Freedom From The Material Pit of Clay

ascension-main-4-post“It can truly be said, that in the many thousands of years and in the many written and unwritten histories of the world, the movement of UN.AR.I.U.S. is unparalleled in the vastness and proportions, width and scope of this great undertaking, which represents the culminative efforts of countless thousands of people in somewhat more advanced strata of life to help their fellow man.

From the ranks of Initiates, Adepts, and Masters, literati, poets, artists, composers, philosophers andAscended-masters--4-post scientists, all in more or less advanced position to the Infinite, they have banded together in a common union and through such existing channels as a suitable outlet — at the present time, existing as it does in our channelship. While this in itself was a herculean task, it represented but the first step, for it was realized in designing UN.AR.I.U.S. that its chief appeal would quite naturally be to those who were struggling in the throes of karmic indispositions.

This meant taking all of the fundamental wisdom in the universe, and much of which is not known to man, and tailoring it down to a simple, direct lesson course with a preparatory quickening into several books which, while they were chiefly documentary, also contained much of the basic wisdom which would enable the individual when reading these various texts, to couple them together with the various predonditioning elements which he had acquired in the Spiritual Worlds, and thus free himself from his pit of clay.

The third step is perhaps the most difficult of all — to find these comparatively few people who could stubborn-boy-4-postthus be helped. Many of them are so ensnared within the tightly wound coils of various superstitions, dogmas, and subconscious reactions that they are unable to fully benefit from or justify the purpose of UN.AR.I.U.S..

A similar psychological equivalent can be found in the common story of the small boy who was dragged off to the dentist by his mother to have an aching tooth pulled. Screaming and yelling, he will fight every inch of the way, even though he knows it is the only way he can get relief. This same subconscious inversion is a common practice among adults, as well as children, and the best that could be said about such reactions is that they are extremely self-destructive.

To find in the texts of UN.AR.I.U.S., ageless and priceless wisdom put into a compounded and easily understood scientific form, and provable by all known physical laws, as well as its ‘miracle’-working attributes, when properly used by those persons who have met the requirements, is in sharp and vivid contrast to the fortunately small number who, though mentally and physically ill, fight, scream, and kick in various adult ways against this life-saving wisdom — even after they have invested hard cash and time in their efforts to free themselves from their own iniquities.

unarius_books-of-ernest_l_normanThe old saying, a man is his worst enemy, is most applicable here in these few instances. Many others, too, inadvertently find many ways and forms to cheat themselves from the great dividends which could be theirs. As Jesus said, we must seek the Father and the Kingdom as little children, which simply means that no person can journey into the Higher Worlds still ensnared in the bonds self-analysis-4-postof his karmic indispositions. And so even many ardent and progressive students of UN.AR.I.U.S. find other ways to loop new coils about themselves in their daily life. They adhere to the same vicious cycle of thought patterns which have kept them, like bits of flotsam, swirling around in the chaotic maelstrom of the material worlds.

Cancellation of karma and the beginning of mastery, comes about only when the individual becomes positively analytical in his daily life, and he can assume his own burden and the moral responsibility for having created his present life from the past. The evils of these past lives are like a thousand devils haunting the darkened corridors of his subconscious world, ready to spring out at every opportune moment and to fight viciously to keep the door closed against the Light.

pathway to the starsIf you are one of these unfortunates who is thus victimized by his past and has failed to gain suitable or expected results from UN.AR.I.U.S., then it is high time for you to take a complete self-analysis. Start to uproot these mental bonds and brambles which impede your path. Pry open that door into the subconscious labyrinth; let the Light of Heaven permeate these dark reaches and the devils will vanish, and you, too, can join that happy throng of pilgrims who have, through the doorway of UN.AR.I.U.S., started up that spiralling Pathway into the Stars.”

Excerpt from Tempus Interludium Part II

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