The Cycle of Creation ~ Part I

cycle of creation main 4 postAdvanced Lesson 4, Part I from The Infinite Concept of Cosmic Creation: Cosmic Cycle of Creation, Presenting Creative Principles Involving the Formation of Universes, Galaxies, Stars, Suns, Atoms and Man.

In the previous lessons we entered into various discussions which presented to you certain general creative principles which involved the formation of universes, galaxies, stars, suns, atoms, etc. Let us now enter into a discussion of creation which is much more pertinent to you in a personal way; for you, like all mankind, have followed this same pathway of creative evolution, which has been only partially comprehended. This evolution has also been mistakenly called reincarnation in certain vague and undetermined Eastern philosophies.

garden-of-edenThere are many stories and versions of the creation of man being currently circulated; some in religious beliefs, others in the more scientific fields of general anthropology. More than 800 million Christians are quite familiar with the Garden of Eden story of creation which is found in the Book of Genesis in the Bible. It is incomprehensible that perhaps several hundred million of these Christians accept this story in its complete literal form. It is evident that this story contains very obvious disparities and contradictions which are quite apparent to anyone who has not been mesmerized by his fanatical religious beliefs. The date of this supposed creation has been definitely “established” by certain well-known historical religious figures, as having taken place 4002 B.C. and one of these church expressionists went so far as to establish the exact week, day and hour.

In complete contradiction to this fantastic and ridiculous supposition, the science of anthropology java_manpoints out various skeletal remains; skulls and bone fragments, etc., which definitely establishes, from their point of view, the evolution or creation of man as starting more than a million years ago. Pithecanthropus erectus, or the Java man, achieved wide notoriety some years ago, as he walked about the jungle floor about 600,000 B.C.; others such as the Zinj skull found in Africa, dates back about one million years B.C.

In the Garden of Eden story, some attempts have been made to justify its very apparent disparities and contradictions. However, this story does not refer to the creation of man but actually refers to the beginning of the Lemurian Age, the serpent snake-sine-wave-4-postsymbolizing the sine wave bringing to the spiritual man and woman born into the more material world, the various transpositions of life which, as we have explained to you, are all carried by these sine wave energies. Your five senses function as carriers or purveyors of these various wave form impulses, such as sight, sound, smell, taste and touch.

How utterly ridiculous then is this Garden of Eden story. Why would some fancied god create a man from mud, then create a woman from a rib of this man; then after they were created as man and woman, become extremely angry at them when they behaved as man and woman. And if he had not wanted them to be fruitful and bear children, then where would he get his 144,000 selected from the countless billions who have swarmed upon the earth? And why w144000-souls-4-postould a god, intelligent enough to create a man from mud and a woman from a rib, be content with 144,000 people, for by comparison to our many large American cities, this god would be much less in stature than any one of the mayors of these cities?

While we are asking questions on these religious beliefs, what happens to the countless millions of “sinners” who have been forgiven by the various Catholic priests and should be, theoretically, just as fit as anyone to live in the supposed heavenly City of Jerusalem. In view of these many apparent contradictions in both the creation and ultimate evolution of mankind, Christianity, like all other religions, becomes a tinseled fabric of lies and suppositions, unfounded and entirely unrealistic.

Science also, in any of its various branches such as anthropology or biological evolution, is quite incomplete. For instance Darwinism, which won such wide acclaim in the beginning of the twentieth century, postulates the theory of evolution as a set of certain factors such as environment, heredity, natural selection, etc., as being the dominant factors of evolution and which presupposes spiral-of-life-4-postall such evolution as taking place on the surface of the earth or the third, material dimension; whereas the truth is, all forms of evolutionary changes seen in the various fauna and flora of this earth are only surface appearances or byproducts of a great and continuous “spiritual” evolutionary metamorphosis which is taking place in the adjacent dimensions.

Like all other plant and animal species, man also does not have a beginning or starting point; such a starting point would relate to the actual beginning. You, like everyone else, started your life and evolution at some different and undetermined point in the vast spiritual cosmogony.

Starting with such comparatively simple energy aggregates as the atom, these began a certain cyclic fourth dimensional evolution, resolving first into a small vortex of energy which re-expressed itself in a common terminating point in the third dimension as a cell, such as might be seen in the common amoeba. These fourth dimensional vortexes, each expressing cell structures, then began toatom-vortex-emf spiritually (4th dimensionally) evolve or to combine with themselves, forming groups of cells. These groups of cells began forming certain plant and animal life as the terminating third dimensional expression. On the fourth dimensional side, these various group vortexes again combined and recombined to form more advanced species of plant and animal life on the third dimensional side, or earth life.

At this point a very definite principle enters into our hypotheses; this principle is called polarization. When any of these plants or animals which were so expressing their earth life as a common terminating point for these fourth dimensional aggregates which we will call the psychic anatomy, they were being subjugated by certain energy waves called harmonics. These harmonic wave forms oscillated into the psychic anatomies and caused certain changes to take place in the wave form grouping of the vortexes. vortex-harmonics-evolution-4-postCertain other fourth dimensional harmonics were thus recreated which oscillated into other nearby unrelated vortexes causing, in turn, another set of harmonic regenerations. This regeneration process created with these various harmonic wave forms, so generated a new and different set of vortexes which were drawn into or firmly attached to the respective psychic anatomies from whence this regeneration sprang.

Thus the psychic anatomy grew or evolved and over periods of thousands of earth years, any plant or animal was able to evolve or change its physical earth life appearance and habits. This is the true pattern of evolution. It is taking place today just as it has always been taking place since the “beginning”, and there is actually no beginning; we are only assuming a certain theoretical point of beginning. This then, is your pattern of evolution from some undetermined point in the infinite cosmogony as a simple vortex of energy where you began to create and recreate yourself in numerous earth life forms.

As you followed this pattern, you drew into your ever-expanding psychic anatomy the various attributes of earth life expressions which were always regenerated by the various environmental conditions, experiences, etc., in these numerous earth life expressions. Thus your psychic anatomy learned how to create and re-create certain earth life physical bodies which could eat, breathe, run, climb, etc., and do all the other countless thousands of things associated with various earth life dispensations.

evolution-of-manFinally your psychic anatomy began to evolve into another and somewhat different position to the infinite cosmogony. These various earth life experiences, while they were being compounded as wave forms in your psychic anatomy, began to regenerate a sort of a second psychic anatomy.

This second psychic anatomy or vortex began to draw into itself various and different intelligence quotients which were being expressed from the center of the vast infinite cosmogony. After a long period of regeneration, this second psychic anatomy grew into the proportions of what we call the Superconscious or the Higher Self. In more advanced personalities this Superconscious is actually an individual facsimile of the entire Infinite Cosmogony.

psychic-anatomy-4--post-2However, in the case of most people, this Superconscious has been only partially developed and has not yet become the dominant or expressive psychic anatomy. It is through this Superconscious psychic anatomy that any person begins to function in an infinite way. This is what Jesus referred to as finding the Kingdom of Heaven within. The Father or Christ was, of course, this Superconscious Self which dwells or lives in the vast Infinite Cosmogony or Kingdom. It is in the knowledge of or the belief in the Superconscious—God or Christ Self—which will gradually enable you to evolve from your earth lives and to begin to live in the Kingdom, for with the greater amount of knowledge of the Superconscious will also come a greater proportion of influence into your daily life and subsequently, a greater degree of perfection, freedom from disease, want and insecurity.

This is the true development of what has been loosely referred to by various religious dispensations as the soul or spirit and the evolution and progressive growth of this psychic anatomy or soul is also the true evolution of every human being and which, incidentally, was taught by Jesus 2000 years ago in the idiom of that time.

In view of this factual scientific evolution, how ridiculous and asinine then do various religious beliefs become. The creation of man from mud and woman from a rib is matched only in asininity to the supposed millennium and resurrection; for here again reason, logic and purpose is defeated and intelligence reverts back to the childlike mind of the savage barbarian. How unintelligent would it be to create a man or woman, and from them countless billions of people, then to destroy most of them because they were actually learning about the Infinite or trying to become godlike through the doorway of experience, trial, effort and retrial.

How utterly fantastic would any such godlike rendition be to kill off all the earth people in a great tidal wave of flame; then somehow, nursing their spiritual effigies through a thousand-year millennium, resurrect them in physically reconstituted bodies, only to again strike them down and destroy them—save only 144,000!

Science also has no answer to the beginning or the end of life as it concerns mankind, individually or collectively. questing-the-truthScience offers no reason for the creation of any visible or tangible object. It does not know how or why the Universe was created; no more than it knows why or how the 30 billion suns or stars and almost countless planetary systems which comprise our galaxy were so created. And while our galaxy represents only one of some 600,000 million such known galaxies in the great Universe, the Universe too, becomes only one small speck in the vast Infinite macrocosm. And with all this vast incalculable display of astronomical configurations, space becomes meaningless.

At its supposed speed of 186,000 miles per second, it would take light 100,000 light years to pass from edge to edge through our galaxy. Tonight astronomers are looking at universes and seeing some of them as they were more than 800 million light years ago. Through their radio-telescopes, they are beginning to probe into the vast unknown space to distances more than 25 billion light years away; and yet they are just beginning.

Yes, and even here is a great contradiction. In his theory of the space-time continuum, Einstein mathematically proved that light could and did accelerate many times the initial earth velocity Einsten-space-time-vortex-around-Earthspeed of 186,000 miles per second. What then becomes of these astronomical calculations based on this known speed? It is also known that this vast space is curved. In fact the curvature has been theoretically measured. Does this space curvature then indicate the truth in our general hypothesis that all fourth dimensional configurations resolve themselves into cyclic motions?

Just as the astronomer has to some extent proved the vast infinity of the macrocosm, so has the nuclear physicist begun to prove the vast invisible microcosm-—the world of the atom; for atoms, too, are just as wondrous as the universe and distances between atomic constituents are just as vast and great in proportion as they are in astronomical configurations. One atom can and does represent space in as great a proportion as does our solar system. While your body is composed of countless billions of these tiny atoms, other free electronic particles, called cosmic rays, pass through your body at the rate of thousands per second; yet you can go from birth to death without one of them actually striking you.

So you see, dear student, your body, your world and your heavens are only tangible to you on the basis of reactive comparisons which you have established in countless millions of earth life experiences, lived in many thousands of earth lives. When you have, as is the common pattern of all men, passed on into the spiritual worlds or fourth dimension in between these earth lives, there you will again begin to take up your previous spiritual life and where you can compare and re-evaluate past-life-influences-4-postearth life experiences and in these comparisons, set up and establish certain well-defined objectives to be attained and realized in your next earth life incarnation. Then when you are again born into the material world, you will find yourself working out these various patterns and objectives to again attain certain polarization with the higher Superconscious Self.

This then is your true evolution; the real reason and purpose is contained in this evolution, for in your countless earth life experiences you are polarizing into your Superconscious Self a definite facsimile of this same configuration of idea, form or consciousness which is a part of the vast Infinite Cosmogony and which the Christian religionist calls God. This is, incidentally, quite different from that personal god configuration called Jehovah who is actually the old Babylonian god Jahweh, perpetuated to the Christian through Father Abraham, who led the children of Israel out of the ancient land of Chaldea more than 2000 years B.C. This same Jehovah was a vindictive, hateful, lustful, emotional, vengeful, murderous god who committed mass murder, adultery, fornication and various other emotional vicissitudes.

How strange indeed that we, his children, could not commit even a small fraction of any of these sinful purposes without being condemned to some fiery hell! Are we then to live a more exemplary life than God? And, if so, why do we have such a God? If we are more perfect than this God and live more perfectly, then what will His Kingdom of Heaven be like?

In these various comparisons, it now becomes quite obvious what was meant in the first lesson where it was suggested that your true evolution should begin by abandoning these various religious beliefs. Political systems too, as they are so concerned with various governmental agencies and functions, are equally dogmatic and rhetorical, yet most necessary to the masses of humanity who religion-politicshave not yet ascended to that dimension of personal introspection wherein they begin to visualize the vast Infinite Cosmogony and the freedom of mind which must be attained before cohesive function can be established with this Infinite. When such function is established with any individual, he automatically becomes very godlike in his personal expressions which are always counterparts of this Infinite.

Throughout these various rhetorical systems, dogmas and creeds found in religion and government as well as such incidental and incumbent social expressions and intercourses which are so currently being expressed, are found the same pedantic and pedagogic restrictions which demand that the individual confine the circumference of his life within the confines of these conformities and curriculums.

It is quite obvious under these conditions that all minds must assume a parrot-like expression of life and that any creative spontaneity was more or less repressed because such expressionists would not jesus teachingdare to go beyond the confines of these generally accepted conformities. Strange indeed that mankind has in posterity eulogized and heroized numerous personalities who have dared go beyond these circumferences, yet in many instances such eulogies and worshipful hero attitudes took place after the individual expressionist had been violently put to death for his cause.

Jesus is worshipped by hundreds of millions, yet He was put to death for the same teachings which are now part of the great Christian eulogy. Joan of Arc was recently canonized and made a saint by the same diocese who burned her at the stake. It might be pointed out that many of the same judges, executioners and people who called out “Crucify Him,” are now “good Christians”, and through the doorway of reincarnation they have come back at this time to preach and worship for His Cause.

However, we must not deviate from the pursuance of a true educational format in these lessons. Historical and philosophical comparisons always add depth to our understanding.

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