The Truth About Mars

 The Truth About Mars
by Ernest L. Norman

The Truth About Mars is not science fiction, nor is it a book about the possibility of life on an extraterrestrial planet. And why is this not fiction, you may ask?

Forty-three years ago, in 1955, Ernest L. Norman visited the underground cities of Mars, and on thirty-three separate occasions he recorded his findings. His eyewitness accounts describe the Martian people and an advanced social system that is built upon scientific principles which are far in advance of those understood on Earth. These visits also provided him with evidence to explain the present geological condition of the planet and the reason that the surface of Mars is destitute. The Truth About Mars¬† answers the question: Is there human life on other terrestrial planets in our galaxy? It also addresses the nature of consciousness and Man’s ability to make use of the electronic design of the mind in the exploration of the universe.

Ernest L. Norman, a scientific researcher in the paranormal, and most importantly a researcher in the physics of consciousness, demonstrates that the mind is, in actuality, a fourth-dimensional energy device which functions in a manner that is similar to a television broadcasting system. It serves to transmit information on high-frequency carrier waves, which are demodulated to a receiver who activates the signal on a lower frequency so it can then be viewed as sound and image.

Clearly, the purpose of this book is to advance our knowledge not only of the evidence of another terrestrial civilization that has the greatest similarity to Earth, but it is also to advance the greater understanding of the nature of consciousness.We as human beings have been searching for the evidence of extraterrestrial intelligence, as evidenced by the SETI and Phoenix programs. We are not alone in the universe. The existence of other humanity on nearby planets will be revealed through space exploration, but most importantly, humankind is being opened to the new frontier of extraterrestrial civilizations.Yet the basic inquiry requires man’s recognition that he carries within himself the substance which is recorded in so-called space and time. When we can assimilate this, it will serve to remove the amnesia that has blocked our memory of the reality of extraterrestrial life on other than one earth planet, in one solar system, in one small galaxy, in one universe.

Humankind will resolve the enigma of life and death and his purpose in the cosmic design that we see in the hundreds of billions of star systems within our galaxy. The Truth About Mars is a forerunner for other books that have been written by Ernest L. Norman about the interdimensional physics of life. They serve as a radio-telescope outlining our past, present, and future.

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  • David Mehew says:

    I believe mankind discovers or un-covers truths about itself when it is ready. Nothing can stop it, or necessarily speed it along. There is a courage and strength we possess we know nothing of until we willingly grasp it and begin to journey through the cosmos. No power on earth or heaven can stop this from happening, no matter how dreaded the foe, or how seductive the enchantment.

  • Cehrler says:

    I am a believer that NASA has covered up many things about mars and other planets in our solar system and beyond. I believe that they are doing this out of fear, that the masses of people on this planet would not be able to handle the truth and there would be mass hysteria. It seems so utterly ridiculous to me. How will we ever evolve on this planet if everyone sticks their heads in the sand! It is my belief that we are a primitive planet with a long way to understanding. It’s frustrating but I guess it’s karma

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