Cosmic Continuum

CosmicContinuumN4PageCosmic Continuum
by Ernest L. Norman

This is a literary cyclotron, smashing not only atoms but the walls of dogmatic creeds found in religious and scientific circles. A penetrating analysis into the vast unknown cosmogony, this book presents the science of the future, a science for the New Age when man will live in peace. Here is a book that will leave both the layman and the scientist aghast and dumb-founded. This volume stands alone in its time as a unique and brilliant work; its content is vitally concerned with all aspects of man’s planetary and intergalactic life. The author goes beyond Einstein’s time-space continuum, exploring atoms, reincarnation, cosmic cycles, interdimensional relationships, and the psychic anatomy. The further you read, the deeper the author takes you into the very heart and source of life itself: Energy – the Substance of the Mind and the Universe. Read, within the pages of this great work, of mankind’s immortal quest for ultimate knowledge; Anyone seeking to solve the yet – unfathomable mysteries of man in his expanding universe will find answers to his probing questions on life and immortality!

Excerpt: “We can gain a more comprehensive idea not only of space-time continuum but into the physical world about us when we realize this third dimension in which we are presently living, can be considered parasitic in nature. That is to say, whether we are concerned with any constituents known as the 100 atomic forms of energy or any other particular known physical laws, these things are in themselves, only relationships of energy as they are transformed from one dimension into our immediate perspective which is done on the common basic equivalent of reactance or resistance.

Any present-day known physical law which is taught in high school can be reduced to this simple analogy: We are merely presenting in our third dimension – so far as it is concerned in our immediate perspective – the movement of energy which becomes reactive to any one or a number of other forces which are in existence at that particular moment. The centripetal, centrifugal, inertia and various other so-called laws will thus be seen to be reactive constituents in this concept and energy, moving as it does in a dynamic form, is constantly in conflict with numerous other different static forms of energy in this third dimension.

Let us consider for a moment a more realistic approach to compounding within our own consciousness a much more suitable equivalent than that of the known light barrier (of 186,210 miles), to something which will give us a broader and more expanded consciousness of the Infinite Cosmogony. It has been definitely proven in countless ways, that man does exist in other dimensions, or in various other states of consciousness wherein he is not connected to any physical body. These provable manifestations have been called spiritual in nature and should be quite obvious to the classical scientist who has continually – at least up until the present time – completely ignored these various interpolations of spiritual life about him, inasmuch as he always termed them “pseudo” simply because he could not relate them into such common denominators of his physical science. This same problem which is extremely foolish in all respects, is being carried into interstellar or interspace activities to a high degree.

The speed of light could therefore be much more easily determined if the scientist would learn to equate the speed of light or various other energy wave forms, as they appear in a reactive sense in his physical world, as merely the transference of any given quanta of energy from the infinite so-called “void” about him, into a form of energy that he could reactively equate in his own third dimensional hypothesis.

We must remember in our equations that the earth, just as the sun or any other of the heavenly bodies – whether it is concerned with our own immediate planetary system or represents a galaxy or part of a universe in the far-off and seemingly distant space – represents only certain focal points of energy transferences from other dimensions into the immediate perspective of the visual eye, so far as they are concerned in reactive elements of constituents of our physical science. If the scientists would consider for one moment the fact that space is infinitely solid and filled at all times and that the earth, like the sun and various other planets, is merely a tiny atom – or a point of focus – wherein energy is stemming into this third dimension in numerous ways. One of these ways is through the various forms of atoms which he has found in the world about him; another of these ways is in the transference of heat, light and numerous other reactive elements into the electromagnetic fields of force around the various atomic constituents.

The earth, the sun and various other planets or such visual points of focus can therefore be called termination points in a relationship which can be similarized in a positive and negative equation. In all of these transpositions of energy, as they are concerned from positive to negative in the various electromagnetic spectra or fields which surround these numerous planets – as they do in every atomic form – we are here again merely “tapping” the Infinite Energy from the cosmic universe about us.”

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