Even The Sparrow Is Noted ~ Part II

sparrow-II-main-4-post“Remembering that an atom is a solar system of energy, and is sustained from the next adjacent dimension; we can look into our physical bodies and see that these physical bodies are comprised from some sixteen elements. An element is simply an atom which has a different number of positive or negative charges of energy in respect to similarities in the nucleus of the atom itself. This gives it that which the scientist calls its atomic weight. There are sixteen different kinds of ahuman-body-chemistry-4-posttoms in your body. These range from calcium, potassium, oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen, iron, sulphur, etc., to the entire number of sixteen; each one with its own particular atomic weight and consequently, just as you have in the auric sense, each one of these tiny atoms has its own base plane frequency rate in which it oscillates. These, in turn, just as we have equated your own mental position, are oscillating into the adjacent fourth dimension on the same basis of harmonic relationships, and in this way they are connected and interconnected with all other atomic forms.

Likewise, through this same system of harmonic interplay, we can extend these connections on into an infinite distance, so to speak, in the cosmogony. In fact, we can trace the energy source of all atoms through this harmonic system of energy transferences clear into the very heart of the celestial kingdoms, or possibly the originating source of energy itself. Therefore you can now see that all atoms are connected on the basis of harmonic relationship. All humans are connected on the basis of harmonic relationship. We can also extend this micro-to-macro-4-postsame calculus to include all fauna and flora which exist in these planetary systems; that is, all of the animals of the forests and the fields, the birds, fishes, the plant life, as well as all of the innumerable forms of the invisible. The macrocosm, and the microcosm which is not visible to you can be so included in this same interplay of this same harmonic relationship. At this point we can easily see how it is that this vast macrocosm and microcosm are really one and the same thing, on the basis of this harmonic relationship.

As it has been so previously described, the motivating force behind all of this is that constant and never-ending interplay of regeneration, which not only sustains all of these forms, but also is continuously regenerating new forms; this is God, the Infinite Intelligence. It is the sum and total of all things visible and invisible. When the complete concept of this tremendously enlarged macrocosm and microcosm can be somewhat equated within the dimension of your mind, then it can easily be seen how God can note the fall of the sparrow by the wayside and He can also simultaneously feel, sense, hear, or otherwise be entirely conscious of every other thing which is happening, not only in these visible astral or solar systems in which you may find yourself, such as the planet earth, but in the vast invisible microcosm which you will yet visit in your future evolutions into time and space.

In fact, you will never arrive at any point in this evolution where you will see a cessation of this interplay of harmonic principle. Once you have established the principles of this calculus within your mind and see this regenerative principle always in action, then you will truly possess the secret of life and a correct concept of what God is, and what constitutes God. This concept will not, higher-plane-inner-dimension2-postquite naturally, be the same as that which you formerly had when you went the Sunday School as a small child and heard someone say words to the effect that God was some mysterious being living in the sky.

Instead you will have a correct and scientific concept within your own mind of what the Infinite Intelligence or God really is; on this basis, you will be enabled to further continue in your evolutionary course by adding the various other necessary additives and constituents of concept which you will find along the way. These things will, all in turn, re-create your psychic anatomy into such suitable vortexes or conformations of energy wave forms which can suitably live in the environment of the higher spiritual worlds, where you do not eat food, you do not drink liquids, nor do you breathe air, but you are sustained by your knowledge of the Infinite; because this knowledge does, in its ratio and proportion of knowledge enable you to breathe, I shall say, or to attain your sustenance directly from the Infinite source of the God Source Itself through the same process of spiritual osmosis as you are now, in a sense, manifesting physically in the interplay of various chemical reactions within your physical body.

This then, is the correct interpretation of God; a scientific, logical, and realistic interpretation worship 4 postwhich, in itself, relegates such present-day existing beliefs into the dimension from which they originally sprang; that is, in the barbaric past which indulged itself in the infantile deifications of God forces which existed as manifestations of the elemental and unknown forces of the world. Today in this scientific age, there is no logic or reason for these beliefs to exist. Even school children have a vast wealth of scientific knowledge at their disposal; knowledge which could in a brief moment destroy these age-old pagan beliefs upon which present-day religion is founded.

Therefore as you go about your daily tasks, and in such rote systems in which you presently find yourself involved, try to keep this concept of the Infinite Creator within your mind at all times. And whenever such moments of convenience so occur, re-establish these principles of calculus even more firmly, by visualizing that in all things, in all consequences, and in all appearances, behind these seemingly physical manifestations there is that all-important regenerative principle of the seeing-infinity-4-postInfinite God, functioning in the same immutable manner in which it has always functioned. It shall never cease, and it will constantly sustain all forms of which you are conscious, and in which you have placed yourself in attunement. It will also regenerate within your consciousness and automatically suggest and resuggest new conformations as the width and breadth of your mental horizon expands.

This is the way to eternal life; for eternal life cannot be sustained indefinitely from the material worlds. There is a definite mark of demarcation, one in which the physical man is served to a certain point; beyond this lies the vast and great unknown; unknown to you (earth men) at least, these many, many mansions of which Jesus spoke. The spiritual macrocosm, if you wish, also is a part of that great Infinite Regenerative Intelligence which will sustain you on through the countless eons of time.”

Excerpt from Infinite Perspectus

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