On The Nature of Healing The Psychic Anatomy, Part II

central-healing-light-4-postHealing Obsessional Influences

“To show you what we mean, we shall step over into this section which is rather close to the one we psychic-body-with-obsession-4-posthave just visited, to witness a diagnosis. Stepping over to the table, you will see what looks like the psychic form of an individual. The name or sex is immaterial; but looking closely you will see that hanging from the portion of that which is commonly called the naval, is a large, rather ugly looking object which looks something like a fat slug, or a leech, or a bloodsucker. This is actually an adhesion or an obsession which attached itself to this man’s psychic body in his earth life. The man died in an asylum as a violently insane person, for this bloodsucker or leech-like creature was sucking at the very vital basis of his psychic nature, and thus so misaligned and distorted the psychic, that in such a state, he had no semblance of sanity.

As was pointed out to you by Pearce and several others, that mental adhesions or obsessions are of two different natures; the one just discussed is compounded by the factions of negative thinking, called thought form obsessions, like the one you see here hanging from this individual’s psychic center, which is called the solar plexus, or the umbilical cord of his spiritual nature. It was the constant repetitious acts and consequences in his negative state of consciousness on the earth which generated this huge bloodsucker-like creature which was hanging from him and devitalizing him and making him what he was.

Later on the teachers or the doctors of this center will approach and attach proper electrodes to this creature so that it will be properly rectified and passed off into the oblivion of energy. Thus the man will be freed and he will be enabled to return to some dimension for a future reincarnation where he will be, or rather shall I say, he will allow himself the privilege of proving to his superconscious self that he is a creature of infinite origin.

As was pointed out to you in the fifth section, many of these creatures or obsessions were horriblepsychic-mind-with-obsession beyond description. Now we shall look at some more of the thought-form body adhesive types of obsessions which attach themselves to people. Here is an individual who had the incurable habit of cigarette smoking. You will see something of the same form of a leech-like creature hanging from the back portion of his brain, called the medulla oblongata. This creature, too, is obstructing a very natural sequence of purpose of energy transference into the individual’s body. You will also notice that other extrusions or masses are forming up and down the person’s spine in the different portions which relate themselves to different fractions of psychic centers. In time, had the individual lived, these would have become somewhat like that leech-like creature which was sucking the energies and life forces from the individual mentioned earlier.

We could go on and on with these obsessions which are thought-form bodies, such as are attached to alcoholic-spirits-2-postalcoholics. The whole picture in many cases, however, is not complete for here we have other types of obsessions. A person who has been the victim of such an obsessive form, usually has also some other entities which are actual human beings in a discarnate expression, who were alcoholics.

Here before us you will see an alcoholic. But, before we could remove him to this section of the classroom for treatment, we had to remove at least a hundred or so attachments, which were entities and all of whom had been alcoholics in previous reincarnations on the earth. They had clustered around this individual to such an extent that he was literally buried by them, so deeply that we had to dig down and remove them from him before we could find him at the bottom of the pile. This individual I would say, died from what, on earth, is commonly termed the delirium tremens.

I see, however, that your psychic centers are becoming shaken with what is being revealed to you. So I believe that we had better rest for a while until we can be further reconstituted and re-energized and thus return to the exploration of the center.

We are most anxious that the average individual – be he layman or Truth seeker as well as the physician – might examine truly, in the light of truth, just exactly what exists with many of the poorspiritual-healing-4-post-2 souls who so greatly need help and counsel in the doctor’s office or clinic; even those who go to the hospital and suffer the mental torture of the operative treatment, which removes only the effect of some condition deeply rooted in the psychic centers of the individual, and are beyond the reach of the scalpel. Such a condition cannot possibly be sutured so that it does not again break open and inflict some sort of pain or torture into the individual in some future day.

The only permanent and successful corrective therapy in these treatments is the removal of the negation from the place in which the disease exists, which is within the psychic body of the individual himself. It cannot be done simply from the physical or exterior portion of his body, where the effects manifest themselves in the greatest proportion and abundance. However, let us rest a while.”

Excerpt from The Voice of Orion

Please see Part I here.


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    This would also apply to other addictions such as drug addiction to prescription drugs or narcotics, sex, video games, violence or any other continual destructive thought process entertained day after day because you may be unaware that you are building up a Frankenstein monster that becomes attached to your psyche and will prevent you from being free to move forward in your spiritual evolution. This is what they won’t teach you in school and is one more reason why this world is in such dire straits with so many ill and sick people whose doctors or materia-medicas’ only answer is to cut, burn or poison which, of course, doesn’t get to the root cause.

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