On The Nature of Healing The Psychic Anatomy

Temple-of-Orion“Let us step over to this section, for instance and see this huge room. If you will pardon me for a moment, I shall describe it for the benefit of the reader who has not the opportunity of seeing it with his spiritual eyes as do you. Like many classrooms which you have seen, it is so vast in proportion, that one of your largest cities could very easily be placed in the center of it, with plenty of room to expand. In the different sections of this huge room, you will see groups of students who are associated with rather peculiar and weird looking apparatus. You will notice also as we go into these different sections in this classroom that the apparatus connected with each is students-classroom-looking-at-chakrasentirely different. Very obviously because we lack time, and because you might become unbalanced in trying to follow the descriptions of these numerous and thousands of different types of electronic equipment, we shall merely take a short cut and confine our explorations to the dimension which is the most relative to the earth at this time.

Therefore, we shall go into this section which is devoted to a type of diagnosis which is entirely electronic by nature. Here before you, you see a group of students who are very intently watching the psychic body of an individual which is being diagnosed for some types of conditions which are existing in his psychic structures.

May I digress for a moment and tell you that the patients or individuals who are brought here for treatment, are all in their psychic forms of consciousness just as they were in the other sections of Parhelion, or in Venus itself. I might also point out to you, that in order to bring these people here, there must be some very definite reason for so doing. It isn’t that we just forage around and pick up whatever we can. The relatives and friends of every person, or the person himself, must in some way be vitally connected with a great purpose and good to mankind. If the friends and relatives of the individual are strong enough in their mental purpose and in their situation so they can extend thoughts or wishes of good will, or if the assuredness of the person’s own spiritual qualities is psychic-anatomy-viewer-4-postsufficiently strong, then those are the necessary ingredients which enable us to contact the individual who has lost his flesh; consequently, we pick up his malformed psychic spiritual body and bring it here for treatment as was done in the fifth section.

The treatments here are of a slightly different nature to a large degree, inasmuch as we remove many of the mental obsessions, or the obsessive entities directly from the psychic bodies of the individuals. In looking at this apparatus which you see directly before you, you will find it somewhat reminiscent of a large television screen. You will see the teacher attaching different types of electrodes directly to the different centers of the psychic body, such as the soles of the feet, the palms of the hands, the solar plexus, the front of the forehead, and the different regions of the spine, such as the medulla oblongata.

As the teacher deftly manipulates a number of dials, you will see different types of wave forms emerging on the screen of this huge television set. These wave forms, which flash into view in a very magnified proportion, are the exact wave forms which existed in the person’s body, except that they were magnified somewhat like an electronic microscope. As he goes from condition to condition, the teacher points out just what wave-forms-viewer-4-postthese waveforms mean and gives their interpretation.

I would say to you doctors and physicians on the earth at this time, that you are approaching the threshold of inventive genius in electronics, which will, in a few hundred years or less, produce this science which we are displaying here. Already in your laboratories and clinics you have some apparatus of electronic nature which can diagnose, to some degree, the condition of the human body in an electronic fashion. The X-ray machine was the first of these electronic instruments which cast certain shadows upon the photographic plate from a fluorescent screen.

You also have such instruments as the electroencephalograph, which records brain waves and the electrocardiograph, which denotes the pulsations of the heart – as well as the influence upon the heart – onto a fluorescent screen, called an oscilloscope. However, to develop the science which could develop the electronic apparatus similar to that used here, would entail much more science than you now possess on the earth. It would also be mandatory that you know of the psychic alignment-of-the-chakras-4-poststructures of the human individual as he exists on earth and as he is connected with the higher dimensions. It is quite obvious that you could not invent a machine for which you did not know the purpose.

Now I am going to make a very strong statement to you doctors: There is no condition (and there are no exceptions), known in medicine which is not first produced in the psychic body of the individual through some malformation of psychic structures. The very intent or purpose of the organic chemistry of the body is supported in the dimension of not only atomic frequencies, but also in that which is called the centers of the chakras, as they express the life forces into the body of the individual. Any misalignment, either in the atomic structures, or in the expression of energies through the chakras or in any other way in which the psychic body is so connected with the individual, has direct repercussions into the physical flesh or the condition of health of the individual.

Even the person who breaks his leg cannot term it as an accident; instead it can be traced as a negation to some obstructive force in the process of his thinking. If he had been completely positive, he would not have broken his leg. There is absolutely no condition which you can name, that I could not point out as the result of some type of misalignment or negative condition which existed in the person’s mentality; or he might be said to have obstructed and misaligned the forces which made his life possible in his existence in the terrestrial dimension.

Later we shall go into different factional orders and we shall peer somewhat into the different portions of the psychic body to see just what happens to the wave forms and what malformations arechakra-misalignment-pain incurred by the use of drugs or anaesthetics, or even through some of the more popular and very widely sold analgesic sedatives of earth today, which are known as bromides or aspirin. Pain, or the symptoms of pain, as expressed in the human body is merely nature’s way, or your own intelligence, of crying out in a very definite fashion that there is something wrong with you.

To rush to the medicine cabinet and swallow a couple of pills is very wrong. It is detrimental in two different ways: first, you incur some sort of palliative relief from your pain. This immediately disconnects you from any further purpose, as far as you are concerned, in getting to the basic cause of the pain and eliminating it. The basic cause is always just beyond the horizon of your thinking, and goes into the superstructure of your psychic body.

If you have pains or malformed conditions in your body, they are very definite symptoms that you are misaligned somewhere along the line of transmission from the Supreme Powerhouse, which we shall call God, in which case it is best that you take stock of yourself and put these things back into alignment.

Now, of course, it is easy to suggest things to people, but it is difficult if we try to point out cures. Cures in themselves are comparatively simple in nature and surprisingly so. If the reader would digest even partially, the concepts of this book and the knowledge and wisdom which is contained within its pages, we could very safely guarantee that he would, in a very short period of time, feel the results and the repercussions of this new knowledge and wisdom, not only in his body, but in his daily life. In the years to come, and in his future reincarnations and evolutions, he would realize seeking-the-lightmore and more the impact of impounding the principles of wisdom and truth which we are trying to explain.

The average individual, as he exists in the earth dimension today, reminds us somewhat of a man who has been locked in a completely darkened room. In trying to escape he becomes frantic and rushes blindly about, butting his head and body against the walls and injuring himself. It would be much more logical if he would go quietly about the room until, with his fingers, he found the doorway, and thus unlock the door and step out into the daylight.

You must always remember that you are largely responsible for everything you do which comes to you as an experience in your daily existence. As was previously stated, you sometimes become an unwilling victim in your ignorance. The earth-like translations of law say definitely that ignorance is no excuse. If a person steps into his automobile to go to a certain destination and is inadvertently involved in an automobile accident, wherein one or two persons die and others are injured, he is technically guilty of manslaughter, and he will be hauled before the courts. However, theoretically, this person is not guilty. No one in his right mind would set out deliberately to commit so felonious an assault against his neighbor.

We can say that this is very much the case with the average individual; he lacks the common mental-illnessingredients of intelligence in knowing the basic laws of evolution and reincarnation. As such a person, after so-called death, passes into whatever doorway is most conveniently presented to him and which he feels to be most compatible to his rate of vibration at the moment, he may find himself in a strange world which is entirely unsuited to him. It may develop farther along the line that he may incur a great shock or a psychic impact of such a nature and intensity, that as he reincarnates into a future lifetime, he may hang more or less suspended between the two worlds and will vainly try to reorient himself into his own consciousness from either one or the other dimension. Such a person is termed in the language of psychiatry in your world as a schizophrenic. Other types of insanity to which this section is devoted, are conditions which are called manic-depressives or dementia praecox; but whatever term the scientist uses for these mental aberrations, many of them are much more than any diagnostician on your earth today can even faintly visualize.”

Excerpt from The Voice of Orion

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