Quantum Solar Mechanics

Quantum-Mechanics-main-2-post“In our previous discussions we approached that vital and all-important subject relative to the interdimensional cosmos termed by Einstein as the fourth, fifth, sixth, etc., fourth dimensional plasmadimensions. We have discussed some extremely important factors relevant to the structures, transmission of energy, etc. In general, scientists of today, astrophysicists, etc., recognize that space does contain plasma (sometimes called ether), a revival of a theory that existed some seventy-five or a hundred years ago. However, now, just as it was then, no information or understanding of this space plasma is currently available. Limitations imposed by explorations in the vicinity of the interdimensional cosmos are most necessarily existent. The rhetorical minds of the third dimensional scientists, lack of proper instrumentation as well as other elements such as the requisites of preconditioning in higher worlds, etc., are most necessary before sufficient curiosity and desire is aroused which would stimulate explorations into this fourth dimensional cosmos.

In certain chapters of the “Tempus Procedium” and “Tempus Invictus” books, this space plasma was discussed to some cycles-of-energy-4-postextent and in the two preceding articles, more extensive discussion was entered into. However, the subject matter is most necessarily extremely complex and deserves considerably more attention before some comprehension may be expected to be attained. We have found that space plasma, as it is loosely termed by the Earth scientist, is actually a composite form of innumerable cycles of energy, all revolving endlessly around within themselves. We also discovered that these cycles, in the vernacular of this third dimension, could be considered to be small or large on the basis of their basic frequencies which they were oscillating. However, each cycle is most necessarily complex. It does, to a certain extent and in a certain way, according to the frequency oscillations within the compound matrix, reflect the entire fourth dimensional cosmos.This it does on the basis of attunements, or similarities with different frequencies, harmonicatom-emf-and-vortex-4-post patterns, and a certain particular way in which the net sum and total of these frequencies and harmonic regenerations phase or peak, so to speak; a condition which can be called a synchronous isochronism.

This generation of a complex synchronous beat of isochronisms is most important to understand because it is within this constant repetitious cyclic phase-beat that we find very important regenerations which, when harmonically attuned to other similar isochronisms generated in other cyclic wave forms, project or link up and form those most important structures I have referred to as the electromagnetic lines of force. Considering space as we see it third dimensionally throughout our solar system and the galaxy, there is a considerable amount of inductive transmission going on all the time. This gives rise to the appearances of numerous hydrogen atoms and the beat-frequency oscillation refers to, of course, particular fourth dimensional densities which, when also linked up, give that centrifuge pattern which results in a certain compression into the nucleus form which can be a hydrogen atom. The proposition of beat frequencies, isochronisms and the general regenerative harmonic structures in cyclic patterns throughout the cosmic universe is also responsible for transmissions of energy from such solar bodies as suns or other stars which have been named and cataloged throughout our galaxy.

EMF-vortex of sun atom universeAll stars and suns have this particular similarity. They are the nucleus of a cosmic centrifuge; some exist in the third dimensional sense as being much larger than our own sun; or that they are comparatively newer or that they are older. They radiate frequencies differently however, according to how the net sum and total of the interdimensional centrifuge is compressing energy into them.

galaxyNow one of the facilities of this interdimensional centrifuge as it concerns the nucleus is in the in-between fourth and third dimensional stage where there occurs this regeneration of isochronisms in cyclic forms which gives rise to numerous lines of electromagnetic force. If these lines could be visualized with the eye, you would see the sun radiating a tremendous field of energy in a curved or radial pattern, just similar in configuration to the familiar form of the galaxy and the universe itself — the old pin-wheel formation. Lines of force as they are determined in their radiations from the sun follow these same curved patterns. This is so because the sun, as we see it in its existence and radiating energies into our third dimension, can be considered to be only one polarity and that there is in existence within the cosmic centrifuge and at a great distance we might say, in terms of frequency, a second sun — an unseen sun — which forms the negative polarity and that, similar in formation to the common and familiar horseshoe magnet, these electromagnetic lines are stemming out radially and in a pinwheel-shaped pattern from our positive, visible sun to this negative, invisible polarity-sun.

The same situation is quite similar with all of themagnets-lines-of-force planets within our solar system; that they also have a secondary counterpart or polarity within the fourth dimensional cosmos to which they radiate these radial lines of force. Again the same familiar pattern that we can see by placing a piece of paper on a horseshoe magnet and a pinch of iron filings, when the paper is tapped the particles of iron assume that radial pattern which is so familiar to us.

Now we can also carry this same concept into every one of the star bodies within our galaxy or our universe, and they also have a similar parallel-universespolarity — call it negative or positive, whichever you prefer — to which they oscillate interdimensionally. And we carry this same facsimile of concept on down to the hydrogen atom; that also from every visible atom as it is compounded into molecules and our familiar everyday substances, there also beats with the atom in this structure, an interdimensional atom which can be considered to be its other polarity. This is the true concept and meaning of the parallel universe; and we find these same structural conditions existing throughout infinity to whatever plane we wish to turn our introspection. As I sine waveonce stated, we must always have two polarities within any oscillating condition wherein we have a phase reversal. This is a universal concept of creation and carries the idea or information “consciousness” of wave forms to one extreme and then to another extreme — a condition of 360 degrees phase reversal. In our third dimension, this phase reversal is separated into 180 degrees and results in our familiar sine wave equation which is so universally found throughout our modern-day world; a sine wave which powers all motors and makes possible the lighting and heating of homes, turning the wheels of factories; yes, even powering the most important and necessary functions in our jet aircraft; and to whatever and wherever we turn our attention we will see the familiar sine wave at work.

explanation of resistanceSometimes the sine wave is purposely degenerated into one-half a phase or a 90 degree phase which is called direct current simply because it does not manifest a second polarity. However, any metallic substance such as a wire, will present great and tremendous resistance to this direct current wave form, and again, this is a common condition in the transmission of electrical energy over a wire as we do in interdimensional space; that is, the molecules and atoms which comprise the copper or other metallic conductor must conduct energy in exactly the same way that the plasma or the many oscillating cycles which comprise this plasma are oscillating in that interdimensional space between us and the sun. The principle here is exactly the same.

In its energizing capacities, the sun is radiating the energy into the third dimension and, as I stated before, there are certain zones wherein differences in wave form structures are manifested; that this general transmission is taking place in many different ways simultaneously. Some of these transmissions most vitally concerned are the earth worlds and in the electromagnetic fields which the sun has energized. As the Earth represents a certain polarity in this cosmic hysteresis, then it is coupled in this frequency interplay with the sun, and to a degree, the sun being a superior polarity or a stronger source of energy does, to a certain extent, energize such secondary polarities as are the different planets which evolve around it.

Here again we find another very important function always taking place; that is, the orbits of the planets themselves and how rigidly they are held in these orbits — not necessarily interchange of-emf-sun-planetsfrom any such physical laws as we might find in activation when a satellite encircles the Earth, wherein centrifugal force generated by the speed of the satellite exactly matches that of the gravitational pull so that the the satellite can circle for a long period of time in what is called free space without meeting any of the resistive factors which would ordinarily slow it down, such as friction with the air, etc. However, with the planets which encircle the sun it is the electromagnetic lines which hold these planets into their respective oscillating positions — electromagnetic lines of their own particular polarities which are concerned with the fourth dimension as well as the polarity — positive and negative — of the sun itself. The whole interdimensional oscillating structure is extremely complex and it will take a considerable amount of constant introspection before a sufficient amount of comprehension can be obtained as to this oscillating condition.

Now you no doubt have heard and seen, especially in the eclipses, some information on the chromosphere of the sun. The chromosphere is that particular envelope which radiates, or at least apparently seems to radiate, tremendous energies and certain solar prominences can be seen to be erupting a hundred thousand miles or so into space. This tremendous energy radiating so freely as it does is called atomsun chromosphereic fission or that it is being burned in an atomic furnace. Of course this situation is not quite true. The scientist of today does not know that the sun has energy “pouring” into it from the interdimensional cosmos. He also does not know the true factors concerning the conversion of energy into respective atoms such as the hydrogen atom which is said to be the fuel being burned by the sun, and its conversion into a double configuration in its atomic form of helium. Also noted is, in a spectroscopic examination, that the sun contains 66 of the elements of the Earth. This would of course be a contradiction. We know that such elements as uranium, lead, radium, etc., aside from being to a certain extent radioactive, as radium in its completely degenerated state becomes lead. Uranium can also be made into such isotopes as are called plutonium, U-2-3-5 Americanium, and other artificial isotopes which have been manufactured in certain processes in our Earth laboratories.

Promethium element 4Quite recently, in an article carried in the Los Angeles Times, scientists have found that a certain rare element hardly ever found on the Earth has been found in one of the great stars in our nearby galaxy of Andromeda. This rare element and the way in which it was found on the surface of this sun by means of a spectroscopic examination entirely defeats former concepts held by astronomers and astrophysicists as to the nature of the elements which are found in the sun and in their respective positions. This particular element was discovered by a scientist at the University of Michigan; his name is Dr. Charles Cowley who, together with Dr. Margo Friedel Aller, made this finding. The element which they found was promethium. Finding it on the surface of this star in Andromeda has certain very important connotations. Formerly itsun-EMF-dual-torus-4-post was believed that all chemical changes occurred deep within the structure of the sun or the star; however, the finding of promethium on the surface of this star invalidates this concept; and so once again the astronomers are at loose ends, so to speak, in their newest discovery.

In other words then, they say there is no other explanation other than the fact that suns are constantly changing their chemical composition as they age. Here again is the assertion of certain facts relative to cyclic transmissions, that age, while it is a third dimensional factor relative to the transmission of time, it again becomes one of those cyclic transmissions or phase-beats which we find in the interdimensional cosmos. In other words, the sun or star as a nucleus, begins and ends its total lifespan as a simple beat frequency wherein there is a total manifestation of a certain number of isochronisms which have been regenerated from a vast centrifuge in the interdimensional cosmos. The sun or nucleus itself is only a manifestation, we shall say; the total regeneration of the sun from its beginning to its end is the total consummation of this phase frequency or beat frequency which was generated in that cosmic centrifuge.

suns coreLikewise, all such elements as are found in the sun are not necessarily found in any particular layers or within certain portions of the sun. Structurally speaking, if we could slice a sun in half, we would find, rather than layers, densities of frequencies – the way in which such frequencies beat harmonically, the regeneration of cyclic forms, etc., rather than would we find such solid masses as might be relative to rocks which form mountains, etc., in our familiar earth-world planetary configurations. So once again we have discovered some very important facts about the interdimensional cosmos; the way in which the tremendous energy is regenerated into many different planes or into many other different dimensions – referring once again to our familiar quotation of the “Many Mansions” or dwelling places.

Sometime in the future I hope to get into even more abstract configurations where we shall explore even further into the interdimensional cosmos; and we shall begin to unite not only galaxies and universes but also discover hinfinite universe 4 postow universes themselves become only mere microscopic specks in a more total infinity. And could I find words and could there be sufficient comprehension with these words, there is no doubt in my mind that such explorations could be continued indefinitely, for this is indeed the proposition of infinity, its consistency and its mechanics. It must be at least to some degree, made relative and viable to your own position in the scale of evolution as it concerns your progress or lack of progress or even retrogression in the total cyclic transmissions which you will manifest in your future life cycle.

energy bodyUnderstanding and comprehension even to a small degree of interdimensional mechanics will give you a tremendous advantage to survive; whereas, without such familiarity, you would indeed be forced to revert back into an earth-world condition or even a subastral condition and a constant series of retrogressive actions would subsequently destroy any conformity of consciousness which might have been developed within your psychic anatomy.

Remember that your physical body, like the sun, is only a third dimensional appearance of a tremendous regeneration of wave forms within that energy body which I have called the psychic anatomy. That psychic anatomy also exists and is part of the general fundamental continuity which is expressed throughout the interdimensional cosmos. Any minuses on your part could eventually be fatal; that is the purpose of UN.AR.I.U.S.. How far I can go in our introspection depends to some degree upon your capacity to be able to understand and to formulate within your own mind certain configurations relative to these mechanics.

I do not promise and I do not recommend any system, any religion which must gain its devotees and its advocates from such false promises as intercession, living in immortality in some man reaching toward starsfancied City of Jerusalem, etc., or in some form of Utopia. The aboriginal mind from such past epochs of time as have been seen on this Earth has always been attracted to such ideas. In a totally scientific world such ideosophies are totally invalid and are intolerable.

The Creative Intelligence which comprises Infinity could not and would not exist on an emotional basis predicated upon such beliefs as might be found in religious institutions or that certain religious institutions had better access to the mind of this religious effigy as it might consist of the “Supreme Being”, Jehovah, etc. Such a religion, in whatever form or by whatever name it is called, is extremely primitive and infantile and cannot be tolerated in the face of a pure and valid science.

So within the dimension of these articles which I have dictated for you, you will find some comprehension as to this scientific, interdimensional cosmos. As to its source or its beginning – there is none. Neither is there any ending. You, as a human being, have constantly been associated throughout your evolutionary cycle with such relevant terminology and spirituality-soulic-evolutionother factors which concern your third dimensional world. Time and space is of the utmost importance in this world because it is the beginnings of your putting together, so to speak, the various factors of your life, the combination of certain elements, the fabrications of certain societies and your concourse with your fellow human beings. All of these factors go to make up your third dimensional world, and time is of the utmost essence, for time is always relative and synonymous to space. However, in the quantum mechanics of the interdimensional cosmos, you must in the future in your evolutionary cycle, develop your intellect to a point where it can incorporate your world in an entirely different manner and way – without time and space but rather, through the cyclic transmissions and all subsequent regenerations which are attendant thereof. And I do hope that you will be successful in your endeavors.”

Excerpt from Infinite Concept of Cosmic Creation

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