humulity-stanza-oneRaise not thine arms and shout that ‘I am He’
Neither that thy mind and voice
is greater than all others.
For surely there is none among ye,
but who canst also raise his voice and crieth out.

humulity-stanza-twoFor rather would ye seek the One of Silence
A Voice which speaks not to the mortal ear,
Nor heareth not the sound of such a voice,
nor the ringing thereof

humulity-stanza-threeBut in some small way, within thee there is a way
In which a Voice will speaketh much
and with the speaking cometh all
things of which thou art.
humulity-stanza-fourAnd surely then Heaven’s treasures

shalt thou knowest
And cometh not the time nor place
when this shall cease to be.

Excerpt from The Elysium

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