How The Dark Forces Hurt And Influence People

How-Dark-Forces-Influence-You-mainby William J. Baldwin, Ph.D.

There are two equal and opposite errors into which our race can fall about the devils. One is to disbelieve in their existence. The other is to believe, and to feel an excessive and unhealthy interest in them. They themselves are equally pleased by both errors and hail a materialist or a magician with the same delight.

From ancient times to the present day, religious literature has depicted the polarity of light and dark either as a schism within God as Source, or as arising from different sources. Zoroastrianism, the religious philosophy founded in Persia (Iran) around the sixth century B.C., held the dualistic view that Ahura-Mazda, the being of Light, was all good and totally separate from Ahriman, the being of Darkness. This religious dualism was the first to posit an absolute principle of evil, a clearly defined Devil. A basic tenet of this philosophy was that the forces of good and evil constantly war over the soul of man.

In our Western culture, even in churches, the existence of Lucifer, the Prince of Darkness with legions of demons in his command, is considered symbolic, metaphoric, even mythical. Whether the forces of darkness are a figment of imagination, a product of zealous prophets, a thoughtform creation of the collective unconscious, or something else unknown, speculations regarding good and evil will continue unabated.

In counseling practice there is little room for religious conjecture. If the client discovers such intrusive dark force entities (DFEs), we deal with them; we neither philosophize nor offer useless platitudes. For the purpose of counseling, the Devil or Satan (defined as Adversary) or Lucifer (defined as Light Bearer, the archangel cast from heaven for leading the revolt of the angels) is not categorized as a metaphor nor an actual being but as one aspect of the spiritual or nonphysical reality, a cultural construct that is meaningful in the therapeutic work with the client who describes these images. This is not a statement of belief or disbelief.

Whether it is imagination, archetype, collective hallucinations, mass hypnosis, a projection of the beliefs of the therapist, or something else again, dark forces seem to exist in some form and are capable of intruding on living individuals in this reality. DFEs seem to be present and actively involved in our personal and planetary evolution. Many open-minded therapists using the techniques of SRT are discovering the same types of entities interfering with clients.

People seem to be susceptible to interference by DFEs in the normal course of living. Mental distortion caused by alcohol or drugs can cause vulnerability to such attachment. Sexual interaction with someone infested by DFEs allows the exchange of these entities. Feelings of intense anger, hatred, rage, and vengeance open the door for demonic infestation. Greed and desire for power and control over others – of men over women, corporate executives over their employees, rulers and kings over their subjects (and in some cases, neighboring countries), fanatical terrorists, politicians in positions of power – create an invitation to DFEs.

A warrior going into battle will often pray to God for protection and strength. Such a call to God goes unanswered. God does not help one soldier kill another soldier. In desperation, the warrior may call on the forces of darkness for protection. The dark side quickly offers to “protect” this trained killer. The offer of invincibility is too much to resist, and in the heat of battle, the warrior says yes. And from that moment his soul is in bondage to the dark forces.

The offer of protection is meaningless, and like so many millions of other soldiers who have uselessly lost their lives, many warriors who have called on the dark forces for protection die in battle. However, the bargain with the dark side was made willingly, and the DFEs enforce such a pact. And because of the integrity of the divine spirit, the human soul honors the bargain.

The DFEs are hostile, arrogant, defiant, disruptive, and generally very unpleasant. They swear profusely, using obscenity and foul language but not profanity. They never utter holy names. The client may refuse to repeat verbatim what they say.

They interfere with any and every form of love. This includes self-esteem in the individual (even to the point of suicide), conjugal love for couples (this can lead to separation and divorce, even domestic violence and murder); and familial love and respect (disruption of family unity and loss of the healing potential of love in a family is a primary assignment and major accomplishment by the DFEs). They attempt to interfere with projects and institutions that can advance or improve the human condition.

DFEs understand only the energy of the lower three chakras: survival, fear, threat, lust, greed, power, antagonism, competition, control, bullying. This resembles the human ego at its worst. They can work alone, in small bands, or as part of larger dark networks.

The DFEs are ordered to cause as much pain and suffering, disruption and chaos, death and destruction as possible to as many humans as possible. They thrive on the pain of human suffering. They “feed” on the energy emanations of pain and anguish from human beings.

In an altered state session, an individual DFE can speak through the voice of the client and describe its function and its purpose for being with the client, identify its commander, and describe its reaction to the Light as the releasement procedure continues. The typical attitude and behavior allow quick identification, and the condition of DFE infestation is easily recognized.

A client’s visual images of attached DFEs are described as an area of darkness, a black blob, sometimes with patches of red coloration or background. Black and red are the signal colors of the DFEs. Occasionally they resemble the typical red devil with horns and tail.

DFEs can appear to the client in many forms. Other than the black growling blob, they appear as snakes, spiders, scorpions, lizards, vultures, crows, ravens, bats, dogs, wolves, monsters, all with angry red eyes, frequently with hideous open mouths full of sharp teeth. They seem to be able to tap into the mind of the host, drawing on the fear-provoking images in the person’s memory banks.

In the imagery they growl, snarl, or hiss, sometimes exhibiting a red tongue in addition to red eyes. Depending on the mental state and educational and religious background of the client, this can induce fear. This is the objective of the dark intruder.

When asked the name of their master they may call him Lucifer, Satan, Father, Lord, the Devil, the One, the Great One, the Eternal One, the Evil One, the Powerful One, the Dark One, the One who Knows, the Dark Angel, the Darkness, or something similar. They may refuse to state the name of their commander-in-chief or may deny any master other than themselves. Some are aware of God as their creator, but not as their master.

There is a command hierarchy of DFEs of many levels and strengths spread across the fabric of time, space, and dimension. All claim allegiance to the Lucifer energy. The DFEs are threatened with pain, punishment, and annihilation if they disobey their commanders or fail in an assignment. They believe without question and blindly obey the commands of their superiors. They are indoctrinated with three fundamental deceptions:

1. They have no Light at their center.
2. They can cease to exist.
3. The Light is harmful.

They are controlled by these three deceptions. This is the basis for the SRT techniques described in the next chapter.

They do not understand love, compassion, generosity, humor, loyalty, devotion, happiness, joy, or fulfillment. There is no reward for their services to their master. They believe they are allowed to exist and will not be punished as long as they obey orders. They continue to perform their duties because there is nothing else; it is what they do. Often they defend their actions that harm the client as just “doing my job.”

It seems that the job is becoming tiresome for some DFEs. During a session, a DFE that first presents as blustery, defiant, and challenging might suddenly stop speaking. The client might take a big sigh. It is the DFE who is expressing in this way. Each nuance of body movement and posture, facial expression, and voice tone must be explored as if it were a communication from the entity.

After seeing this a few times in sessions, I had the idea to ask the following question, and I often receive the same answer. This was a great surprise when it began a few years ago. However, it seems these were not the first DFEs that wanted to be free of the darkness.

Dr. B.: “Have you grown weary of this job? Are you tired of this mindless obedience to your masters?”

C.: “Yes.”

Dr. B.: “Did you want to be discovered today? Did you want us to find you?”

C.: “Yes.”

The DFEs can only admit this after the protective capsule of Light surrounds them. It protects them from being captured by the Reclaimer DFEs that will try to take them back to the dark realm and certain punishment. Being discovered, being captured by the Light, and speaking to us constitute failure. They do not want to go back to the punishment place for this failure.

This is just part of the body of information that has been developed from the descriptions given by thousands of people in the altered state of consciousness during private therapy sessions with many therapists, across the U.S. and in many other countries. Consistency of this information indicates the universal character of the phenomenon. It seems to be part of collective human consciousness.

The following is taken from the New Testament, Revelation 12:7—12.

“And now war broke out in Heaven, when Michael with his angels attacked the dragon [Lucifer]. The dragon fought back with his angels, [a third of the stars from the sky, a third of the Heavenly host, the angels who fell] but they were defeated and driven out of Heaven. The great dragon, the primeval serpent, known as the devil or Satan, who deceived the world, was hurled down to the earth and his angels were hurled down with him. Then I heard a voice shout from Heaven, ‘Victory and power and empire for ever have been won by our God, and all authority for his Christ, now that the persecutor, who accused our brothers day and night before our God, has been brought down. They have triumphed over him by the blood of the Lamb and by the witness of their martyrdom, rejoice and all who live there; but for you, earth and sea, trouble is coming because the devil has gone down to you in a rage, knowing that his days are numbered.’”

And, continuing, in Rev. 12:17:

“Then the dragon was enraged with the woman and went away to make war on the rest of her children, that is, all who obey God’s commandments and bear witness for Jesus.

This rage of the dragon—Lucifer, Devil, or Satan, as he has come to be known—extends beyond Christians to include all of God’s children, that is, all humans. He (the masculine pronoun seems to be universally used for this figure) commands his minions, his legions, the fallen angels of all ranks to do his bidding.”

Described in the Pauline epistles of the Bible, the angels (principalities and powers) were delegated by God to rule the world. The Devil is also associated with these principalities and powers in their role as rulers of the universe. Evidently, certain high dark beings are in charge of the activities of the dark forces in certain areas of the world. They can be assigned to offices and seats of power, such as king of _____,or president of _____. The power behind the Roman empire appeared to be the dragon-devil of the Apocalypse.

The word “possession,” as used in the New Testament, comes from a Greek word that more accurately translates as “demonized.” The unwilling, unwary victim of obsession by this entity is said to be demonized, and as such, subject to the full force of deliverance ministry and exorcism.

In these ministries, there is no differentiation made between lost and confused souls of deceased humans and the demonic spirits that are among the minions of Lucifer. However, Jesus implied more than one kind in response to his disciples question, “Why could we not cast it out?” He said, “This kind does not go out except by prayer and fasting.” (Matthew 17:19—21) He said to them, “This kind can come out by nothing but prayer and fasting.” (Mark 9:28—29)

In such an exorcism or deliverance service, the “unclean spirit” is cast out, condemned to continue its confused wandering in “outer darkness.” If it is a thoughtform, mental aberration, or figment of imagination, then a process of “casting it out” might be meaningful to a suggestible person.

If a spirit is real, a conscious being, regardless of what type, something must be done with it. If not taken to a specific destination, it can return to the previous host, find another unsuspecting victim, or attach to the exorcist, as they sometimes threaten. Indeed, this has happened. It is like removing a nail from a flat tire and tossing it out into the street. The person who tossed it or anyone else may pick it up in their tire again.

The adversarial position of the Church fathers is without compassion for the possessing spirit, even though it is a God-created being. Regardless of any religious belief structure, the DFEs seem to exist. They conform to the historic description and classic behavior attributed to demons. They do not identify themselves as “demons,” but as “darkness.”

The word “demon” originated from an ancient Greek term, daimon, which referred to beings whose special powers placed them between people and the gods. The belief in evil spirits and their ability to influence the lives of humans dates from prehistoric times, and many early peoples believed that spirits occupied all elements of nature, a belief termed “animism.” The Vedas, Hindu scriptures composed in India about 1000 B.C., describe a variety of evil beings who harm people. Christian ideas about demons originated from references to evil beings or so-called unclean spirits in the Bible. By the Middle Ages (fifth century to fifteenth century), Christian theology had developed an elaborate hierarchy of angels, who were associated with God, and fallen angels or demons, who were led by Satan. Islam also developed a complex system of demons, called jinn.

True demonic beings have never incarnated as humans. Because they have never been involved in human form and interaction, they do not bring human physical conditions, symptoms of illness, or emotional issues to the host as do the Earthbound (EB) souls of deceased humans.

An attached EB can behave like a DFE, yet the client will perceive the attached entity as human in form. Questioning the entity will reveal a DFE nested within the EB, influencing the attitude and behavior of the human soul. This may have been an unwilling victim of demonic attachment or the result of purposeful summoning of the dark forces leading to a pact with the devil. Appropriate release of the nested DFE will allow release of the attached Earthbound soul.

Past Lives and the DFES

In a session, the client is guided in discovering the source, origin, or cause of any condition they seek to change or heal. The source of many human problems and conflicts often turns out to be an attached entity. When an entity is discovered and we suspect a DFE, several specific questions are directed at this intruder.

“What is your purpose here with [client’s name]?”

The purpose is usually to stop, block, disrupt, destroy, “protect” from the Light, or in some way interfere with the person.

“How have you affected her life? Emotionally? Mentally? Physically?”

“Who sent you?”

They may name Lucifer as The Dark One or some other such description. This confirms the identification of a DFE attachment.

“How old was he/she when you joined in this life?”

More than any other time, the DFE enters at the age of three. Reasons for this have not been discovered.

“How many lifetimes, including this one, have you been with her/him like this?”

“Recall the first time. How did you connect with her/him in that time.”

The connection may have been at a time of violence, such as sexual abuse, beating, burning at the stake. The person may have been accessible because of fear or intoxication, perhaps a warrior going into battle. The client usually recalls vividly the act of opening or inviting the DFEs. It is a dual regression of the client and the DFE.

In the late Middle Ages, opposition to suspected witchcraft became violent. During the so-called witch craze that rampaged through Europe from about 1450 to 1700, thousands of people, mostly women and usually innocent, were executed for diabolical witchcraft, and most of them were burned at the stake.

The alleged witch was often the healer, the herbalist, a gentle woman with psychic abilities who could communicate with the plants and animals. This unusual ability aroused suspicion in people, especially those who were dominated by the teachings of the Church. These women were often attacked by the very people whose children they had healed. Fear is a powerful force, and easily usable by the DFEs.

As the flames engulfed their bodies, many of these spiritually gifted woman, in excruciating pain, would angrily call out a curse against the townspeople who had betrayed them. The dark forces always energize such a curse, and the curse is carried out against the target person or persons. Also, the DFEs see this as permission to join the woman who uttered the curse in that moment of panic. They consider it an invitation, in effect, a pact.

Many clients have recalled existence on the planet hundreds of millennia ago. Even then, protohumans had a sense of the dark intruders. A number of clients have described these black things resembling pterodactyls, the flying dinosaur-type creature. These intruders seemed to descend from the sky in groups and simply enter individuals, inevitably in times of violence between individuals or clans. Auger would attract the DFEs, or perhaps the dark entities would enter and instigate the violence.

Such behavior is not new on our planet.

The Dark Force Networks

The DFEs can work alone, in small bands, or as part of larger networks. The dark force networks focus on specific groups or categories of people. Target groups assigned to the various dark networks include: families; women and men; gays and lesbians; physicians and healers, spiritual students and spiritual leaders; popular leaders of any kind; corporations and their officers; all ranks of the military; members and leaders of the Catholic Church, fundamentalist churches, and the born-again Christians; schoolchildren; political leaders; satanic cults; terrorists; religious zealots; enforcement personnel, drug users; and many others.

Dark force networks and their directors can be assigned to specific geographical locations, titles, offices, or ranks. It is not the person who holds the rank or title but the office itself that is the target. The dark influence passes to anyone unfortunate enough to hold the title or earn the rank.

The goal of releasement is to return as many DFEs as possible to the Light. And the clinical aim is to locate the directors of the dark networks plaguing the client. DFEs in such networks know no personal or geographical boundaries. Bringing the network directors and their dark networks to the Light has the potential of relieving much suffering in the world.

The Pact with the Devil

Many humans have made a “pact with the devil” in this lifetime or another, always for self-serving purposes. Occasionally the bargains are purposely struck; other times, the connection is inadvertent.

Once these contracts are established, DFEs are assigned to a person and they take control. When this human dies, the soul, burdened by the attached demonic entity, may remain Earthbound and continue to serve the darkness, usually by attaching to a living human and influencing their behavior. This is often the source of the nested dark entities discovered by clients in session.

Alternately, the assigned DFE can separate from the newly deceased human, who will then move into the Light and eventually reincarnate. The contract is immediately reimplemented when that soul returns to the Earth plane; the assigned DFE will reattach to the unsuspecting person. This human servant of the dark forces continues the work of the darkness through his/her own physical body, in bondage to, and totally controlled by, the dark forces.

The DFE distorts thinking, yet the unfortunate person actually believes he or she is in control of their own life. Without intervention such as direct or remote SRT, this relationship will continue unabated, the confused thinking well established, for many lifetimes.

In many instances the agreement is a conscious and deliberate act: summoning Satan for the express purpose of making a formal pact. These pacts guarantee some earthly gain—personal or political power, wealth, or sexual favors. The Dark One delights in proffering such pittance in return for the eternal soul of the bargainer.

Renunciation of the Darkness

Most clients who discover demonic interference can be cleared of the DFEs. Those that are released do not return. In subsequent sessions, however, dark attachments may again be discovered, as if the door had been left open. The DFEs will claim ownership or partnership with the person by right of prior invitation and agreement. DFEs do not understand reincarnation; they just know the pact was made, a contract for eternity.

Past-life regression back to the first experience of involvement with the darkness allows a client to take responsibility for past actions and behavior, sever the connection, and declare the renunciation of the darkness. The act of renunciation closes the door on the intrusive DFEs who claim ownership of a human being.

This works for a client who discovers a past-life event when they accepted the invitation or formed a pact with the darkness. It also works for an attached human entity who is besieged with nested DFEs. The client can declare the Renunciation of the Darkness for self and by proxy for family members and others who may also be affected by involvement with the dark forces. The process works for anyone who has committed this critical error.

When the client or entity realizes the terrible effects of the pact on themselves and their families over many lifetimes, they are eager to sever the connection and begin to undo the negative consequences. This offer comes like daybreak after a long, dark night.

“Would you like to break that false contract? Are you willing to declare the Renunciation of the Darkness and pronounce your separation from the dark forces?”

The answer is always affirmative.

“Listen to these words. Make them your own. Repeat them as your own.”

“In the name of the Light, may God rebuke you, darkness.”

The client repeats the sentence.

“I renounce all activities of the darkness.”

The client repeats.

“In the name of the Light, may God rebuke you, darkness. I renounce all activities of the darkness. I revoke all contracts and agreements, pacts and oaths, rituals and initiations with and to and from the darkness.”

The client repeats.

“Throughout eternity, for as long as my soul exists.” The client repeats.

“In the name of the Light, it is so.”

The client repeats. After twenty or thirty seconds, I ask softly:

“How does that feel?”

There is a deep sense of profound relief and peace, both for the attached entity and the client, following the Renunciation of the Darkness. The DFEs can then be released more readily from the client, and from the confused and misguided attached Earthbound soul, who is then guided to the Light.

The declaration of renunciation can be used with any client who recalls a lifetime when they interacted with the dark forces in any way, whether they were involved in sorcery, black magic, witchcraft, dark brotherhood or priesthood, or satanic activity of any kind.

We are not helpless victims of the dark forces. Through denial and ignorance we humans have left ourselves vulnerable to these aggressive spiritual parasites. Not only can such invasion be prevented through awareness and self-protection, but the ones that are already with us can be safely and permanently released to their next step of evolution.

The DFEs have lost their way; they have forgotten what they are as extensions of the Creator Source. In their ignorance, they are stuck to the endless duty of producing chaos and disruption, following in blind obedience the edicts of their superiors in the dark command hierarchy.

Excerpt from “Healing Lost Souls”

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