Cycle of Creation ~ Part II

cycle-of-creation-main-4-postAdvanced Lesson 4, Part II from The Infinite Concept of Cosmic Creation: Cosmic Cycle of Creation, Presenting Creative Principles Involving the Formation of Universes, Galaxies, Stars, Suns, Atoms and Man.

Continuing in this lesson, the exact configuration and functioning of the psychic anatomy will be described to you.

Since we have presented the more philosophical preamble to evolution, let us now proceed with the actual basic mechanics involved in all evolutionary patterns. Plants, animals, man, planets, solar systems, galaxies, universes and all evolutionary patterns can be more thoroughly understood when we obtain an insight into these principles.Cycle-of-Creation-4-post

Consulting the above diagram, you will see we have drawn a large circle and interwoven into this circle is a spiraling line which follows the complete circumference of the circle. Starting at point 1, let us proceed clockwise around this circle and see what happens. Remember first, however, that this circle represents sort of an algebraic equivalent or a formula and is not the actual element involved but rather, relates to the behavior patterns of various elements. In this respect then, this creative cycle can be actually synthesized into the behavior patterns of all evolutionary forms of animate or inanimate objects which you find about you here or in any other world and at any other future time.

In various texts of UN.AR.I.U.S., frequent reference has been made to the Infinite, which treaching-for-the-stars-4-posthe Christian calls God. This Infinite is the sum and total of everything known to you and all other human beings, and the Infinite is part of all things, not only in the worlds you know about, but far beyond the reach of your imagination. In fact, you will never arrive at the terminating place where you can say that you know all about this Infinite; even though you live a hundred million more lifetimes involving billions of years, you will have only begun to understand this Infinite.

For purposes best served at the present moment however, we must confine our introspection into a comparatively simple equation which is the reason for the spiralling circle in the above diagram. Starting from point 1 at the top, the spiraling line will then represent the sum and total of the Infinite. Within the dimension of this line, we will find, electronically speaking, an exact facsimile of everything contained within the Infinite. This is what Jesus referred to as the Kingdom of Heaven. These various facsimiles are actually forms of consciousness, some of which you are intercepting at the present moment in your daily life.

As this infinite number of forms of consciousness spiral downward in our circle, the various spirals represent various planes or dimensions where some particular group of conscious forms link waveforms for posttogether and create a certain specified circumference of life such as is seen in your daily earth life, which is a certain limited number of these infinite forms manifesting themselves as atomic constituents and their associated reactionary patterns, combined with other dynamically moving energy forms expressed as sight, sound, light, heat, etc.

This then brings us to point A, for here in the circumference of the planet earth, we find that there is a certain defined point of equilibrium established in the form of the so-called mass elements of this world into which is constantly flowing part of the stream of this Infinite. Referring again to a certain principle which we now understand, this is the positive flowing into the negative for a certain length of time. The negative then becomes positive and discharges itself into the next succeeding or lower dimension. This is called a pulse or beat, or a certain frequency, if you like. This flow of positive to negative and the negative, now a positive charge flowing into the next lower succeeding dimension, completes a cycle; the point of equilibrium being always maintained in that exact moment of birth and rebirth, we shall say, of the positive and negative-positive discharge condition.

On the right-hand side of our circle, you will see another diagram shaped like a large loop, an enlarged version of the many loops found on our circle. You will see that the exact joining place of cycle-of-one-lifetime-from-cycle-of-creationthe loop is the point of birth and death, or charge and discharge. You will also see how this Infinite is flowing down into this loop circle, then when it becomes fully charged or completes half of the cycle, it will then complete the other half of the cycle by discharging into the lower dimension.

At this point we must enter into another equation which must be understood before we can complete this concept of creation. This charge-discharge condition we have just described is made possible only when certain conditions are met. These conditions are called polarization. This means that a pathway must be cleared from the lower dimension before the discharge condition can take place. This pathway can be better visualized, so far as human beings are concerned, as the inward knowing (sometimes called faith) of the higher spiritual worlds. In other words, it is sort of a compatible relationship which has been established between two different dimensions by the regeneration of a certain set of harmonics which act as a link between these two different dimensions. Let us now see what happens in the birth-death cycle of a human being.

We shall start in the spiritual world just above the earth plane (A). This is the inner dimension of this human being or the kingdom in which this psychic anatomy always lives. A point of reference to this psychic anatomy must be maintained. As this spiritual world is the sum and total of the Infinite, the psychic anatomy will cCycle-of-Creation-4-post-2onsequently, on the basis of frequency, tune itself into such energy wave forms which comprise this Infinite as are compatible to it. This is done in certain portions of the psychic anatomy we have called the Superconscious.

It is easy to see, therefore, that any individual can live in a spiritual world which is either a hell-hole of misunderstanding, nonconformities of consciousness, etc., or he can be tuned into a very beautiful spiritual world. In either case there is a lack of knowledge or a considerable amount of knowledge. That is why we stress such great importance on learning what this Infinite is.

Now this discarnate entity or psychic anatomy wishes to return to the physical world; it does this because it is only concerned with the memory of other earth lives. It knows little or nothing about the great Infinite spiritual worlds about it and so it enters into the physical world via the womb. Rising upward on our loop in a clockwise fashion, this psychic anatomy grows into childhood and into adulthood. As he progresses physically, this physical progression draws him further and further birth-to-deathaway from the infinite attributes which have entered into this life cycle from the other direction, counterclockwise. So the more this person becomes conscious of the physical worlds, the further away he gets from the spiritual worlds. This is always the way in which the equilibrium is maintained in that oscillating positive to negative process.

As this person progresses along his life cycle, he becomes more conscious of the other more spiritual side of his nature. As this spiritual nature progresses upward it will, figuratively speaking, meet at this junction of life called the middle 40’s. At this point the very strong sexual libido begins to fade. The need for procreation has been met; the physical life and its various appurtenances assume less importance. Now the physical life progresses downward or diminishes while the spiritual side progresses upward and grows.

At the bottom of the cycle the physical anatomy begins to disintegrate; the elements in this body begin to revert, spiritually speaking, upward into the higher inner dimensions. At the highest point man-waking-up-to-spirituality-of-self-4-postof this cycle, this person will now become more spiritually aware than he has ever been before in his life. This creates the conscious desire to live in some higher spiritual world; a desire prompted by the psychic memory of his spiritual life in between worlds, sleep teaching, etc.

With this desire for higher life, there is also the desire to abandon the physical body. This causes the general depreciation of physical consciousness which then assumes a negative position and begins traveling downward into the subastral worlds where these physical conformities of consciousness will gradually evolve downward through many subastral dimensions until they reach the absorption point. Passing that absorption point, they begin to have their negative biases changed. They are being reabsorbed, so to speak; they are being absorbed back into the Infinite. Before they can be completely absorbed, they must pass through many other dimensions wherein these various forms of physical consciousness which may still remain in these energy wave forms are completely eliminated.

This is done by associating them or bringing them in contact with completely opposite configurations of consciousness. If the person who originally possessed and formed these various hellish worldsphysical conscious forms tunes into them, through space and time, he would actually be in “hell”. Therefore, hell can be said to exist for any human being who persists in maintaining consciousness from the negative or physical side which has reversed the life cycle previously described.

In other words, the physical consciousness contained in the psychic anatomy travels downward instead of progressively upward. The more lives he lives clinging to the physical, the more often he is reverted on this downward trail and consequently the more he has to rely on his past lifetimes which have passed on into the cleansing section of the cycle.

Now you can see he is voluntarily tuning himself into these past lifetime forms which by this time contain opposite biases or forms. This poor person’s psychic sees only the nightmarish and ghoulish apparitions and he is actually in hell because nothing adds up. There are no clear pictures, no conformities; everything is completely opposite and different. The understanding of this downward psychic evolution presents other possibilities.

Let us take a specific example of a certain individual who has acquired a great deal of knowledge of Temptation-on-the-Mount-4-postthis psychic evolution. He has progressed upward to a point where he has become the equivalent of a Master such as Jesus. At this point he is tempted to use his power and knowledge selfishly instead of maintaining a constantly expanding relationship with the Infinite in his progressive evolution.

At this point when he succumbs to temptation, he is not consciously aware that he is beginning to contrive his wisdom into various selfish purposes. He therefore reverses his evolution and begins the downward trail. He soon begins to learn of his predicament, but foolishly he also believes he has the power and wisdom to continue on this trail and to completely change all natural evolutionary patterns in respect to his own position. The Temptation on the Mount illustrates how Jesus was tempted; the “devil”, his physical desires.

For a time then, at least, as he continues this downward evolution, he will actually grow or gain bowing-to-priest-4-poststrength in his downward evolutionary purpose. This he does by becoming parasitic or vampirish. From the various subastral worlds in which he now finds himself, he begins to draw to him various individual psychic anatomies with which he has formerly associated. If he was formerly an Egyptian priest, he will draw to him various psychic anatomies of people who have bowed down before him and pledged their allegiance to him. Unfortunately, these poor spiritual entities are still revolving in their life-death cycles as they have done for thousands of years. They have lacked the knowledge and incentive to progress, for in this progression as in all other fourth dimensional concepts, time means nothing. Progression or retrogression is attained and sustained only as a completion of various cycles immediately concerned with the individual.

In this manner, therefore, untold billions of human beings are imprisoned in their psychic patterns, repeating themselves endlessly because they cannot adapt themselves progressively. The subastral lower astral world twoworlds are actually filled with these discarnate entities. Eventually they will be absorbed back into the Infinite if they do not succeed in reversing their downward cycle, for nothing remains stationary. Everything is charging and discharging according to the process we have described.

The old Egyptian priest therefore sustains himself for the time being by using the psychic anatomies of those who formerly subscribed to him. Thus, through frequency relationship he draws them into his own consciousness, using their conformities of consciousness contained in their psychic bodies to supplant the higher spiritual Infinite force which should normally flow into him charging or feeding him positively. This same vampirish subastral condition is used not only by old Egyptian priests but is used by many other kinds of personalities who have passed on in a similar downward evolution. In fact these vampires do not confine their activities in the subastral spiritual worlds. They often reach through and obsess individuals living inWarlord-Genghis-Khan-4-post the flesh through the same frequency relationship. They can even reach through into higher spiritual worlds and drag their unsuspecting victims down into the lower astral worlds. Yes, they even reincarnate into the physical form and live among the earth people.

In history there are very descriptively portrayed classical examples of these vampirish entities such as Hitler, Attila the Hun, Genghis Khan, etc. It is quite safe to say that some direct influence is maintained with any and all individuals who expressed themselves destructively or who have some destructive potentials hidden in the back reaches of their subconscious psychic anatomy. This is the basic concept of obsession, a very real and dominant factor which affects directly or indirectly the life of every human being now living upon this earth.

The same is true of the past and of the future as well as all other human races wherever they may be found; but do not despair at the portrayal of this obsessive principle, for dynamically posed on the ascension-4-postopposite positive side are great superastral worlds wherein advanced personalities live and work for the common cause of human betterment. Through the same principles used by the subastral agencies, these Superastral Beings help humanity in an infinite number of ways. In this help they are always wise and judicious. Uppermost in their minds, they carry the cardinal understanding, principle and purpose of human evolution which is that knowledge and wisdom are attained through personal experience which must always be progressively biased.

We can learn of the Infinite only by experiencing the Infinite. In that way, experience polarizes certain energy wave forms in the psychic anatomy which progressively reconstruct the psychic anatomy into a higher, more spiritually evolved form. Therefore, help should never exceed that point where an individual can, as Jesus put it, “pick up his bed and walk”, for should the individual depend too much upon outside help he will degenerate, lose his initiative and begin the downward trail; then help becomes destructive.

Mindful of all these facts we have disclosed to you, you can now see the imperative necessity for the desire or will to progressively advance; the desire to acquire knowledge and wisdom which will enable you to live in a higher, more fully-developed consciousness; not for selfish purposes but in an ever-expanding realization of the Infinite and your position as a creative entity of this Infinite.

Excerpt from Infinite Concept of Cosmic Creation

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