Proof Of Life On Mars Via NASA Lawsuit


NASA Lawsuit: Life on Mars / Planetary Protection
Case Number: CV 16 5142
Constitutional Rights and Public Trust Action
Filed: September 7, 2016
United States District Court, Northern District of California
Judge: Howard R. Lloyd

NASA Lawsuit: Life on Mars – Extraterrestrial Life

by Rhawn Gabriel Joseph, Ph.D.

On September 7, 2016, Rhawn Gabriel Joseph, Ph.D. filed an 87 page lawsuit and Public Trust action against NASA which includes 10 Causes of Action. You may obtain a copy of this lawsuit at the following link: NASALawsuitLifeOnMars.pdf

The lawsuit documents and details how it is the official policy of NASA administrators to deny all evidence of extraterrestrial life. Numerous military officers and generals hold positions of power at NASA, and the military has been under orders, beginning in the 1940s (see joint Army-Navy-Air Force Regulation number 146), to deny, lie about and cover up all evidence for alien life, for reasons of “national security.” In the 1960s these orders requiring and making it NASA’s duty to hide and deny all evidence, were codified as a Federal Law (see: Title 14, Section 1211 of the Code of Federal Regulations).

Many of us know that NASA alters photographs, refuses to investigate “anomalies” be they on Mars or in space, turns off the cameras on the space station when anything unusual appears, and even adds layers of visual noise to all film-footage to prevent the public from seeing what NASA and the military do not want people to see: evidence of extraterrestrial life.

This lawsuit seeks to force NASA to examine specimens identified, by experts, as Martian fungi, as well as the numerous anomalies suggestive of even more complex life forms.

As to NASA’s Sample Return Program

NASA’s  plan to transport Martian organisms to Earth in the 2020s:  Despite three lines of evidence, much of it from NASA scientists, that A) bacteria flourished on Mars millions and billions of years ago (Mckay et al 1996, 1997); B) and bacteria continue to thrive and reproduce on Mars (Levin & Straat, 1976, 1979), and C) the conclusions of dozens of university experts in biology who judged that specimens photographed on Mars by NASA, resemble fungi, and are likely living organisms (Joseph 2016a); despite all this evidence and more, NASA claims “it is highly unlikely that living organisms will be found on the samples….” This is an incredibly dangerous falsity.

The Martian organisms NASA intends to transport to Earth include bacteria, virus, and specimens identified as fungi by experts on the faculty of accredited universities (See In fact, much of this evidence was discovered by NASA’s own scientists whom NASA then sought to silence and discredit. These Martian organisms, and their genes, will become the most valuable property on Earth, and the most dangerous, and will be stolen and sold even as they arrive. And then plague and disease will spread.

In the 1500s, after the Spanish arrived in the Americas, over 90% of the population died of disease and plague–killed by the viruses and bacteria the Spanish carried from one continent to another. What will happen when bacteria, viruses and Martian organisms are transported from one planet to another? The consequences may be catastrophic. NASA is putting the entire planet, all of life on Earth, at risk for a sixth mass extinction. And this is why NASA lies about life on Mars, knowing that an informed public will object to their plans.

NASA can’t be trusted to transport these samples to Earth, which will become the most valuable property on this planet, and which will be sold, lost, or stolen even as they arrive–which is what befell the Moon rocks-as determined by NASA’s Inspector General. And when NASA finds Martian life in the samples, they will deny it, even after Martian organisms escape, and begin to infect and contaminate life on this planet.

The following photos, taken by the NASA Mars rovers, are just a few examples of what the experts have identified as living organisms on Mars:

Dozens of Experts identified these very small and numerous Martian specimens as fungi, mushrooms; which are quite numerous and growing in every direction. From Joseph, 2016, “A Low to High Probability of Life on Mars.”

Dozens of Experts identified these Martian specimens as fungi (mushrooms); from Joseph, 2016, “A Low to High Probability of Life on Mars.” NASA claims these mushrooms are just unusually shaped rocks, even though rocks with these shapes have never been observed on Earth.

Dozens of Experts identified these Martian specimens as living organisms in the process of sporing and which have already spored as evidenced by the fluffy white material littering the surroundings. From Joseph, 2016, “A Low to High Probability of Life on Mars.”

“Puff ball” shaped Martian fungus growing up out of the ground and shedding skins and spores. From Joseph, 2016, “A Low to High Probability of Life on Mars.”

Photos taken days apart, showing Martian “puff ball” shaped fungus growing up out of the ground. From Joseph, 2016, “A Low to High Probability of Life on Mars.” NASA claims these are just “rocks” which mysteriously grow out of the ground, even though no such “rocks” have ever been observed on Earth. Only living organisms can rapidly grow out of the ground and then shed spores. NASA’s explanation is absurd and ridiculous.

A multi-tentacled Martian specimen identified by geologists as likely being alive.

The dangers of Martian fungi, are not hypothetical. As detailed in this lawsuit: “mutated” fungi have been found on the outside windows of the Mir space station. These fungi have been described by Russian scientists, including microbiologist Natalia Novikova, as “dangerous,” “disturbingly aggressive,” and proved capable of corroding even the outside of the Mir’s titanium quartz enamel encased windows. These fungi could eat metal. Novikova concluded that these fungi were too “dangerous” and too “virulent” to transport back to Earth, as there were fears they may combine with Earthly fungus creating a super fungus which “could wreck havoc” on this planet. The fungi discovered on the Mir, were in fact eating the craft from the outside in, and the inside out.

Martian fungi might eat through their shipping containers on their way to Earth; and even as contagion and disease begins to spread, NASA will lie, just as they lied to their own Inspector General about the missing moon rocks.

As stated on Page 23 of the lawsuit: “…even if transported Martian organisms were to leap from their containers and eat a technician alive, NASA, following military orders, would claim there is no life on Mars and no danger to the public or the environment.”

Plague & Contagion

There have been five mass extinctions in the history of Earth where 70% to 90% of all animal life have died. Plague and disease have always been suspected as playing a major role in the demise of innumerable species, including humans. According to ancient Chinese astronomers, some of the plagues which have bedeviled the humans of Earth, have had an extraterrestrial source: Comets (Ling-Feng 648, 1976). It was believed that as Earth passed through the tail of a comet, which consists of melt-off as the comet approaches the sun, life on Earth was exposed to innumerable pathogens: “Comets are vile stars. Every time they appear in the south, they wipe out the old and establish the new. Fish grow sick, crops fail, Emperors and common people die…The people hate life and don’t even want to speak of it.” -Li Ch’un Feng, Director, Chinese Imperial Astronomical Bureau, (648, A.D).

In the 14th century, an outbreak of deadly bubonic plague, a bacterial infection caused by Yersinia pestis, occurred in China, and killed anywhere from 30% to 90% of the population; and this too, was associated with an extraterrestrial source of contagion, i.e. “celestial bodies.” According to Italian scholar Boccaccio (The Decameron): “… the deadly pestilence… was disseminated by the influence of the celestial bodies… and… after destroying an innumerable multitude of living beings, it had propagated itself without respite from place to place, and so, calamitously, had spread into the West.”

From Asia, this “celestial” plague spread to Egypt and Persia and killed off at least 30% of population, including Abu Said, who was the ruler of Persia and the Middle East. Al-Mazriqi, an Egyptian scholar at the time, wrote that “more than three hundred tribes all perished without apparent reason in their summer and winter encampments, in the course of pasturing their flocks and during their seasonal migration.”

The disease continued to spread along the “silk road” all the way to Italy and Europe, as well as along the water ways, such that ships would drift into port with no living soul aboard. According to surviving witnesses including Italian scholar Boccaccio, “the disease remained, and soon death was everywhere. Fathers abandoned their sick sons. Lawyers refused to come and make out wills for the dying. Friars and nuns were left to care for the sick, and monasteries and convents were soon deserted, as they were stricken too. Bodies were left in empty houses, and there was no one to give them a Christian burial.” According to Boccaccio, sickness and death was so sudden, that its victims often “ate lunch with their friends and dinner with their ancestors in paradise.” Soon this “celestial” disease, carried by bacteria, spread to England. Within five years, over one-third of Europe’s people were dead.

No Resistance or Immunity to Martian Pathogens

The people of Earth, will have no immunity, and no resistance to the viruses and bacteria that NASA intends to transport from one celestial body (Mars) to another (Earth).

Martian fungi pose a significant danger to life on Earth. Consider: “mutated” fungi have been found on the outside windows of the Mir space station. These fungi have been described by Russian scientists, including microbiologist Natalia Novikova, as “dangerous,” “disturbingly aggressive,” and proved capable of corroding even the outside of the Mir’s titanium quartz enamel encased windows. These fungi could eat metal. Novikova concluded that these fungi were too “dangerous” and too “virulent” to transport back to Earth, as there were fears they may combine with Earthly fungus creating a super fungus which “could wreck havoc” on this planet (Cook, Boston Globe, 10/1/2000).

On Earth, it is well known that various forms of fungi and bacteria such as sulphur reducing bacteria and chemoautorophs, can corrode or digest metal, wood, rubber, plastic, and so on—referred to as “bio-corrosion”, “bacterial corrosion” and “biodeterioration” (Javaherdashti 2010; Little & Ray 2002). The fungi discovered outside the Mir space station was actively eating the spacecraft from the outside in, and the inside out. Moreover, it has been established that fungi will contaminate and decompose hydrocarbons, a component of fuel, which enables fungi to destroy engine parts, including carbon steel, aluminum, and other metals.

In an unclassified report by the Naval Research laboratory, by B. J. Little and R. I. Ray (2002), biodeterioration due to fungi was documented for the following materials: “cellulosics (paper, composition board and wood); photographic film; polyvinyl chloride films; sonar diaphragm coatings; map coatings; paints; textiles (cotton and wool); vinyl jackets; leather shoes; feathers and down; natural and synthetic rubber; optical instruments; mechanical, electronic and electric equipment (radar, radio, flight instruments, wire strain gages, helicopter rotors); hammocks; tape; thermal insulation; brick masonry, marble, sandstone and concrete; and museum valuables and glass.”

The fungi of Earth are already dangerous; and this is why, Russian scientists refused to transport to Earth the “dangerous” and “disturbingly aggressive” fungi discovered on the outside surface of the Mir as there were fears they may combine and exchange genes with the fungi of Earth and “wreck havoc” on this planet (Cook, Boston Globe, 10/1/2000).

Consider, there is considerable evidence that Martian fungi are attracted to the rovers and there is photographic evidence of white fungi growing inside the rover aluminum wheel wells. If so, this may explain NASA’s shock and surprise when the rovers’ aluminum wheels began to crack and holes began to form despite having traveled less than 5 kilometers. It is possible, Martian fungi are eating the aluminum.

If Martian fungi and bacteria are capable of bio-corrosion, then what happens if they eat the metal sample return capsules on their way to Earth?

On Earth, it has been demonstrated that a single handful of wet sand contains over 10,000 organisms and billions of bacteria and viruses. In a single square millimeter on the surface of a grain of sand, there might be as many as 259,000 bacteria. In fact, a million bacterial cells take up about as much space as a single grain of sand. Moreover, viruses accompany bacteria on a ratio of 10 to 100 viruses for each bacteria. If they have food, bacteria continually reproduce, divide, multiply, and its offspring do the same, creating multiple layers and colonies which are doing the same. NASA’s own scientists found evidence of rapid bacterial reproduction on Mars and in Martian meteorites.

A Court Order To Force NASA To Examine the “Anomalies” on Mars

Dr. Joseph’s lawsuit against NASA draws the Court’s attention to the incredible number of “anomalies” which have been photographed by the Mars Rovers, and stresses the fact that NASA has avoided and consistently refused to approach and examine and take close-up, in-focus photographs of these Martian anomalies. Any normal person who has any semblance of curiosity, would examine and photograph these “anomalies” from various angles and take close up photos. But not NASA. NASA, instead, prefers to ridicule those who dare to ask any legitimate questions about these structures, some of which resemble bones, the foundations of buildings, metal tools, and even crash sites of alien craft which are littered with debris suggestive of plastics, machined objects, and the remains of highly developed life forms. Science means “research” and re-search, means, search again, look again, and look again, keep looking. NASA’s attitude is there is no need to look; and this means, NASA is no friend of science.

Therefore, as stated in this lawsuit, Dr. Joseph asks the court to order NASA to show some semblance of curiosity, and to force NASA to examine these objects: “Defendant NASA must also be ordered to A) Examine the Martian specimens identified by experts for evidence of life as reported by Joseph 2016a, B) examine Martian anomalies identified by Plaintiff, and C) to do so, with the current or future Mars rovers D) and to do so under the supervision and direction of Plaintiff.”

The following are just a few examples of these numerous Martian anomalies photographed by NASA:

There is only one way to force NASA to investigate these anomalies: This lawsuit.

NASA  consistently refuses to do what any normally curious person might do–that is, examine these Martian anomalies from various angles and take close up photos. Instead, NASA ridicules those who ask legitimate questions about these anomalies on Mars which resemble skulls, bones, tools, plastics, wrecked buildings, and alien crash sites littered with debris and the remains of what might be alien life forms.

Fact is, as documented in this lawsuit, numerous military officers and generals have positions of power at NASA, and the military has been under orders, since the late 1940s, to deny and cover up all evidence of extraterrestrial life, even if its just microbes.

The Military and thus our government decided that secrecy and denial serve “national security”; and thus orders were issued, which later became NASA policy.

Editor: But there is always one exception to every rule:

United States Major General Blows The Whistle On What They Really Found On Mars

subblebineGeneral Stubblebine is a retired United States Major General. He was also the Commanding General of the U.S. Army Intelligence and Security Command (INSCOM), and one of America’s most distinguished soldiers and chief of U.S. Army Intelligence, with 16,000 soldiers under his command.

Here’s what General Stubblebine had to say about Mars: “There are structures on the surface of Mars. I will tell you for the record that there are structures underneath the surface of Mars that cannot be seen by the Voyager cameras that went by in 1976. I will also tell you that there are machines on the surface of Mars and there are machines under the surface of Mars that you can look at, you can find out in detail, you can see what they are, where they are, who they are and a lot of detail about them.”

Source:  Dolan, Richard. UFOs And The National Security State: New York: Richard Dolan Press)

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