Stairway To the Stars

Stairway-To-The-Stars-stanza-1-mainHe who walks the path of Truth
must lose himself a thousand times.
For in the losing of his way
does he find within himself
The thing he seeks most earnestly.

Stairway-To-The-Stars-main-statza-2He who dips his pen within the well
of Infinite Light
Will write a blazing path across the sky;
no words, no letters tall or short,
But all the shapes or forms
he’ll write therein;
That means a different thing
to each who reads this line.

Stairway-To-The-Stars-stanza-3So let it be, to all those who aspire
to Immortal Life in a Higher World.
They are first baptized many times
in their own tears of remorse
Their footsteps frequently marked
with the blood of their past iniquities.

Stairway-To-The-Stars-stanza-4For only in self mastery will be found
sufficient strength
To climb that never-ending stairway
into the stars.

by Ernest L. Norman

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