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On-Reincarnation-main-4-postThe word reincarnation merely means to reenter into; in a sense, each time we reenter a room, we are reincarnating. Referring man-at-doorway-2again to psychology in the science of psychosomatic medicine, the proven theory is that everyone reacts from basic subconscious thought patterns derived from experiences which were formed first in our early childhood, therefore, in every moment of our daily lives, as it exists in the present, we are reliving the past from these subconscious abstractions. Sadly enough, present-day psychosomatics do not include past lifetimes which are often the true seat of some present-day illnesses or conditions incurred as psychic shock from some one particular past-life experience.

Scientist twoParadoxically, although none of the present-day sciences express or believe either in reincarnation or the continuity of life, these existing sciences are the ones which will form the first step in our personal evaluation of life and will help explain just what this mysterious force is. This scientific equation is, incidentally, the common ingredient lacking in all present-day dispensations of psychical knowledge, whether they relate either to reincarnation or to the more orthodox concepts. Neither modern science nor materia medica knows as yet, in a pure sense, what life is or what is commonly referred to as the creative or re-creative life force.

So far as the human body is concerned, there are many indications and ways of measuring this mysterious force which is brainwavesconstantly pulsating throughout the body. The encephalograph measures brain waves which are impulses of pure energy sent to various portions of the anatomy much like the wiring system in your homes; yet there is nothing in the brain to suggest any chemically reactive process which could regenerate an idea or form of consciousness into energy impulses. Therefore, how is this vast and complex system of life carried on in the human anatomy, for instance, the regeneration of a million and a half new cells every minute, each with a predetermined function of life? Pure physical science has actually toppled over some of the last existing barriers which have separated mankind from a more complete universal knowledge of life and is at the present time, becoming increasingly concerned with exploring space as well as other channels which relate to the pure creative life force.

For the convenience of our purpose, we can combine all of these various factors together and call them interdimensional sine waverelationships. Before his death, Einstein was beginning to explore through mathematical equations into this unknown field. The subject here, however, is extremely vast and preponderant, and to serve the purpose better, we shall start with a common equivalent of life which is called electricity. Electricity itself refers to an oscillating movement of energy through some defined field, such as the electricity which lights our homes after traveling through a complex system of wiring from the generators and substations. On the oscilloscope it shows simply an up and down wave-like motion at the rate of 60 cycles per second. This is the basic concept of life, and should be first understood by anyone who wishes to understand the why and what of everything.

The work of Einstein in our atomical scientific field of science has long ago disproved the existence of mass. All mass is actually a conglomerate matrix of tiny planetary systems of energy, called atoms. Atoms, in turn, are determined by their atomic weight, einstein-formula-and-atomthat is, the number of different electronic, neutronic or protonic constituents which go to make up that particular atom. However, in all cases the atom is not solid and even the so-called hard, dense core or nuclei composed of protons are, in turn, solar systems of pure energy. They have become comparatively hard only in comparison to the reactive properties of other elements with which they have come in contact; yet, in the abstract, there is nothing solid. Now we begin to understand that whether we are concerned with the more so-called solid substances of life, or with the dynamically moving forces of free energy moving either through us or in an infinite number of ways around us, we will begin to ponder a few more questions.

atomic frequenciesNow where does all of this come from, and why do all of these energy forms, atomic or otherwise, relive and remanifest themselves with constant mechanical rigidity? First, all energy moves according to definite cycular patterns known as frequencies. Each atom has a specific frequency which is called its atomic weight. All things in this universal cosmogony can therefore be evaluated as one or a number of cycular movements or vibrations of energy which are constantly repeating themselves in a rigid and unvarying fashion from the source or origin; and as far as this or any dimension is concerned, these vibrations of energy actually have no terminating point or end. You may also ask, what is the E.M.F. or originating source, and this is where we go into interdimensional relationships.

universal-vortexThe common mistake frequently indulged in by all mankind, scientist, laymen, or religionist, is to try to equate the infinite cosmogony from this present relative third dimension or earth, as it is more commonly known. We will not solve the enigma of life in any of its numerous manifestations until we begin to start our equations from as near a point as possible to the E.M.F. or the source. For convenience sake, let us call this source God, or the Fountainhead, not as a personal being but as an incredibly vast whirling vortex of an infinite number of wave forms of energy, which are, in turn, through the law of frequency relationship being constantly linked and relinked, and as intelligence, each wave form having a certain I.energy manQ., retaining and re-manifesting consciousness in an infinite number of dimensions throughout this vast moving sea of energy.

Some very important facts are now obvious: that energy will repeat itself in its original I.Q. until changed, and will do so into infinity; and as God is therefore infinite, He has become conscious in all forms. This is the E.M.F. the constant living and reliving intelligence in cycular patterns and wave forms throughout an infinite number of dimensions. Other things, too, now become apparent. Man assumes his rightful position as an energy creation. In a more abstract sense, the individual who is so concerned and associated through the physical mind and body is attempting to live and relive these infinitely numerous concepts, ideas, polarities, and patterns of intelligence implanted by the Infinite Creative Intelligence in this cycular vortex or dimension of wave forms.

energy-polarity-wave-forms-4-postNow this particular vortex was not put together with hands. It too had an evolution. This is to say that all of these infinite wave form patterns were first attracted as opposite polarities to each other from the higher or more abstract portions of the Infinite Mind which we will call positive, into the lower forms of life in the low physical dimensions which we will call negative. This is not to be misconstrued with Darwinism. Darwin postulated a theory, which was compounded and instigated from only physical or exterior manifestations. The true pattern of life in any form must always be equated from the basis of interdimensional relationships, that is, intelligence or I.Q. oscillating into the lower material dimensions.

human-evolution-from-amoeba-4-postStarting with the amoeba, we can therefore say that the idiom of experience which related it to environmental factors of life in its earthly cycle was reflected back into the infinite consciousness. Gradually, through frequency relationship and in gathering together in the regular and well-ordered spectrums called harmonic structures, these various intelligent quotients and patterns gathered together and formed that comparatively hard core nuclei of energy formations which we call the superconsciousness, or the Father within.

biological-evolutionBy this same evolutionary pattern, a series of successive oscillations, large and small, which can be called individual lives, was formed from the daily experiences of these lives. Mankind, individually or collectively, has thus presently evolved into his present existing status. On this same basis, man is therefore reflecting his daily life as evolutionary patterns, not only from the cradle to the present or even in a thousand or more lifetimes, but he is actually maintaining physical form and consciousness through frequency relationship into lives which he lived or was part of, in an infinite number of species and plant and animal life on this terrestrial globe. The fact that man exists in his present form proves this conclusively. His physical body is the development of idea, form and consciousness which were brought together from out of countless life experiences as part of other species in similar environmental relationships. This is true evolution or reincarnation.

Excerpt from Tempus Invictus

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