Q & A On Atomic Warfare With The Moderator

Atomic-Warfare-main-4-postQ – Would these Higher Intelligences let us get into an atomic war and destroy everything here?

A – There is something which we call our own birthright, if we may put it that way, based upon our own threshold of perception; for instance, we come into these worlds for the benefit of our experience; it is our birthright to go through them. When anyone gets along the path sufficiently far so that he is trying to be directive or helpful to mankind, he never goes beyond the point where he forces anyone to do anything. He can reflect these intelligences or higher wisdom or answers to their questions into their subconscious.

Q – We know there are many who want strife and wars, but people as a whole are praying for peace, etc., and in that case wouldn’t they come under these guidances whereby wars of such a nature could be averted?

A – To a certain extent it could be true, but there is a very definite point of equilibrium in what we call positive forces; we say, well the Infinite has created the earth for the purpose of having faith in man and He will not let the earth be destroyed simply because God is man and man in turn interprets God in that way, so He won’t let the earth be destroyed. Whether we call it God, the Infinite, or call it man, we come into the final analysis that we are our own dictator, our own judge, our own jury, and our own executioner.

Q – Do not these H bombs, etc., that they are shooting off affect other planets and act as a boomerang to this earth as well or even without an atomic war do great damage?

A – Indeed they have very definite repercussions in the astral worlds which the scientists know nothing about. As far as the Infinite not letting the earth be destroyed, whether he is a Russian or an American, it makes no difference. Russians are just as fearful of an atomic war as we are because back in their subconscious or Superconscious, there is that dominating force we call the Infinite (God). So in the final analysis, it is the man who determines these things, whether it is the God force that created the man or that which is working through the man. He doesn’t want to be destroyed one way or the other because that is against the intelligent continuity of life.

Q – Aren’t these floods, storms, etc., that are so prevalent today due to these testings?

A – There is no basis upon which we can prove that the weather conditions have been caused from the atomic explosions; basically saying, differences that we have today are purely a matter of conjecture. If we are looking at the transposition of the earth through a certain cycle or period of time, it will be affected by a certain flux of forces from outside dimensions and we will suffer according to the weather or meteorological disturbances, etc. As it says in the Bible, “the Last Days” merely means that the earth has come to a point along the line where we change the cycle; we are going into the Aquarian Age. That means we have intersected certain great lines in our little flight through space with the sun or in our recessional cycle. I will go into these things further next week and explain them very factually to you.

We have the cycle of 25,862 years called the cycle of the recessional, the same principle that runs the motor in your vacuum sweeper, that changes and makes the storms and floods, various hot and cold periods, etc., because they are all products of inverse or adverse relationship with the magnetic fluxes with which the earth is surrounded and in which it revolves. Of course, the atomic bombs affect these things to a certain extent. But they are not nearly so deadly or bad as we are concerned with or as some people would like to believe.

We say that a guilt complex is the father of all negation, or the father of a great many human ailments, because when we have these little unadjusted differences in our life of psychology–and we will go into that in greater lengths later—we instinctively know inside that we are unadjusted in some way. This may be guilt complexes from sex relationships between our parents back when we were children—anything could have come into our life at that period of time and they grew until we had a big neurosis which became a guilt complex. So what do we do—we go about and continuously try to turn ourselves away from that and feel superior by looking for various sins, iniquities and evils in the world about us. It is a very well-known diversion principle.

Student – No, I did not say anything about guilt complexes; you brought this up, but I was thinking about that! Did you get that from my mind?

Teacher – Yes, we can very often answer your questions before you say them, and we know from where they are motivated because these people we are dealing with and who help in bringing in these lessons are very wise people and can read your mind very easily. Yes, there are many things in this outside world over which we have no control but which give us pressures just the same. These pressures are always running around and trying to divert our attention by pointing out or building up our ego, etc. And out of that particular classification come many warmongers or crepehangers—the hysterical element of the world that is always going about prophesying the doom of man; we must be very careful about those things because when a person goes about predicting the doom of the world, etc., he has a big question that needs answering.

Student – I noticed other times too–the things about which I was thinking you have answered without my voicing them.

Teacher – Yes. You see we should not be too concerned as to whether this world lives or not; it is just one tiny little speck of cosmic dust. There are literally millions of worlds you can go to when you leave here; so don’t be too concerned about this world.

It is only natural to be that way; and as Freud tried to deny that we have what is called an instinct; we have an instinct of self preservation that is very strong, an instinct of sex; those things are born into us as necessary adjutants for us to function with in a certain material level. Sometimes that little instinct to survive really gets to the point where it isn’t reasonable any more. It isn’t reasonable in the light of the fact that we came here before from some other place; we’re products of evolution and reincarnation.

Q – Don’t you think that on account of the great indifferences with all of humanity the warmongers have their way so much, that the masses have to have certain experiences to wake them up?

A – That is quite true; and it all goes into this general threshold of perception and what our purpose is in working out experiences in this world. Of course we here are not in the general relationship of what we call the profane world on the outside, because that profane world is built entirely upon the reactionary principles of life-—dog eat dog-—and it’s been that way and shall continue to remain so until they get to that point in life where you folks are. You are realizing that there are certain spiritual elements which are much more worthwhile and much more worthy of living for.

One of the big things we have and grew up with (and this goes for dictators like Hitler) is the lack of a sense of security; it is strictly a psychological or psychosomatic equation which not only stems from this life but stems from many previous lifetimes. There are very negative vortexes in the structure of the psychic body of such an individual; in that sense the negativity, the frustration and insecurity causes that person to make those contacts and do things he normally would not do, to justify his feelings of insecurity.

So, dear ones, Peace unto you all—until next week.

Excerpt from Infinite Concept of Cosmic Creation

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