The Unholy Six

The-Unholy-Six-main“…Believe in Orion. Believe.
In the night, the moon, the crowded Earth.
Believe in Christmas and Birthdays and Easter rabbits.
Believe in all those fugitive
Compounds of nature, all doomed
To waste away and go out.
Always be true to these things.”

(Modern School of Poetry).

ONCE upon a time-five hundred thousand years ago!

Again we have a fairyland opening because we are going to tell you another so-called `unbelievable tale’. This one will be easier for you to accept because the date or age of our story is more in accordance with what ‘authorities’ and `experts’ consider sane guessing. Prepare yourself for a tale of a dark time in our galaxy, when the ‘spawn of night’ brought about a fork in the road in the sky causing the timeless highway of the stars to divide into two branches going in opposite directions.

Once upon a time-five hundred thousand years ago there was a planet in space called Tyrantor. This planet had been the capital of an old and decadent Empire of the Stars in the Milky Way galaxy. I say had been because half a million years ago it came to an end.

If you will permit, let us go back for a moment to a time about one million years ago. One of the most notable achievements of the life forms of our galaxy, after the ‘El’s’ achieved their state of Timelessness, was the formation of what has been called the Galactic Administration or the Galactic Pax. In Latin, Pax means ‘Peace’, and was deified by the Romans. Although the Romans were an aggressive and warlike people, they deified `Pax’ which symbolized the great peaceful amalgamation of numerous solar systems into the Galactic Administration.

About one million years ago, this league of planets reached the apex of its power and beneficent influence. Like the Romans who were to follow them in later times, the people belonging to the many planets of the Administration started to look for the `easy life’. They were in the exalted position of representing the most advanced beings throughout millions of miles of interstellar space. The inevitable happened, a degeneration of their culture and their way of life began.

The beginning of the end came for the Galactic Pax when a master computer system or mechanical brain was put into operation on a planet called Tyrantor. All the complex problems of co-ordination and organization existing within the Administration were to be solved by the new calculating device that covered many square miles of the surface of Tyrantor.

All went well for a time, but the Administration leaders from all the planets of the league began to place more and more reliance on the computer; there was more ‘Play’ time for them while the great metal brain solved all matters of governing and even solved matters pertaining to diet, dress, and sex. Day after day, year after year, and century after century, the computer toiled on calculating, calculating, calculating. The Administration was disintegrating quickly, and many of the more serious-minded members of the Galactic Pax realized that something should be done immediately. They formed a delegation and presented their warning to the Tribunal. They suggested that the only solution was to abandon the master computer completely and continue as they had in the days before its existence when they were in the Golden Age of their Administration. They were considered insane by the Tribunal for offering such a suggestion. Can you imagine telling people today to destroy their electric power plants and start living with candles again!

The unsuccessful delegation saw the government of the galaxy crumbling about them, everywhere they saw much evidence of the decay and death of a great civilization. They wanted to pull away from the Administration, but they didn’t know where to go, and besides, they felt they must stay on as long as possible. There was always the faint hope that something could be done and that the Tribunal would realize the master computer system which was to be the crowning achievement of their rule in the galaxy, had become instead, a Frankenstein, a monster that was inflicting the most dreadful retribution upon its creators. The metallic governor of the Administration was destroying its originators.

When the entire way of life was in the worst throes of depression and decadence, a small group of scientists on Tyrantor who were in charge of the functioning of the master computer decided to take over the Galactic Administration through the use of the computer and thereby rule the people of many planets. They would be the real rulers, while the mechanical brain they controlled would be the puppet of the Empire. They knew that the people-most of them anyway-would never question orders coming from the computer, for they had followed such orders for centuries and knew nothing else. They wanted and expected the computer to do all their thinking for them.

Therefore, the insurrection took place quietly without war or strife one day when the master computer began to send out the new order of the day, declaring the birth of the Galactic Empire. At this moment, the `spawn of night’ or the forces behind the downfall of the Administration, caused a fork in the shining road in the sky that had known existence since the time of the ‘El’s’. Never once had there been a division in this highway of the stars that linked world after world and system after system in a peaceful brotherhood which eventually became the great and good Galactic Pax.

The day the Empire was born, two roads were also created in the heavens, or, we should say, two branches of the same road going in opposite directions. The people were no longer united, for they were opposed by contradiction, a dichotomy was established that still exists in the galaxy today.

The planet Tyrantor became the terminus planet or rainbow’s end for the newly created Empire. From the name of this planet we derived our word tyrant which comes to us from the Greek tyrannos, originally meaning ‘Lord’. The scientists in charge of the computer became absolute rulers through its use. The mechanical brain that was to enrich the life of the Administration and bring its people to a state of perpetual bliss, became a cruel despot, a usurper of peaceful sovereignty, a mechanical master.

Tyrantor became the Lord of the Empire and its master computer became the oppressor of the former happy people. Our words tyranny, tyrannical, etc., also come from the name of the terminus planet. Tyr, the war-god of Norse mythology, also obtained his name from the same source. Like all despotic exercise of power, the Empire began in a grand way. The people were constantly looking for new thrills and changes in their life that had grown rather dull under the old and peaceful Administration. The downfall of the Galactic Pax was to them an entertainment, an exciting drama that they enjoyed to the fullest. Therefore, they hailed the new Empire with much enthusiasm and joy. In fact, they celebrated the event for many years, and when they finally woke up they discovered the Empire was brutally exercising absolute power over them and draining their respective worlds of natural resources and manpower to be able to travel its own branch in the road in the sky to new conquests throughout the galaxy.

Tyrantor and its tyrant brain became a terror throughout space. A great military force was assembled, and where justice, peace, brotherhood and love had ruled before, it was replaced by criminal piracy and fear, dread and hate ruled the day. Almost immediately, the Empire began to disintegrate. One by one, hundreds of planets and systems refused to pay tribute to the capital planet, but they continued to be robbed by the space pirates until they joined together with the remnant of the former Galactic Administration that had never become a part of the Empire and represented the other branch of the road in the sky. This remnant became known as the Confederation, and it grew large and strong as many planets joined the rebellion and withdrew from the Empire and the domination of the master computer system.

The rulers on Tyrantor attempted to regain control of their diminishing authority and power by the most terrible space war imaginable. But planet after planet continued to withdraw their allegiance and joined the Confederation. Soon, the pirates of the Empire were greatly outnumbered and were unable to pursue their former activities. The greatest scientist on Tyrantor was the Emperor. The new and powerful Confederation, which was attempting to re-establish the way of life of the Galactic Pax, advised the Emperor and the tyrants of the Empire to abandon the pattern and policies created through the use of the mechanical despot. The advice was refused.

Eventually, the inevitable took place, just as it had in the days of the Administration. The Empire continued to shrink until only six solar systems with their six respective star-suns were still governed by the master computer on Tyrantor. Conditions became dreadful on the capital world and civil war developed between the computer scientists. Finally, the Emperor destroyed himself and the entire planet and its Frankenstein in one fantastic act of tyrannicide. This was the end of Empire.

All of this brings us to: Once upon a time-five hundred thousand years ago.

The rulers of the six solar systems refused to accept the reality that the Empire was dead. They still expected to receive orders from the Emperor and the master computer on Tyrantor although all of these had been destroyed. After finally accepting the fact that the capital planet was gone forever along with the great computer, they began to place in operation the sub-computers of their own worlds, and they hoped to rebuild the Empire once again with the six solar systems as the centre of operations. However, they never succeeded in obtaining the allegiance of even one other system or planet. The power of the Empire was shattered forever, and the six systems remaining had to depend on each other for survival. They became known as The Unholy Six.

Half a million years ago the Empire and Tyrantor came to an abrupt end. The power of the master computer was gone, although the sub-computers continued to be used. The six remaining systems of the ‘spawn of night’ or The Unholy Six are located in the vicinity of the Great Nebula in Orion. This nebula is within our Milky Way Galaxy and is known as a galactic and diffuse nebula. It is vast, gaseous, greenish and of irregular form.

In Other Tongues-Other Flesh, I discussed the Orion systems in The Intruders.

`The negative space intelligences from Orion are not coming directly from the nebula itself, but are coming from planets of star-suns (six) in the vicinity of Orion. The word “Orion” is used by space visitors (Confederation) to indicate the general area from which the evil influences originate.’

Orion is mentioned in the Bible and in countless ancient legends. To the ancient Egyptians, in the V Dynasty, the constellation of Orion was Sahu, hunting through the heavens for gods and men to rip apart and boil for food. This sounds very much like The Unholy Six attempting to obtain the allegiance of other systems and planets.

The Hebrews knew Orion as Kesil, the ‘Foolish or Self-Confident’, or as Gibbor, the Giant, identified with Nimrod and tied to the heavens for impiety.

An ancient Peruvian legend says the constellation of Orion is a criminal held in the heavens by two condors.

The natural resources of The Unholy Six are almost exhausted; they have lived on borrowed time for 500,000 years and their end is near. What started out as a fight to gain control has now turned into a struggle for survival. The situation for The Unholy Six becomes more critical every day, and the rulers are demanding action. They must have resources! These rulers are not tolerant and friendly beings by any means, and they watch the Earth planet, rich in mineral wealth, with greedy eyes.

War rages on the Orion systems now, and they feel that the powerful Space Confederation is encroaching on their domain. However, the encroachment they imagine is really freedom from oppression which narrows down the area of their tyranny.

The descendants of the decadent Empire are found on six solar systems in the vicinity of the Orion Nebula, and the descendants of those in the Galactic Administration who formed the Confederation are today found in the UFOs in our skies. They still belong to what is called the Space Confederation.

The Orion forces comprising The Unholy Six would like to trade with the Earth, but they prefer doing it when there are no inhabitants on our planet with whom to negotiate. In other words, if they could, they would come to Earth and eliminate all life forms on it and then land and use our planet as a great storehouse of natural resources. They would literally take away the animal, vegetable and mineral life of the Earth. The rulers of The Unholy Six want to follow the ancient trail through space that leads to the grandeur of the “El’s”. They know that under the Earth the crystalline world of the great Time-Spanners still waits to be re-discovered, and they know that the secrets of this subterranean world would give them immortality. Therefore, the Earth planet is a great prize to them and they want to capture it. However, the Space Confederation and its many craft operating around the Earth prevents any outside interference with the Divine Plan now being fulfilled here.

The Confederation has its agents upon the Earth at the present time, and The Unholy Six through its control of the minds of various individuals also has a spy system of a sort. Remember, in Other Tongues-Other Flesh, space intelligences said:

“At the present time there is a small group of people on Earth working for Orion. They come among you to disperse all things not in keeping with their own ideas, they prey on the unsuspecting, they astound intellects with their words of magnificence; while their wisdom may have merit, it is materialistic and not of pure aspiration towards the Father. We have our own men of the Confederation who watch over these pirates. Watch out for controlled persons in your midst. The Orion people are The Intruders in your world, they cannot enter your atmosphere usually by space craft, but they can and do reach the Earth world by projecting their intelligence into weak Earthly bodies which they completely control for short periods of time in order to perform their disturbances. Watch for them; their numbers increase as the ‘sorrows’ of Earth increase; they will persist, but they will not succeed. We will succeed, for our mission is of the Father’s authority and His will shall prevail. Worry not about these Orion influences; they cannot harm those who serve the Infinite Father.”

While some of the individuals working today to disrupt the plans of the Space Confederation on the Earth are serving the International Bankers, others are agents of The Unholy Six. They are The Intruders. The sub-computers, or the children of the master computer, long since destroyed along with Tyrantor, are still in operation today, and many sensitives on the Earth who claim to be in communication with a certain `great being of space who commands literally millions of space craft, etc.’, are actually receiving information from the sub-computer system. These sensitives mistake a channel of communication used by many beings for a single individual. This is due mainly to the fact that many people on Earth insist upon identification and personification.

It is true that there is much knowledge being relayed by the sub-computers to Earth’s sensitives, but remember the words of the Space Confederation: ‘They astound intellects with their words of magnificence. While their wisdom may have merit, it is materialistic and not of pure aspiration towards the Father…’ Of course, there are also many sensitives who are undoubtedly receiving information and inspiration from the forces of light; that is another matter altogether.

A very sinister part of the operations of The Unholy Six is their use of black crystalline life forms which absorb light, but do not generate or reflect any light themselves. These are used as a prime focus for the projection of their intelligence into weak Earthly bodies. The astounding confirmation of this is the fact that in psychological case studies black and gigantic crystals have been mentioned over and over again by patients. The black crystals are used in connection with the sub-computers.

If we look for the real cause behind the conflict between the Space Confederation and The Unholy Six, we find that the former are Deists and the latter are Ideists. The Deists maintain that there is one single power or Deity of the Omniverse of which all life is a part. The Ideists maintain that the Id or personal creating power of the individual is supreme and that all things are created and put into action by the power of the Individual. They refuse to accept the concept that a Universal power exists. For countless millennia there have been no possibilities of reconciliation between these groups and their beliefs.

While The Unholy Six is having some influence in the world today, it is of little concern in the overall plan, for these forces have had their day under the sun and that day has been 500,000 years of continuing decadence. Their sun is about to set, and their day is done. Their power is momentary now as the Earth prepares for its Graduation Day, its Purification Day.

The Space Confederation now operating around the Earth contains fifty-one solar systems consisting of six hundred and eight planets controlling some three and a half million space craft. We have little to fear from The Unholy Six. I doubt if they will ever obtain any of the natural resources of Earth. However, these so-called evil worlds have served a great purpose. Those beings who have incarnated on the planets of the six systems have greatly benefited by the experience, and we see in the history of oppression and tyranny eventual good. It has been said: ‘Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof’, and for The Unholy Six it has been but a single ‘day’ lasting for half a million years!

The ‘El’s’ had their day under the sun, but for them the sun didn’t set–they lifted themselves above the realm of Suns. They achieved the fundamental steps to divinity.

Hu-manity has had the beginnings of its day under the sun and now that day rapidly draws to a close. The outcome depends on whether or not hu-man beings will successfully take the first steps towards divinity. If the sun does set for the Hu-man Race without that first step being taken, hu-man beings will become simply another past race of potentially intelligent beings and recorded in the Book of Creation as `a promising child, died in its youth’. And the eternal workers will go on to another day under the sun of another promising race-child. Sooner or later another major race will make the grade or take the first step to divinity even as the `El’s’ did a long time ago. So goes evolution up the stars and ELevation to the spheres of Timelessness.

But we have the promise of the Infinite Father that the Hu-man Race will achieve divinity: so it has been recorded by the scribes in all ages and in all civilizations on Earth.

‘The radiant energy of the Universe will rise like a majestic fountain in the spirit of the remnant that is to inherit the New Age on a New World, the remnant that forgets self in love for all fellow beings everywhere.

Go ahead and Believe in Orion. Believe in the night, the moon, the crowded Earth. Believe in all those fugitive Compounds of nature, all doomed to waste away and go out. Always be true to these things.’ But don’t forget the eternal road in the sky that soon shall know neither fork nor branch nor division. It will be the one, never-ending pathway to godhood in a golden tomorrow.

Excerpt from Road In The Sky by George Hunt Williamson

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