The Elysium

 TheElysium4PageThe Elysium
by Ernest L. Norman

 “The Elysium“, which means Words of Light is the first work – a beautiful inspirational collection of poetic gems or descriptive parables given in language strongly flavored with Aramaic, just as such parables have been given by the Prophets of old.”



                                THE PATHWAY 

So there is the time of the coming and going;

And the pathways of men are more than the sands of the sea.

So as each man goeth and cometh upon his own pathway,

Findest not the joy of such coming and going;

Nor can he stayeth his feet one fleet moment;

For always doth he looketh back with regret

Or casteth his eye with longing into the future.

Thus, it is so with all men and of all mankind, that seeketh not `

the things of another man’s pathway;

Nor of his joys or sorrows thereon.

Neither shalt thou lookest back with regret on thine own pathway,

` lest thy feet become heavy and carry ye not.



 And so I knoweth not, when my cup of life passeth from my lips

Nor careth not that this is so

For surely do I know for in this wine that cometh from the vineyard

of this world

I knoweth also that within are carried all the things of earthly world

and form and place

So while it is my lips are moist, and sweet is yet,

and heady deep the wine within `

There riseth up within me, yet still a stronger thing.

For only then can I know, that with the passing of this cup

The rising of my selfly spirit “ the man of his which is of God.

Which knoweth not the beat of fleshy heart, but, lasting into

Eternal day, the ` pulsing throb of Mighty God.

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