Voice of Eros

VoiceofEros4PageThe Voice of Eros
by Ernest L. Norman

 A continuation of exploration on a vast spiritual planet that is dedicated to higher learning related to the scientific plane. Huge, many-galleried cities – giant laboratories, immense auditoriums – all made from crystal – rainbow-hued energy – that is both startling and amazing.

 On these beautiful glowing spiritual planets, man lives in a glowing energy body, his world warmed and lighted by a rainbow-hued sky, his life freed from the vicissitudes of earth life.

 You will also find frank discussions and comparisons of all religions, social and scientific systems; and while you are studying and learning in the comfort of your own home, you will also be taken – while your body sleeps – to one of these higher planets and be given personal instruction in classrooms dedicated to that purpose.

 Excerpt from Infinite Concept of Cosmic Creation about his visits to Eros described in greater detail in The Voice of Eros:

“Later on, after a few days of relaxation following the completion of that book (The Voice of Venus), I found myself sitting upon another planet. I was on top of a mountain of the purest crystal energy, so it seemed to me. Sitting beside me, was a most illumined person who identified himself as Nikola Tesla. We were sitting, so I learned, on the planet Eros although this planet is little known to the people of the earth. Of all of the seven centers, Venus is the most spiritual, if I can say, in its service to the earth. Far below me on the plane, I saw another wonderful and beautiful city. This one was laid out like a huge wheel with seven huge spokes, with a very wide rim. In the center, or the hub, was another huge domed temple and, like the others before it, it was of the glittering, glowing, pulsating crystal and even much more so. The atmosphere or air, if we can term it such, seemed to be swirling with this infusion of wonderful light. There was no sun overhead. The light seemed to come from everywhere about us and Tesla told me that there was no sun on this planet; instead, the light came directly from the central vortex, which earth people call God.

So we descended into the city and as we walked, I saw between the huge great spokes in this great city, the landscaped parks filled with beautiful trees, shrubbery, lakes and wonderful flowers. I was told they all grew thusly because the energy which composed them was intelligent and was directed, and no one therefore needed to attend to them. Their growth was due to the radiant infusions of the energies which they imbibed within themselves in those dimensions. In going through these great centers in this city of Parhelion, I found there things of the long past, the present and the future.

Although I had seen many wonders on Venus, the wonders here even far surpassed and outweighed them, for they concerned solar systems and worlds about which the earth people know nothing. They concerned histories which were not written on this earth. They contained not only the past histories of this world but the future histories and destination of man as well. I saw the scientific instruments which were used by these scientists here in the spiritual dimensions which were used for the removal of obsessions and diseases. I saw many other wonderful and beautiful things which related to the manner in which people came there between earth cycles and reincarnations. I also saw how they wrote their akashic records upon gold leaf books.

There were great galleries which were devoted to arts of various kinds as well as to the scientific versions of expressions in the numerous dimensions of man’s life. Then finally here again I was led into the great central temple and there witnessed another ceremony where another huge and great flame was built upon a crystal altar. More than a half million people were present watching this ceremony. I saw the man whom we used to call Jesus, step out of this flame with His polarity and become the mentor and the moderator of all the Shamballas.”

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