On The Nature of “Viruses”

viruses-main“I will open first by giving somewhat of a dissertation which is particularly directed to the earth scientists and doctors who are laboring in the fields which are associated with what he calls virus conditions. If he is open-minded, I believe that some of the transcript here would be of tremendous aid to him in conquering these seemingly unconquerable diseases. While the earth scientist or doctor knows these things exist, yet he is at a loss to explain their origin or how they multiply or recur in the human body. First, let us thoroughly and completely understand that these tiny sub-microscopic particles are purely the generic by-products of your vastly complicatedTosco Refinery Fire May Fuel Spiraling Gas Prices civilized age. You must realize that the mind processes which are continually being generated in the human mind in your civilized world are largely products of reactionaryism and very negative in nature. Because a person thinks a thought and discontinues that particular thought for something else, this does not mean that the thought has perished. Mind energy must and always does remain a part of the person from whence it was generated. This energy is also spontaneous in a certain sense, inasmuch as it relates itself in the law of harmonic relationship with all other such energies so generated. Thus the sum and total of all such continued and repeated generations of such energy, among the millions and millions of people who inhabit your earth plane, give rise to great seas of negative energies. These great seas of tides of negative energies hover around in the close proximity of the earth plane, something like the familiar morning ground fog that you are observant of when you arise early in the morning. However, in this case these negative energy fogs are invisible to your eyes. Nevertheless, they so exist.

development-of-virusesNow, it is the nature of any of such generic energy that it possesses, in itself, a latent intelligence, if we can use the word intelligence loosely; whether it is constructively-minded or destructively -minded, it is still intelligence. Such energies as they are negative will not and cannot be denied unto themselves and so they must revolve arouchild-with-virus-2nd and around until they form tiny submicroscopic vortexes or hard nuclei of energy. They, therefore, manifest into such levels of subconsciousness with the individual who becomes slightly hypersensitive at the particular moment because of some dominant negative happening in his or her life. Children are particularly susceptible to such nuclei of energy which you call viruses. Thus it is, many of these nuclei or viruses enter into the nervous system of the child and polio is produced or perhaps it may be whooping cough or mumps or some of the other similar so-called virus conditions. These, in themselves, are purely the nuclei which you call viruses of negative thought forms or frequencies which are being continually generated in the minds of the people in the world today.

Proper therapy in the future will stem from such proper measures as will regulate the thinking of people into more productive and more useful and less reactionary thought patterns. Also, it will give rise to such mahuman-psychic-anatomy-viewerchinery or such other types of instrumentation of electronic nature which can and does thoroughly dissipate or neutralize such negative nuclei which you call the viruses. These viruses, in themselves, are somewhat similar to the negative energies which cause cancer and some of the other incurable conditions throughout the body. Inasmuch as several of these nuclei, being intelligent, will, in a sense of the word, superimpose their intelligence into other atomic structures which are of a more productive intelligence, they will thus instill their destructive intelligence in the surrounding atomic structures and render them also unproductive and unintelligent. So this is a vicious treadmill chain-like fashion which spreads in a rapid form and through tiny threads throughout the human system. This you have called cancer or you may perhaps call it polio but remember, whatever particular conditions which you may call these things, they are very closely related and all stem from the same fields of negative thinking.”

Excerpt from The Voice of Eros

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