Infinite Perspectus

Infinite_Perspectus_4NPageInfinite Perspectus
by Ernest L. Norman

A most revealing and unique epilogue to the New Testament. It thoroughly discusses all known sciences and philosophies and reveals the unknown – the many dimensions of mansions that the science of today is trying visualize. It is a science of life that can be lived by any person who can gain the wisdom of this book.


“This evolution of consciousness is indeed quite complex if it is approached and realized in a more complete infinity within the present moment of consciousness; however, it does not necessarily need to confuse anyone who so approaches the Infinite, in the sense that these principles can be rationally integrated; we can form different necessary basic concepts, and above all we can assume a more completely dedicated purpose and intent toward the Infinite in our desire to incarnate into a higher life.

It is at this point that we should remember the approach to the Infinite must always be made, as it was described by Jesus, “as little children.” In other words, we cannot approach the Infinite with very definitely formed convictions which we have derived from other lifetimes in the past. We cannot constantly compare the Infinite with that which has transpired in our former earth life experiences, or with any other previous affiliations or denominational orders. We cannot classify the Infinite in generally accepted terms of relationship with political systems, religious dispensations, credos, etc. The Infinite must always be considered as the Infinite Perspectus, that is, we can, at any time in our evolution, completely evolve our mental consciousness with the combined elements of Infinity, as they are so presented to us, and not necessarily compound them from out of our past experiences into the present mental tense; or the recombinations of these various elements become a compromising dispensation of life which seems to flatter the immediate apparency of this life as it is understood by us.

From time to time we have had a number of students write to us in regard to their endeavors to understand UN.AR.I.U.S.; and in these respects they have reverted to this common and quite fallacious practice of trying to compare UN.AR.I.U.S. with other previous contacts which they have made with such religious or metaphysical orders they have studied. This is a common practice and one which should be dealt with quite strenuously, inasmuch as we must first supplant within our consciousness an entirely new concept of Infinity. UN.AR.I.U.S. is just another name for Infinity; it cannot be classified in this respect with any other existing interdenominational orders; it cannot be classified as a religion; and it cannot e classified, in the material sense, as a material or third dimensional science. Although it is scientific in nature and does include the basic elements in our material science, it must be remembered that material science, in turn, has merely included or borrowed from the Infinite, certain basic concepts or principles which have made this physical science possible up to this point. UN.AR.I.U.S., therefore, can be considered to be something like a large slice of watermelon taken across the entire section of melon, and in this section we can see the various formations wherein the seeds are held firmly within the fleshy portions of the melon. UN.AR.I.U.S., in a sense then, is a cross section of the Infinite and the beginning of your understanding of the Infinite.”

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