa, which has recently been named UN.AR.I.U.S.. It was here I saw the most remarkable city or rather an aggregation of cities. Here we found a huge cone-shaped crystal plateau with six different plateaus or elevations; the flat surface atop these was the seventh center. Corresponding centers were dedicated to integration and leadership. In studying these centers and learning of their services to the student, Initiate or Adept, one could see how he was wise to come to these centers to learn how he could use the wisdom and knowledge which he has incurred elsewhere in a useful way on a terrestrial planet. It is common knowledge that there are many great intellects in the world who never reach the point where they are recognized; where their talents are fully realized simply because they lack that one essential quality of leadership or integration or shall I say that it is simply a spiritual way of using psychokinesis. It means the difference between success and failure. You may go to the planet Muse and become a great musician or a great sculptor or a great artist in your evolution and in your soul flight. You may come back to earth and you may be like Franz Schubert and die at the age of thirty with your music portrayed on the wallpaper of your bedroom, or you may become like Ludwig Von Beethoven. The difference between success and failure depends upon the ability to learn the proper spiritual psychokinesis, the value of propagating or utilizing and extending the mind forces and the mind energies.

And so in those vast centers I found that they were taught in the laws of frequency relationship, as they linked themselves up to the other six different centers. On the top of this great pyramid of pure crystal was the seventh plane of Shamballa which was devoted to the art or the expression, or whatever you care to call religion, for the student who worships purely for the joy of worshipping. This seventh plane of Shamballa was called Elysium. Here I found the priests of the temples, the various people of many races and many creeds and many cults, all expressing their own choice of temples and in their own way, not only in the way they loved to worship and in the way in which they had learned to visualize and see the great Infinite Force of God, but they were also teaching these ways to others who were coming up this ladder of evolution.”

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