The Brain Cell And Consciousness

The-Brain-Cell-And-Consciousness-main-2-postJust recently an article came out about a new mapping method of the brain which scientists think will help them discover how the brain creates consciousness.

brain-mapping-2-postThis conventional brain mapping method traces all the branches of a particular neuron by injecting a dye into individual cells, dissecting the brain into several sections, and then tracing the path of the dyed neurons manually. What the neuro-scientists don’t realize is that the brain is only a switchboard and not the seat of consciousness. The seat of consciousness resides in the psychic anatomy or psychic body and this body resides in the immediate adjacent 4th dimension which at this point is not detectable by the five senses or current scientific instrumentation.

The following is how scientifically a brain cell acts as a go-between between the spirit body or psychic anatomy and the physical processes as explained in Cosmic Continuum:

“Let us consider scientifically for a moment just what the brain is and its relationship to human conduct inbrain cells neurons our present-day existence. The brain is composed of some twelve billion small cells; and while it is true that at birth this brain represents an organ which is still comparatively unfunctionable, it, like the intestines and many other parts of the anatomy, has not yet come into its full usage. However this does not, in any sense of the word, mean that in days to come in the life of this infant, such interpolations of consciousness in his daily life will form all of the functionable attributes of his brain.

vacuum tubeLet us consider that each cell of this brain is likened to a radio tube, a vacuum tube or a transistor. In scientific parlance, we find in the case of the vacuum tube, there is a positively charged surface to a negatively charged electrode called the cathode. The emission of electrons or energy wave forms across this vacuum between the cathode and the plate, is further modulated by a third surface called the grid. In certain proportions of negative and positive equations, this grid modulates the constant successive or alternating pattern of wave forms as it stems from the plate and the cathode of the vacuum tube. In this oscillation of wave forms from positive to negative is contained the idiom of this modulation from the grid which passes on into succeeding stages of amplification or emerges in a convergence of sound as it is manipulated in a magnetic structure and a diaphragm in the speaker system.

Therefore, in all degrees, the brain can thus be considered in a pure sense—either as a cell or in a general vacuum-tube-analogy-to-brain-cellconglomeration of cell structures—as merely a series of small transistors or vacuum tubes. The external consciousness is the modulating grid and, through the five senses, this grid structure in turn, modulates the constant oscillation from these various different cells in which these oscillations are basically and potentially supplied from the internal psychic structures of the individual. The positive or plate side of this oscillating process is the Superconsciousness; the negative or the cathode side is the subconscious or the past material dimensions through which the individual has passed.

In this oscillating process between this past subconsciousness and the positive Superconsciousness of the future, the present, in the grid form, constantly modulates this interchange or oscillating pattern of energy wave forms as it is passed between the two elements of this brain cell. More specifically, for instance, the various wave forms which eye-sightare called light, in passing through the lens into the retina of the eye, are thus transposed into suitable frequencies and terminating on the ends of certain nerve structures in conjunction with each brain cell, then modulates this constant oscillating process between past consciousness and future positiveness as it is posed in the Infinite abstractions of the Superconscious Self.

waveform_harmonic_distortion sine waveA short time to digest the full importance of this concept will immediately present many ramifications which can be involved in this process we call life. In this oscillating process from the negative past consciousness to the positive Superconsciousness in the interplay of these cell structures called the brain, and in the proper terminology as they relate to dispensations of frequency relationships, various regenerative factors called harmonic structures—all as energy wave forms—can and do subsequently inflict, in many different ways, certain inharmonious relationships which, in turn, will reappear upon the surface of this individual’s life in numerous different forms such as mental and physical aberrations.

Consequently, psychic shocks in the various forms of catastrophic happenings in the individual’s consciousness can inflict tremendous malformations in the oscillating process in these various cell structures which are relayed through the medium of the hypothalamus (an organ of the brain), which acts as a medium or a cable of transferenceman-drowning-affecting-the-psychic-anatomy into the psychic structures. The rear portion of the brain is relegated to the more automatic functions of the body, such as the beating of the heart, peristalsis of the intestines, etc., while the frontal lobes of the brain are subsequently relegated to the more reactionary dispensations of life which are called reason. In all cases, however, whether we are subdividing the basic functions of these brain cell structures, the principle under which they function is basically the same. It only means we are terminating their point of consciousness into different portions of the inner psychic self.

In other words, the rear portion of the brain will, in turn, terminate so far as its automatic function in relationship to the body is concerned, in more primitive or past lifetimes with the individual when he cerebrum-diagram-4-postwas—through successive lifetimes—orienting himself physically into the way of life in this material world. The frontal lobe structures of the cerebrum, in turn, would terminate into psychic structures which were more basically concerned with the abstractions or derivatives from any particular reactionary elements which were presently superimposing themselves in his consciousness. This too, was a two-way process; while extractions were made on the basis of past derivations from experiences in previous lifetimes, yet there also was a definite co-relationship as to the interpolations of such extractions and derivations into the immediate perspective in the way in which these things were commonly expressed to the outward world.

It can now be seen after some thought, the process of thinking would be quite impossible were it not so brain threeconnected with the interior or the psychic self which supplies all known and unknown ingredients in the individual’s life and which are not from such apparently terminated surfaces of the brain cells as they present themselves in modern psychology or in modern medicine; but that they are only the devices which we have similarized to the transistors or vacuum tubes in our modern electronic equipment.

In laboratories at this moment, scientists are developing certain computerkinds of electronic devices which, as cells, are able to retain a certain intelligence for an indefinite length of time. These cells when compounded with other functional attributes of transitors and associated circuitry form what is commonly called a computer or an electronic device which is capable of performing mathematical or mental feats which are beyond those of the human physical mind.

Therefore it is very easily seen, that to surcharge the surface electrodes of a device known as a capacitor or a condenser, that for an indefinite length of time—depending on the efficiency of the capacitor2dielectric compound which separates these two surfaces—this surcharged surface can therefore retain its potential until it is discharged and remanifests itself in the reverse fashion to that which it was first propagated on the surface of the electrode. This condition is the same which is concurrently existing in the brain cells, for the brain cells present, so far as consciousness is concerned, the surface of one electrode which is attached to the subconscious or the Superconscious part of the psychic self.

This electrode will, in turn, discharge itself into the frontal surface of the conscious self when proper psychic anatomy tworelationships of frequencies are met in the perspectives of the immediate environmental situation. This is an oscillating process; but more important to realize, is the fact that these brain cells in themselves contain, as basic elements of their makeup, certain characteristics which immediately relate them to definite and well defined spectra of energy wave forms as they manifest themselves from the subconscious to the Superconscious Self.

This process can be likened to the various stages of amplification as it is contained either in a radio receiver or an amplifying device, which is necessary to transpose the extremely high rate of oscillating wave forms, called radio frequencies, into demodulated audio frequencies which are heard and determined by the human ear.

radio-transmitter-and-receiverThis is one of the functions of the transistors or the audio-tubes for, in this process of detection or demodulation, the original component—as it was superimposed on a basic wave form as stemming or radiating from a radio broadcasting station—was retained but was transposed downward (so to speak), in frequency relationship, until it became compatible in its frequency expression to the vibrating surface of the human ear.

the nervous system 3The same principle of this audio and radio-frequency device, which we call a radio, is applicable in the same scientific terminology to all known surfaces of the different cells of the brain; it also applies to many of the different nerve centers which are scattered in very strategic or advantageous points throughout the human system. These points, in turn, present to the psychic self a certain relationship on the basis of frequency and, in their interpolations of oscillations from the psychic body, will thus regenerate certain perspectives of interpretation into the physical world.

A sub-audible frequency of ten or fifteen cycles cannot be heard by the human ear but instead, immediately reacts upon such centers as are associated in the vicinity of the heart and known as the solar plexus. The vibrating surfaces of these nerve centers will, in turn, impart this transference of energy in this sub-audible range, into sub-sonic-frequencies-2-postvarious auditory nerve centers of the body and into the brain. The person in this temporary subjugation of an extraneous force with which he is not customarily associated, will, in turn, react and will feel ill.

The same process on the other end of the audio-spectrum is also true. Frequencies of 20 or 30 thousand cycles per second are similarly superimposed into different bone structures of the head and, in particular, around the ear where, as cells, these structures of the bone act as sort of transducers which consequently stimulate nerve endings terminating on brain surfaces with which these cell surfaces of the brain are not customarily (in any sense of the word), used to associating. This disassociation will cause immediate distress to the person, even though he cannot hear the emanating source of this energy which is being superimposed into his brain structures.”

Excerpt from Cosmic Continuum

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