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Astral-Influences-Dimensional-Planes-main-4-postQ – What is meant by dark forces?

A – Dark forces are those who lack a sense of direction or proper sense of directive relationship. In other words, they are selfish.

Q – Isn’t it easy to be under their influence instead of under the higher spiritual forces?

A – Yes, it is something like learning to ride a bicycle. We can tell you to maintain a positive attitude continually in all expressions. When you see the Infinite flowing into you and your thoughts or concepts, and when you will realize that everything about you is whispering that little secret of creation, that little secret of infinity, then you will gradually acquire the higher consciousness or attunement with the higher Spiritual forces and the dark forces cannot so easily influence you.

Q – Is it true that some of the lower astral forces portray themselves as being higher than they actually are, thus trying to influence us?

A – Yes, this is true; but people who are sincerely seeking, do arrive at a certain point of discrimination and need not fear because that Superconsciousness, the Still Small Voice, is the determinant which will determine that which enters our consciousness. Those of you who are along the path of evolution (a little farther than the average materialist), who lived on higher planes in between incarnations and have set up certain contacts, certain affiliations with certain organizations of more highly developed souls, you automatically know the light from dark powers, and the Enlightened Ones help to guide you and help to moderate your actions to a certain degree. Of course it is all according to how you can conceive of these things and how much you let yourself be guided and directed. As I say, I never get into trouble until I go against that “Inner Voice”.

Q – Is it always other intelligences who guide? Is it not your own Christ within? Do we need outside guidance?

A – Indeed, this Christ consciousness is our goal. That is right, but we very often do need help. Down here in this little old terrestrial planet, we very often need guidance until we have reached the place where we can function from the Superconscious at all times. When we reach that point the Yogi calls “Nirvana” we no longer need to reincarnate into this karmic world. We could not live five minutes unless we have this inflow of the Infinite energy through the hypothalamus from the higher dimensions. That energy supports every atom in your body, supports your intelligence, and supports many other things in your life today of which the scientist does not yet know.

Q – Is that the third eye?

A – The hypothalamus, which works closely with the pituitary, is at the base of the brain. You have the pineal out in the front center. It is the so-called third eye. Some ancient fish are supposed to have it; bats and many other insects also have this strong directive force of the pineal gland. But the pituitary, or hypothalamus, links the voluntary with the involuntary actions of the coordinated system of your body. You could not consciously cause your heart to fluctuate or cause it to stop; but if you have a sudden impact of fear, your heart will fluctuate due to the fact that you have generated so much dynamic energy in your brain cells through the impact of fear in the natural, normal processes of relationship, that some of it spills over. It is regenerated into other frequency spectrums which are connected into the hypothalamus, which causes your heart to palpitate.

Q – Where do the adrenals come in?

A – They are all part of that particular force. Now the adrenals and various other ductless glands of the system function much the same as does your hypothalamus, in other worlds and in other dimensions. They are related to your higher self and are stimulated from internal psychic forces of which the present-day doctor knows nothing. This lack of knowledge is the reason for the inability to heal disease. The doctors just do not know the answers to these things. The adrenals and the various other glands are connected just as are the atoms with the isotopes into higher dimensions and they function from the higher dimensions. The psychic body is in a higher dimension. When scientists get this secret of the psychic body, they will be able to cure all the malformations which are now called incurable. The diseases will disappear like magic.

Q – Will you tell me why at times I hear voices?

A – It merely means that you have some spiritual forces around you who have learned the little secrets of transposing their mind energies. The Enlightened Ones do not use vocal cords in the higher realms of life; instead they use conscious mind telepathy. You must know what the ear is like to understand how these voices can be produced. They are not produced in the ear as it may seem, but produced in certain auditory nerves and impulses which come from another dimension. You could, no doubt, develop this ability to hear voices until you would hear these whisperings night and day and you would get to depend on them, and they would have the needle in your arm all the time. It is a phase through which some clairvoyants pass, but sooner or later we do with them just as we do in this outside world; we do not open the door and make our home a subway station. In like manner we do not make our minds a gathering place for every dislocated entity in God’s entire astral universe. We need to discriminate as we do here in the terrestrial plane. These things that you hear could be a loved one who has changed worlds; I could change frequencies and tell you it was your mother or grandmother, or it could be thought-form bodies. There is a very definite and rather abstract process of how people create these voices through a want or longing, through a lack of sense of security, or through the loss of a loved one. We can actually create these things for ourselves and they whisper to us, so to speak.

This sensitiveness should be developed in a higher degree, for when you arrive at this point, your entire psychic structure is now revolving in a dimension which is much higher than it was a few thousand years ago. You get closer and closer to where you attain the true abstract; where all the minds in the whole Infinite Universe can attune to you. It will not be a mere few “voices”. If you do continue to recognize these voices, be certain that you do it with careful discrimination. Test the spirits; when you hear the Higher Intellects, they will not come to you as whispering voices. They will come as definite impressions, as pictures, as realizations. They will have personalities of Light, of Radiance and Beauty and Love.

Q – You speak of Masters and Teachers on Shamballa; are they all Masters who have ascended from this planet or do they come from other worlds as well?

A – Let us picture, say 100,000 planets like this earth, in more or less terrestrial conditions of vibrations and expressions, and then let us visualize hundreds of trillions of people revolving around in different karmic states of reincarnation. We can say the sum and total of a certain number of minds have evolved to Shamballa. Shamballa (UN.AR.I.U.S.) is seven teaching centers. There are many great or Perfected Minds in Shamballa who once lived on the earth, and many who have arrived through the progress of evolution from other terrestrial and astral planets. They maintain polarity and contact with this and other terrestrial planets through individuals like myself. They are also working with some of the higher astral worlds between here and Shamballa. We find our own proper relationship, our niche; we learn, and we teach. We shall go into these descriptions further on, taking one step at a time. We are interested tonight primarily in energy and mass. Later on, you will be given instruction pertaining to the Masters, the Lords, and the Logi, and the different factors of integration. Are there any other questions regarding energy now, as the Brothers feel as though we have gone about as far as the physical body should go for tonight.

Q – When all the planets and suns were created, how did they know the plan?

A – You are asking in one short breath, the entire secret of the Most Infinite Mind of Infinity. As we say, we must take these steps one at a time. You will never be able to conceive all these things until you first learn the basic principles of energy and mass as we have been trying to give them this evening. When you understand that this little world around you is merely a revolving conglomerate mass of energy expressing itself intelligently in all forms and all ways around you, then you can begin to arrive at what the Infinite actually is; It is you, every one of us here and everywhere else, the walls of this room and every other thing imaginable.

Q – You mean other planets consist of the same thing?

A – All are vibrating in different planes of relationship. We can roughly divide them into different spectra; there is the terrestrial or material such as the earth, the astral planets, revolving somewhat in a higher frequency, such as Venus; the superastral worlds, the causal worlds, and the Celestial worlds. We can then go on and on and on into higher and higher dimensions because all of these worlds revolve into these different dimensions or vortexes of expression.

Q – How many dimensions are there?

A – That would be like trying to count the atoms in the Universes. There is no limit, no ending to anything. Even the Higher Minds of Shamballa tell us they can look out and see no limit, nor will we ever be in a position where we will ever see the end of it.

Q – Are we on the lowest?

A – Yes, we are on one of the lowest. The physical planets are always comparatively low, because there we find energy expressing itself into atomic structures. You must bear in mind, too, that there are various densities of atomic structures.

There is a little star out here called Sirius, which is so dense that one cubic inch would weigh 20,000 tons, according to our gravitational pull. This huge sun is hundreds of times larger than our own and is three or four hundred times as ‘hot’ and would likely be uninhabited. At present, of course the astronomer and scientist are confused as to what heat is. They have not yet arrived at this point where they can say that energy is in resistance to a certain known mathematical formula and that is all heat is. Heat does not really exist.

Q – Is that one of the planets you have not yet visited?

A – There are a great many I have not yet visited but, believe me, I’m not going to stop there.

Q – Is there a vibration which affects, or is the infrared ray effective?

A – In order to understand energy as we have been endeavoring, these points will need to be repeated and gone into many times, for these truths are very advanced and normally it takes one many months or years or even lifetimes to actually conceive these things. That of which you are speaking is called spectrums.

Q – What about the so-called Hades, subastral worlds or hell?

A – You are getting into perception or conception here. If you were suddenly transported down into the middle of the Jungles of Africa and you didn’t know a thing about it, you would be in comparatively the same position of that in which many people are when they leave this world. They know nothing about where they are going, and haven’t bothered to find out. They merely are not equipped and have no knowledge of it. They could be right in the heart of a beautiful planet and would not know it because they do not have the eyes to see or ears to hear (spiritually speaking), or fingers to feel, because it is concept only. We must stress this point so very, very emphatically because your own position in life is determined by, and is the product of, concept. Whatever the reincarnation or cycle happens to be is purely a product of concept. Life is nothing else but concept, for there are no limits in the great Infinite Mind.

Q – In other words, it is all mind?

A – Indeed, in other words, it is all mind. The result resolves you right down into how much integration you have with the Infinite. The higher you get, the more integration you achieve. The more abstract you become in your concept, the more you see and acquire. So you begin to see, hear, feel, act, and breathe through every “pore” in your being. You don’t have a physical body then and need not return to the earth under normal conditions or circumstances; unless by choice, you choose to come back to teach in a spiritual way. You learn to be the oversoul or the over-self and to be the directive force behind some unified action or some individual contact.

Q – Sometimes I see glimpses of horrible things, is this astral?

A – Later on we shall get into this principle of personal mediumship. Just for the moment, however, when one enters the Path of Light and Truth, as is true in the Masonic orders and various others, such as Essenic orders of the earth, one reaches certain stages of development where there are initiations and different thresholds. In the astral dimensions, the individual is tempted and tried by various visitations of the carnal and astral world which were left behind, to see if the initiate is strong enough to take it. When he gets right up on his spiritual legs and licks these things when they come to him, then he becomes the moderator, the integrator of his own self and of his spirituality; then these things will disappear behind him.

Now do not despair if you have not received all that was given here tonight, for it was absorbed somewhere in your psychic body and a little later on you will get it. Not only that, but the higher beings are apt to take you out in the astral worlds and put you in a night class and teach it to you that way. I can tell you of my little wife who actually learned to typewrite that way. They took her out at night; she had dreamed of typing, and the next morning she could typewrite. That is the truth; and many other things happen, just that way. We know about other things tomorrow which we do not know of today because we go out there and learn these things. We go to Venus and we go to other astral worlds because there is no separation. It is all vibration of energy on certain planes and certain strata.

Q – Could one learn different languages this way?

A – Yes, indeed! If you remember, my book on Mars told how they had the little speaker which was put under the pillow while the child slept and he received a college education even though he never audibly heard a word of it. He does not go to school; instead, he gets it all through the Z-ray while he sleeps.

Q – They use and move my arm and write this way sometimes. Is this good?

A – Physical phenomena is a dimension of relativity. It is not the highest form possible. It is only an evolution through which one passes and when you realize that this is not of particular value, you will discard it. Those in the astral worlds who would manipulate your arm are not of the highest spiritual expression. In these lower astral worlds are literally millions going about who, if they were here, should be under psychiatric treatment. You are putting your chin out when you go in for physical phenomena. Most people are not discriminating enough to be able to discern.

Q – Would it be possible to teach or learn here in our sleep such as they do in other planets?

A – Yes, indeed. This is part of the Science of the New Age. This principle is already being experimented with in universities and by doctors. This method is used in some of the speech colleges on the West Coast through phonograph records, still in a rather crude form, but a step in the right direction. A speaker is placed under the ear during the meditative state and sleep. Students who take these courses learn a language within eight days which would normally take eight months. This same record is also played during the wake state while the student is otherwise engaged mentally, thus impressing it into the psychic body.

Q – Since this needs perfecting, could you get the exact way they do it, say on Mars?

A – Yes, this will all be done in the future when I receive the necessary support and integration with the scientists in the world today. If they give me access to their laboratories, through clairvoyance, I can instruct the scientist how to do these things. I have proof of its reliability. I mean there are absolutely no limitations. We can and will actually demonstrate these things in due course and in their own time. This is a concept a little beyond science today. After we build up enough case histories of actual cures and complete rehabilitations of the human wreckage which is about this country, and which we expect to do in the coming years, then they will have to sit up and take notice. There are some very intelligent scientists in this world today. They have come to understand the Infinite in a different way than is understood in churches. I learned of the Infinite through the test tube, the microscope, and the oscilloscope, just as many other scientists do. This is the way in which we shall come into our New Age. It will not come through the churches. In 1927, to a man named Farnsworth, who was raised within seven miles of my home town, I explained the principle of the electron gun precipitating a stream of electrons and deflected from magnetic plates onto a fluorescent screen. In 1932, Farnsworth was the head of the development of the first cathode ray tube which was the father of our television.

Q – That is the modern book of Revelations?

A – That is exactly what it is. We have it all down in the five volumes called “Pulse of Creation” in modern 20th century language. The first one of these called “The Voice of Venus”, explains to you many mysteries about which science knows nothing today, including how saucers fly and how the spacemen materialize and dematerialize.

Q – You were saying that Einstein gave a different formula?

A – It has something to do with the square root; it is rather abstract and involves calculus. It would mean nothing to the class in general and it may mean nothing to you; it means absolutely nothing to me because when you get into the ultimate concepts, mathematical abstractions mean nothing to you. You either see or you don’t see, and that is all there is to it. When you are clairvoyant, you see all things around you instantaneously without mathematical formula. Mathematics is just another crutch to arrive at a certain point in the evolution of your mentality. When you get beyond mathematics, you can get into what we call instantaneous perception and it is quite different. Mathematics is very useful and very necessary in this world and dimension in which we live, but there are going to be a great many scientists and mathematicians who are going to have to learn a whole new set of rules when they leave here.

Q – Will you please clarify this? As the psychic body is made up of vortexes and energy units, they are confined within a pattern. That pattern must be held in place by some force of consciousness; can you tell us how this is?

A – Certainly. We go back to our original concept again of God’s Infinite Mind remanifesting Itself back down through the numerous dimensions in harmonic relationship through frequency. It is the frequency, as I explained it to you, within every one of the atomic substances or atoms which radiate out from the atom which is called the nucleus. The scientist calls that the glue which holds the atoms together; it means the cohesive force of energy in a vibration which has come through these different expressions of dimensions or vortexes of energy. Does that clear it up for you?

Student: No, it doesn’t. I have in mind this psychic body as being a pattern-shaped thing which is a duplicate of the physical, and as that psychic unit is functioning among various other types of energy and still it isolates itself into this particular shape, what is it that causes it to hold that shape? Or what is it that keeps it from dissipating itself into the surrounding energy?

Teacher: That is exactly the concept I was trying to explain to you (as an example) through the vacuum tube; now instead of using a plate and a grid, we are using what we call elements of integration so far as concept is concerned. The nature of the psychic or what you call pattern is not really an actual pattern at all, it’s harmonic relationship. That means that these structures in the psychic body integrate themselves and recur according to the predetermined frequency. These frequencies are generated in the threshold of concept but basically the fact is, we are swinging around, and back up here (on the inner) this particular psychic experience was already anticipated; the experience itself is of no consequence, but the fact of integration, of passing through the experience itself was necessary to construct the other polarity in the psychic self which was the polarity of personal experience rather than in the abstract sense as it existed as an infinite concept. That again is your explanation of your polarity—what we call negative and positive, the two poles. Here we have the Infinite and below here we have the finite; the Infinite was conceived up there, and in order to make the Infinite usable so that it can be realized by the individual, it must also become finite. That is the threshold of experience. That is what you call a pattern; it is not a pattern at all. This body does not necessarily have to resemble that body. If you are clairvoyant and can see into some of the astral dimensions where people have gone who have done nothing but indulge in alcoholism or various other perversions of mentality, they do not resemble that shape at all; they have various other shapes to them. If you’d like to read further on these things, get some of Manly Hall’s books and he can describe some of these demons and ogres to you in these underworlds which are very real and very factual. What you call patterns, the experience itself determines the shape of that body, just as it does in this physical body; for instance if you get cancer, it comes from out this psychic body. Did this help clear up your question on that?

S – Yes, sir.

Excerpt from The Infinite Concept of Cosmic Creation

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