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Self-Mastery-main-4-post“It is truly said that each person is his own worst enemy and this is quite true when we consider, from the personal psychology viewpoint, the great web of fallacious thought patterns that an self-mastery-1-4-postindividual has woven for himself and in the weaving has become thoroughly enmeshed; the more he struggles, the more closely do the coils draw about him.

The “Father” of which Jesus spoke was the Superconscious Self which is within everyone and is the very well-spring of life for that person, just as it is in everyone. We all have the Father within; Jesus also referred to this Father as the Christ-self. It is linked up through frequency vibration just the same as in television or radio, to all of higher spiritual selfthe Infinite Intelligence of the great God Mind. We cannot go within to this Superconsciousness, this Christ or Father and accept or reject what is there and what we need by the standards of our thought patterns in which we have enmeshed ourselves. We cannot put the stamp of personal censorship on everything in God’s Infinite Mind. If we say this is so, or it is not so, if we refuse to give up petty vices and various perversions in which most all of us indulge – either knowingly or unknowingly – then we are not approaching the Father within as little children.

Without these escape mechanisms, thought patterns and various mental and physical perversions which everyone has—only the best of us, those who have schooled themselves to go within and approach the seat of Infinity without the constrictions of these thought patterns—only that person can get what he needs and can be healed.


Learn to first visualize everything as energy, whether it is the vibrant light energies which make things visible about you or whether it is the so-called static energies which form the tiny solar seeing ourselves as energy 2systems, called atoms, in your body.

You must learn that either personally or universally to you, as everyone, life is a continual regenerative process of energy transferences. When you have mastered this concept and all of the ramifications which it contains, then you will be wiser than the wisest man on earth.

More than that, it will give you the answers to all problems, including self. It will dissipate the false ego structures of self which you have erected around you and instead, replace them with a conscious realization of the universality of man to man, nation to nation, world to world and to the Infinite Cosmos.

Within the concept of energy, there is contained all the values, all the ways and means to the process of life called evolution or reincarnation, not only for yourself but for everyone.

There are many other wonderful concepts contained in these lessons of self-mastery. To obtain true self-mastery does not mean that we purposely use our willpower to squelch all of the emotional content of our natures, nor should we be like the yogi who book-of-life-with-mastercompletely retires within himself and out of the world but instead, replace the strong undirected content of our lives with a constructive and a directive consciousness which links us with the higher self.

Yes, we could go on for many hours and enumerate dozens more of these wonderful concepts; concepts not viewed from a personal angle but an actual bibliography of ageless wisdom which comes directly through various channels from the Infinite Mind; time honored concepts traditionally handed down from one Avatar to another; truths which have elevated man from the status of beasts and have erected empires and have brought man his greatest blessings, given him the warmth and comfort of every secure faith which he now knows.

As Jesus said, “By their fruits ye shall know them”, and by this Hespiritual pathway referred to many things, but basically, to the type of philosophy of life of any one particular individual.

If that philosophy bears only thorns of indiscretions, pain, suffering, personal recriminations, false ideologies, then indeed should that philosophy be changed for one which bears wonderful fruits of wisdom, fulfillment and attainments.

He will not reap the whirlwinds which are created by indiscrete perversions, sinful lusts, self pity and many other false concepts. His life will be full and fruitful, his pathway strewn with flowers, the air fragrant with perfume and every need will be fulfilled from the table of infinite supply within the house of the inner self.”

Excerpt from Infinite Concept of Cosmic Creation

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