Tempus Invictus

Tempus_Invictus_N4Page Tempus Invictus
by Ernest L. Norman

“Like the Twin Peaks of Copernicus this book will forever point the way for an aspiring mankind into the Heavenly reaches of the future – the long sought-after immortality achieved as a practical reality of evolution!

Comprised of a collection of timely articles which were delivered over the many years of the Unariun mission, they are most vitally concerned with all aspects of man’s planetary and intergalactic life.

Here you will find as topics the most advanced discoveries in the scientific world – the continuation of Einstein’s mathematical theories. All relative and pertinent phases and aspects of present-day sciences and sociologies brought into sharp contrasts and focus with the interdimensional macrocosm. . . Over one thousand pages of astonishing revelations!

It has been generally noted in any historical biographies concerning such personalities, as they are so classically defined as authors, poets, sculptors, musicians, statesmen, etc., and as they have so contributed to the general posterity of mankind., these expressionists have, during the height of their expressionary careers, created a masterpiece.

It would be indeed difficult to make any analogical comparisons with the expressionary elements as they have been created from out of the total Unariun Concept. Each book, each epistle, paragraph or sentence is, in itself, a masterpiece as it has been so created and compounded from the very essences of Infinite Intelligence!

Many thousands of years ago, in the interests of the half-animal-half-man world-inhabitant, and in the universal scale of evolution, a grand plan of aid and assistance was conceived and entered into to help the denizens of this and other earth-worlds make the first initial steps from animal to man, and from man into a spiritual being – an anthropomorphic transfiguration which can be most properly interpreted in the grand scale of evolution; and as the only logical terminus as answers and conclusions to the proposition of life, it’s creation, etc.

A most proper conclusion to this grand plan of aid and assistance is now being brought about in the UN.AR.I.U.S. mission, wherein certain attainments have and will be realized.

Throughout the years of this mission, the UN.AR.I.U.S. Moderator has, at different times, given a number of epistles or texts which have not been, up until the present time, published in a more formal manner as a bound book.

The great importance of these various texts, however, has been realized whereby they have now been so formally published as bound books to be made available to the general public.

As of today, the UN.AR.I.U.S. books and texts have been placed in circulation in the libraries of great universities and schools throughout the country, as well as public libraries. As these books represent and delineate a much higher intellectual strata, as they are more liberally involved in the proper translations of all social arts and sciences, more scientific aspects of interplanetary – intergalactic and anatomical equations and derivations, they will no doubt be of great interest, aid and assistance throughout the intellectual and scientific segments of humanity.

It could also be fairly stated that within the covers of these books could be found the answers to not only today’s puzzling questions in all sociologies and sciences, but to more ultimate answers in such imponderable questions as space, life on other planets, the infinite macrocosm and microcosm, etc.

Read then, in truth, for as these books were so compounded from out the fabric of Infinity, find then, if you can, if you so will, and as you are so dedicated, the answer to life – and in this answer, your most ultimate destiny!”


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