Tempus Interludium I And II

 inter24PageTempus Interludium I and II
by Ernest L. Norman

The sincere student will find these various dissertations given in response to various news events, equally as important as the lesson course. They run the gamut of great and varied interests, which prove again the truly Infinite Mind of He, whom we call the Moderator. Yet, this is not giving justice to the vast state of Consciousness that this Being is. Learn about the physics of the 4th dimension, the generation system to be built in the on-coming years, the science of spacecraft mechanics, the nature of the inner man predicated on the scientific concepts of logic and reason.

Excerpt from Tempus Interludium I:

“…he (the scientist) has to achieve a whole and complete new dimension of prospective within his mind. He has to tear down this invisible barrier between this hypothesis, at least as far as energy is concerned, into a new set of evaluations in which he can visualize a vortex of energy – something which is complete in itself – we will call it a whole world which is complete in itself. Now he has the picture in the physical form all about him and there really isn’t any reason why he shouldn’t. The earth is such a thing; the earth is a whole entity. Actually, the earth as a physical mass is nonexistent. He is puzzled as to why it came together. He thinks it came together physically but it didn’t come together physically. It was already together and merely made its appearance as a form of transference of energy from one dimension to another in atomic constituents. It was actually, we shall say, materialized into these atomic constituents from these great invisible worlds because of the vortical action which exists in these great invisible worlds. Within the center of this vortex, energy was transformed and retransformed into various different constituents of energy according to these positive and negative impelling forces which we have likened to centripetal and centrifugal forces, so that the end result was a group, a mass or core of atoms which formed the physical world. It didn’t come out of nowhere, like cosmic dust, like he thinks about or like he thinks has happened, because that is very childish. We can’t possibly imagine that a space so filled with such an incalculably fine condition would regenerate such a huge mass inthe solar system, for instance. It isn’t logical; besides, where did the dust come from? Now one way or another, he is going to defeat himself in his hypothesis until he arrives at that conclusion – that all of his physical world, whatever he can see physically, comes from other dimensions. It was, in a sense, materialized in this world or inducted into this world and assumed material dimensional forms simply as the direct result of these various processes in centrifugal and centripetal action within the vortexes themselves, because all of the energy which composes our world actually existed at one time as part of energy configurations in this great vortex. That is a much more logical conclusion than the one he has and in which he is so vague about. The same is true of the sun. Because the sun only represents a positive polarity in this treat vortex, so far as the apex or the interior of this vortex is concerned, the sun is only regenerating because of the intense energy pressures, we shall say, in the processes of integration and re-integration within the core of this vortex. The sun, in turn, manifests and remanifests a certain positive polarity in the third dimension, which means that this great energy pressure within the vortex is being released outwardly into this dimension in the form of energy which the scientist calls heat and light.”

Excerpt from Tempus Interludium II:

“This is the Message in my books – a Message which must become the reality of Creation before any human can live hereafter. First, the earth or material world must be gradually torn down (in consciousness) and replaced by the true science of Creation. The material world is a world of symbology; all things that you do – your thinking and acting – are motivated as a reflex from these symbolic forms. Even your religion is a symbol.

Now symbols are false; that is, as long as there is a symbol there is no need or necessity to think. Thinking, therefore, is not thinking but is a reflex action. You think only when you are able to see the entire creativity, the plan, the evolution, etc., which created all things. Symbology is only a crutch, only a device used by elemental minds until they develop the intellect to a point where they can see the entire creativity in all things. Jesus called this, finding the Kingdom Within.

My works are therefore a logical, scientific approach to thinking, to replace the symbolic world with the whole of Infinite Creation. This will be your “savior”. When you can so begin to conceive, you will be “saved”‘ you will begin to find the Kingdom and eternal life in the finding. The “Father” is part of this. The “Father” is the Creative Principle of life which creates and re-creates forever in all manners and forms, atoms, worlds, universes and heavens, and if wrongly understood and used – will be the hells.

Any person’s fears, insecurities and drives, etc., each is an anxiety to realize more of life and of creation before he leaves this earth in this present life and returns to some spirit world. When you came into this world you had a plan. You said, “When I get back in the physical world, I’ll do better,” etc. Now, you subconsciously know all has not been attained, thus the urgency. It is also insecurity.

When you read my writings (the Unariun liturgies) you will realize much of this is still unattained; you will also be prepared for even greater attainments in future lives lived on this or some other similar world. It is not what we do in a physical way that counts; it’s what we learn that’s important. Learning of Creation is learning to live eternally in a very much more advanced state. Life is actually only consciousness. As we conceive, so we are (what we conceive). We should therefore never place any limitations; never say “it ain’t so”, etc., but rather, try to understand, and as we understand, we grow. Knowledge of the Infinite Creator gives us power over life and death; it gives us mastery over all things in proportion to our knowledge. Through my works, you are gaining this knowledge and which you will later begin to use in reconstructing a new life in a higher world. In this way, then Jesus has returned to you and you have been “saved” by knowledge and usage.”

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