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INTRO– Of all fields of study that have evolved in the last 200 years none can be said to be as confusing, complex and mysterious as physics. In our attempts to understand the universe we have observed, measured, quantified, pushed, pulled, dropped, exploded and done almost every conceivable action to almost every conceivable material we know of, in order to understand our world and our universe.

Classical physics’ greatest contributor was Isaac Newton, he discovered so many of the laws of physics that it came to be known as Newtonian physics. However, early in the 20th century it was discovered through experimentation that some of these laws of classical physics were not valid when working at a sub-atomic level.

Some experiments that were performed may lead one to believe the world is completely different than what our senses, our “common sense” would tell us. I am one such person. And I would like to share with you some of these experiments and to offer my “theory of everything”.

QUANTUM FLUCTUATIONS– The first experiment led to the discovery of quantum fluctuations. I could not find when the experiment was first done but it is commonly understood among physicists that in any vacuum – which should be completely empty of anything – particles will simply pop into existence. This phenomenon alone is spectacular in that it pushes questions “what is nothingness” and “where does stuff come from?”. These of course are “only” referred to as virtual particles but they are consistently found in this type of experiment.

DOUBLE SLIT– Since the 1800’s the DOUBLE SLIT EXPERIMENT has been a mystery to physicists as well.

Widely debated and often repeated the results of the experiment are always the same – and again our perception of the results don’t match the rules of classical physics. The experiment comprised of a beam of light, that is photons, being projected against a screen through a tiny slit of solid material. Whenever the experiment was being recorded or measured or observed in any way, the photons behaved as electron particles. But, and here’s the odd part, when the experiment was not being observed the photons then behaved as light particles. The result coined the term “wave-particle duality”.

This result is so unusual in that is suggests that consciousness creates or recreates reality. This is where science truly runs into a wall – it cannot reconcile our objective reality to the results of the experiment.

ENTANGLEMENT– And if that isn’t strange enough consider something called particle ENTANGLEMENT.

Now particles themselves have a particular spin, think of a top, expect somewhat more erratic. It is also understood that when two particles are attached to each other they spin the same direction at all times. In this experiment they took two attached particles and separated them – I mean really separated them by thousands of miles. In fact they put one particle on the moon and another in a lab in New York. They saw that if one particle’s spin was changed the other one changed to spin in sync with the first. No one has been able to understand why. The experiment has also been done many times over.

EVEN SOME OF– the lesser known work that cannot be classified as quantum physics have produced extraordinary results. Studies of plants and how they are affected by peoples feelings or respond to their thoughts. This means that plants have a level of consciousness previously not known. One cannot talk about consciousness and plants without mention of Findhorn community in Scotland.

Some of you may be familiar with their work of “tuning” or praying to their plants, which in turn have bloomed in the cloudy and sometimes harsh environment that is found in northern Scotland.

Other works by Dr Emoto of Japan hint that perhaps our consciousness affects the crystal structure of certain materials, namely water. A population of people had influenced water and basically restored the ‘health’ of the water by meditating on it.

Some experimenters vow they have proof that remote viewing is real. That’s when people will be able to perceive distant situations/structures/people from a room in complete isolation from the outside world. And even more bizarre many people swear that they’ve either seen or been abducted by alien life forms.

So what can we make of all this?

GETTING BACK to quantum physics, the discovery of a unifying theory of everything has been the “holy grail” of physicists everywhere since Einstein wrote E=mc squared. Einstein himself, who told us time and space are flexible, tried to roll gravity and electromagnetism into a formula that would explain the physical world. And to this day legions of physicists are at work trying to find this grand unifying theory of everything – and they continue to fail.

So why does that grand unifying theory continue to elude them? Where are they stuck?

A NASA physicist, Dr Thomas Campbell states that they’ve been looking for an objective scientific solution that is outside the realm of objective science.

Let’s takes a fish in the water approach. If you were a fish he said, not only would you not know you’re in water but you wouldn’t know of any other existence than that which is in water. Of course since many fish come to the surface this applies only to bottom feeders…there’s a joke in there somewhere.

But the point is, if we live in an existing reality that is limited by our five senses your awareness of any other reality is not only limited it is non-existent. This is how Classical physics has worked since Rene Descartes discovered the scientific method in the 1600’s. And like fish we do not see that we are only a subset or a part of a greater reality. This begs the question then, what is the greater reality?

ONE RENOWNED PHYSICIST– Eugene Wigner stated, “it will remain remarkable, in what ever way our future concepts may develop, that the very study of the external world led to the scientific conclusion that the content of the consciousness is the ultimate universal reality”.

Albert Einstein expressed a similar idea, “…it is clear that the space of physics is not independent of human thought. It is a function of our (mind). Space as conceived by Newton proved to be an illusion, although for practical purposes a very fruitful illusion”.

So here you have two of the greatest minds concluding that reality is an illusion.

Dr Thomas Campbell has summarized 4 key points that many physicists agree on:

1. Time and space are not continuous. This really is what Einstein taught. He said time can slow down or speed up, that space can shrink or stretch. While this may be totally incomprehensible to us in the “here and now” we must eliminate any idea that life outside this realm and in the realm of pure consciousness has much to do with the constraints of time, or space.

2. Physical reality does not exist by itself and is actually an illusion – a mental construct. More simply put, our minds have created the physical world. And if that is so, then it must be true that our minds continue to create the physical world. This then means a persistent reality does not exist.

3. Consciousness is somehow at the root of reality. This is simply the admission that consciousness came first, physical reality came later.

4. The relationship between physical reality and consciousness is fundamental but unknown.

WELL! It’s one thing to say that we all experience the world through out own filters and our own beliefs and our own assumptions. And yes we share many filters, beliefs and assumptions with many many other people on this planet. But it’s quite another thing to say that our consciousness is what has shaped the physical universe around us. In effect, this would also mean that even alien beings if/when they arrive will have been created by us, as well as crop circles, and psychic abilities and perpetual motion machines. And all of the bad guys that ever existed, they too were all borne of a collective human effort?

BUILDING A DATASET– Yes, says Dr Campbell. He advances the idea that all reality is not only a creation of consciousness but is very much a subjective experience. And that this subjective experience becomes a source of information and data, and that this data content defines our being.

He goes further to say that there is no objective reality, it’s all personal. You make your own reality and integrate that with a supporting structure of shared interactive data. That is, while we create the world all others around also create the world and the ultimate creation of the world is a sum of our collective thought patterns.

NOW UNDER THIS THEORY– A shared reality can be a handicap as well. Let me explain. Many will tell you that you can remake your life by changing your beliefs, assumptions, etc…but part of the reason we find this so difficult is because we are part of an “interconnected web of created reality”.

Remember that we are told that in raising children we have an enormous impact on their psyche. If you tell little Johnnie he cannot ever become a world class musician then our popular belief is the he won’t. We’d often be right. Until little Johnnie experiences the larger world and people tell him otherwise and then he tells himself yes he can become a world class musician.

The same is true for adults. For many reasons we pay attention to the beliefs of those around us and often internalize those beliefs. Therefore, to some extent others’ beliefs impact on us and help to create who we are. That’s why they say to be careful who you hang around with they will influence you.

Language is another classic result of group experience. Language evolves, it gives us a framework on how our society is built, it defines parameters and it enables us to develop a shared and agreed upon reality. Language is necessary but it can also be very limiting because sometimes our words get in the way.

I would further postulate that as our experience expands and our minds evolve, so does the universe.

As we create an idea it is not whole and complete but, as we get closer to it’s manifestation, we begin to see a clearer picture and to create language as a reflection of the idea. This new idea evolves further and becomes filled with details necessary to make it real. The picture comes to reality and all of society, evolves towards that reality.

As Jim Elvidge, author of The Universe Solved states, ‘everything you perceive is under programmed control’. But let’s be clear, there is less actual control than what the statement implies. And it is not all ‘others’ doing the controlling, it is the collective us.

SUBSET– So take your test tubes, your laboratory, your neighborhood, your car, your house, your achievements, your relationships, your body, your nation, take the mountains and the oceans, the entire solar system with all the planets, take the Milky Way and all of the galaxies, the entire universe as we know it, the very fabric of space and time and all of matter and see it ALL as a subset to something even greater than all that. Take it all as a subset to the greater reality…of consciousness. Take it all as a creation of consciousness.

Then if you think about consciousness as the greater reality….why would it not move electrons? Why would it not communicate with plants? How could it under our control not cleanse water? Or create new science? Or create alien life forms?

I BELIEVE our creation of reality is a composite of our shared history of human experience, our present group beliefs of what makes up the world, our awareness of the world through our personal filters and a number of tiny effects whose sum of influences comprise the whole.

The idea that we can impact our physical world through a collective consciousness of course sounds very far-fetched today, but the evidence seems to be gathering that this may in fact be the case. And if so…well our entire civilization will move in a direction no one could possibly could imagine.

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