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Excerpt from Tempus Interludium Vol. II by Ernest L. Norman

A concept of creation with man is when we find an aggregation or a collective aggregation of intelligence which can be identified as an ego which can survive in the ego form as a psychic body from one life to another. We have a human being because the individual lives and relives in that psychic consciousness which we identify as the ego, from the culminative expressions of previous lives which have formed that nucleus or that cell of consciousness which lives and relives. That, in itself, proves reincarnation. Anything which we call an instinct, whether it is two (so-called) instincts which were given by Freud, or any number which have been included in various other different psychological concepts, it makes no difference because, even if it is one or a thousand instincts, it is the direct admission that psychology, in that expression, admits reincarnation! It has to, because every one of those instincts is a dimension of consciousness which we call fear, which has survived in that idiom of the ego through countless thousands of lives since the first beginning of that individual when he began to retain the idiom of the ego from one life to the next.

And that’s what distinguishes a man from a beast or a bird, in that sense, because it is through this matrix of wave forms which form the nucleus or the cell of the psychic body, we call it, in the expressions of dynasoulbodymic energy reflecting into various polarities which link and relink him with the whole Infinite Cosmogony. It is even more important to remember that ego survives from one life to the next and that his various different expressions of temperament, intelligence, etc., cannot and have never been justified in a genetical sense; they can’t be, but they can be fully justified and can be fully explained when a person understands reincarnation. Because, for one thing, the very fear of death itself which concerns the greatest portion of the population of the earth is an old primary fear which man first arrived at in the beginning of his evolution, in what we might call the human being. That one fear alone – the fear of survival – is sufficient to prove reincarnation. Any instinct, large or small, call it the fear of survival, the fear of death, call it sex, whatever you wish, the primary, motivating fears or concepts are things which were first brought into consciousness in the most ancient of any one man’s lives.

Sex, itself, is the procreative instinct which, by the same token, could relate man back even to such a substance as a fissionable amoeba, but sex, in itself, does not retain the idiom of consciousness in the ego sense. The personality, as it is retained as one human being who goes from one life to another, still retains the elements of the personality characteristics which are constantly being developed and redeveloped in the psychic body through experience.

Now that is a very good explanation on that one particular concept, a little point I have gone around with for many years and it is very clear to me now. We have to draw the line in what we call ego consciousness as it contains itself into any one particular individual. Whether he is John Smith, Joe Doakes, or whoever he is, we carry that particular person’s ego on back through cogalactic_vortex-birth-4postuntless lives to that time when these began, through the process as a collective amalgamation of reactionary fears which survived from one life to the next as an ego, as a consciousness, as it is personified with the individual. Looking at it as it factually exists and looking at it also as a negative polarity with a positive consciousness in another relationship, it begins this collective process where these things accumulate together to form the conglomerate psychic body or consciousness, or which is the end of the polarity of Mind Consciousness, or Infinite Consciousness. In that particular negative experience, the psychic body lives and relives from one dimension and from one lifetime to another.

Now, going on up until we reach that point where he begins making a conjunction with the Infinite, or what we have spoken of a while ago when this person – whether he is Joe Doakes or John Smith – begins to be conscious of himself in another way – not as just a taxpayer or cog in a wheel of some industrial empire or a soldier in some Caesar’s army, or some other particular way of life, he becomes conscious of the fact there is an Infinity around him; there are an unlimited number of dimensions of consciousness. When he becomes conscious of that fact, then he begins to gradually beginning-of-soul-selfevolve into that state of being in tune with the Infinite (in any one or a hundred or a thousand lifetimes, however long it takes him). That is the time when he actually gets past the material world; he is no longer a part of it. He then becomes the negative part of this polarity consciousness which we call the psychic body or subconscious. Then, in turn, he begins to change form and assumes different relationships with these higher strata or planes or dimensions. The old, baser, materialistic wave forms are gradually replaced, the psyche rebuilt into a spiritual (if you want to call it such) aggregate or conglomeration of a vast and infinite number of forms of consciousness as polarities in themselves with the whole Infinite Cosmogony. That way he is a spiritual being, no longer a fleshly, materialistic man living in some earth plane or reincarnating in some comparatively low spiritual plane of relationship. Now, he has become one of those people we talked about, as Avatars or Masters, Initiates, Logoi, Archangels, etc., depending on how far he has progressed into that relationship where the constant and succeeding changes in the psychic self or the spiritual body are being replaced with higher and more infinite numbers of wave forms or aggregates of consciousness. This, in turn, relates him to ever-increasingly higher numbers of planes of consciousness, ad infinitum.


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