The Universe Is A Dream

Universe-Is-A-Dream-main-4-postby Gerardus Tros ~ Philosopher, Poet, Scientist

Sooner or later we discover
that there is no matter or physical stuff anywhere.

At that time we have come to the conclusion that the universe
– IS –
A Universal Action that takes place in Consciousness Only.

The entire Universal Action is like a Dream or an Illusion.
It is an infinite Happening.

It means that there is only Consciousness.
Consciousness dreaming or imagining.

Creation is the Magic Reality of our Dream.
We must learn to look at Consciousness
As if it is an Infinite Ocean of Energy in which we float and Vibrate.

We float and vibrate in our own Mind as semi-separate Energies.
Our Energies are our Vibrations.
However we are not semi-separate energies in Actuality.
We are Unity or Oneness with specific different Nodes.
Each Node is a different temporary Entity.

The higher our awareness the more we vibrate.
The faster we vibrate the more we experience and Understand.

Sooner or later we grasp the Idea
That the Universe is actually Love in Action.
All Beings and Creatures do what they love Best.
All Beings float at their own specific level of Awareness.

All Beings are appearances or aspects of the One Unborn Awareness
That is what we actually Are.

There are no Beings… Entities… Humans or Animals in Actuality.
They only appear to exist to themselves and to Others.
All these selves and others however are hypnotized by the illusion of the Dream.

The Universe is a Dream
– within which –
We are semi-independent Witnesses.
However we do not exist as independent Creatures.
This only appears to be So.


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