Voice of Hermes

VoiceofHermes4PageThe Voice of Hermes
by Ernest L. Norman

Another of the Seven Spiritual planets dedicated to the advancement of the earth man. Here in beautiful pastoral surroundings, poets, authors, musicians, literates, learn to adapt new and higher forms of their arts and crafts and prepare for a future earth incarnation.

Excerpt from The Infinite Concept of Cosmic Creation about his visits to Hermes described in greater detail in The Voice of Hermes:

“Then I passed on to an even larger planet which was called Hermes. Here the basic color radiation was green.

This planet was devoted to the philosophical expressions. This great city was called Aurelius. In this city were many and wonderful things to behold. I saw Greece as it existed five hundred years before the time of Jesus. I saw China in all its height and glory, as it was long before the time of Confucius (Kung Fu). I saw the Temple of Solomon, or more correctly, I can say that it was Solomon who built the Temple which he copied as a memory from the great central Temple here on Aurelius.

In going about the various centers and seeing the ancient civilizations, the great museums, the arts, the works and the philosophies of the peoples of the past, I found these too were beyond the imagination to behold. During all of these different transmissions, the personalities and the intelligences would come and announce themselves very humbly. The only reason we were able to secure their names was in the value which it might mean to those who read the lines in the books as they will be published in the future. These people have long passed the point where personality, ego or individuality means anything to them and have supplanted it with the higher concept of interdimensional function.

I have a list of over fifty-two names (and it is not yet complete), of those who acted as guides to my explorations and who gave the descriptions and transmissions verbatim through my vocal cords on the recordings.”

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