The Anthenium

Anthenium4Page The Anthenium
by Ernest L. Norman

 Could these beautiful parables, some so similar in form and wisdom to those Jesus taught, also be from the same source and intelligence and failed to be recorded in the Bible? The trancendencies experienced while reading this golden book defy description!

                              IMAGE OF GOD

  Thou shalt not knowest of thy God as any man

Nor of the likeness of any man

Nor shall He cometh amongst ye with the name of many upon His lips

But rather He shall come as all things;

As the blades of grass at thy feet,

And thou shalt see His face in every cloud.

 There is His Voice in the song of the birds

And the Radiance of His Love comes in glory of the warming sunshine,

And shall guard thee from the star-filled Heavens while thou sleepest.

 Look ye therefore, in the vessel of thine own life

For surely as thou fillest it with the goodness of thine own life –

thou shalt seest there,

Not the reflection of thine own self –

But the glorious image of God.



 For it may be that you come into the forest

That you will see about you the mightiness of the great oaks,

or the tallness of the pine trees –

Or that you will cast your eye upon the beauty of many

others of those splendid trees which groweth in the forest;

And it may be that as you pass among them your clothing

may be torn with thorns, or that your foot may be tripped

by the roots.

Thus it is that you keep your eye alert and that you wait,

That you will see the shafts of Light which permeate

and which come down from the Heavens above.

 And in the branches of the trees you will

see the nesting of birds;

Among these trees you will see the flowers growing shyly.

So is your pathway in life, that ye may be tripped by the

roots of other’s selfishness

Or ye may be stung by the nettles from lips which have

uttered harsh words

Or that your clothing may be torn by the thorns of unkindness.

 But ever it must be – that we must keep our eye aloft

And gaze into the time and the space where the Radiance of

God’s Love always permeates through the whispering branches.

And in the song of the birds we shall hear the song of the

promise of this Eternal Life,

And in the beauty of the flowers about us will speak the

Word of His Divine Creation-

That there surely shall be none among us who shall become

faint or weary,

So that we may know of other pathways from this place on.

 For the garden of the earth is but one of the many gardens,

And the forests of the earth but one of many forests;

Its mountains are like the mountains of countless other earths

And its sunshine is like the sunshine of other mighty suns

And so thou shalt waiteth not

 Neither shalt thou hasten, but listen only for the Voice.

See only with the Spiritual eye which discerns the Spirit

Then surely will thy footsteps be led always into

that pathway

Where there are no thorns nor nettles, not roots to trip thee

And blessed will be the day of thy Eternity.

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