Sweet Are The Flowers

Sweet-Are-The-Flowers-main-4-postSweet are the flowers which bloom upon our
pathway of life . . . rarest of perfumes
of each precious moment
And of these things which are all of our togetherness.

Sweet-Are-The-Flowers-stanza-2Eternity comes and finds us
not bound nor bidden
Its call a challenge which, when answered,
may find us world’s apart ~
Yet ever with these threads of Love,
we will find our way together.

I-Called-To-Thee-stanza-1-1I Called To Thee

I called to Thee unto the night
But only echoes answered back
I called to Thee . . . but now I need
not call to Thee,
Yea, even beyond the end of time.

I-Called-To-Thee-stanza-2And we shall sing our Song of Love ~
a never-ending Song all filled with
joys that know no end ~
A Song that’s sung by choruses of
Angels bright,
Who add their Love and Light to this,
our Love-song sung.

by Ernest L. Norman

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