Unarius_dot-com-mainPeriodically we will give an overview of a web site dedicated to the works of Dr. Ernest L. Norman. Today we will give a brief overview of unarius.com and invite our readers to take a visit to this web site which is an especially good introduction to the teachings.

This site was originally set up by Al McGowan, a dedicated Unariun student. Al McGowan who has since passed on into the spiritual worlds also did another great thing. He had most of the Unariun core curriculum reprinted so that they could be freely available to the world. He distributed to many libraries all across the country as well as passing the books onto other parties interested in the teachings. On his web site, Al McGowan states, “If you can keep an open mind you will find in UN.AR.I.U.S. the greatest opportunity of your life!” He knew the true value of these teachings and their importance in changing the world for the better and he literally put his “money where his mouth is” and spent several hundreds of thousands of dollars in having the books reprinted so that he could ensure that they would be there for future generations. For this, Al McGowan, Dr. Norman’s students salute you!

On his web site, you will find descriptions of the core curriculum texts by Ernest L. Norman, excerpts of significant teachings, the full transcript of “The Joining”, direct quotations, and what the study entails. You will also see beautiful artwork provided by Douglas Taylor and Michael Leas.

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