Close Encounters Of The Possession Kind

Close Encounters mainby William J. Baldwin, Ph.D.

The different types of close encounters with aliens have been designated by Roman numeral:

CE-I, Nearby UFO sightings.
CE-II, physical and mental affects on people, strange and unusual markings on the ground, and purported physical artifacts of alien spacecraft. CE-III, visual contact with alien beings.
CE-IV, uninvited, forceful alien abductions.
CE-V, intentional invitation to alien contact (as developed by the CSETI group100).

I am proposing CE-VI as the designation for the condition we have found so frequently in altered state sessions with clients: intrusion and parasitic attachment by non-human beings from another place, the alien beings or ETs. Historically, this condition is termed possession. In these cases, the possessing entity is not a demon, but an otherworldly or other-dimensional being.

There is a popular romantic notion, perhaps more frantic than romantic, that friendly ETs, our “space brothers,” are poised to assist us, or have been poised for some time, just waiting for the call. Bumper stickers read: “Beam me up Scotty.” In the popular movie, Independence Day, crowds stood on the roofs of tall buildings holding signs pleading and inviting: “TAKE ME HOME,” “WELCOME TO EARTH,” “TAKE ME WITH YOU,” “HELLO BROTHER,” “REMEMBER ME,” and other such greetings and pleas.

Many people call out for a visitation by extraterrestrials, our “cousins” from other planetary neighborhoods. The motivation may be curiosity or a genuine call for help for this disintegrating civilization. The ETs may come at the call, and the person calling had better have something important to say. The extraterrestrials are serious and have their own missions to accomplish. The call for help can be interpreted as permission to interact with the human being in the form of abduction or attachment. This attachment can be enormously destructive for the hapless host/victim.

Some people have invited “space brothers” to channel through them, to use their voice mechanism for disseminating words of wisdom. An opportunistic discarnate spirit, astral entity, or nearby alien can take advantage of anyone offering such an open invitation. Channeling or mediumship is defined as a temporary possession by another being, with permission of the host, for a specified purpose and limited duration. In many cases of channeling, the being coming in and speaking through the voice of the willing human refuses to leave at the end of the channeling session. This becomes a permanent spirit possession or attachment by an extraterrestrial, an alien being.

It seems that these non-physical aliens have somehow infiltrated the subconscious minds of a great number of people, with or without invitation. Reportedly, the beings can telepathically project words, exert mental control, even produce physical and emotional comfort during an abduction. It is possible the aliens project all the emotions a person is feeling, even the images and experiences of an abduction.

Most of our clients in clinical session are willing to speak the words or thoughts that just pop up in response to our questions, whatever that might be. They describe any physical sensations that emerge during our dialogue. We encourage them to trust what comes to mind and express it right out loud.

During therapy sessions, we have spoken with the alter personalities in people diagnosed with DID, or dissociative identity disorder (formerly termed MPD, or multiple personality disorder). There is usually an alter who knows which ones among them are created within the personality system, which ones are past life personalities “awakened” due to a traumatic event, and which are invited from outside, that is, attached entities of various types.

Clients without any sign of DID (MPD) also uncover other personalities which are decidedly not their own. These others speak through the voice of the client. We have conversed with personalities who claim to be other people, some dead, some alive. These entities are the attached souls or soul fragments of human beings.

For the client who seeks assistance for personal, emotional, physical, and sometimes spiritual problems, it is an unpleasant surprise to discover that an earthbound human entity is causing the problem. It can leave a person feeling helpless and unable to protect themselves from such violation of personal boundaries. Yet for most people, the concept of a spirit world where such things happen is at least familiar. This is a popular theme in fiction, both in books and movies.

In the movie, Maxie, Glenn Close plays a young wife who is invaded by the spirit of an actress who had lived in their San Francisco apartment decades before. When she realizes the situation, she delivers a great line: “I’m a woman, not a flophouse!”

In therapy sessions, we have been challenged by beings which claim to be the minions of Lucifer. (They don’t call themselves demons, that is a designation imposed by people.) This often causes disbelief and rejection in people who refuse to accept the existence of demons and a devil. It can cause fear in people who believe in the religious notions about the existence of such beings.

The most common reaction for clients who discover a resident ET is incredulity. It is such a foreign notion. However, the client has no doubt what it is after a few minutes of exploring and questioning. Because most people carry two, sometimes all three main types of entities, the client can easily tell the difference between the different types that are present.

Most people are totally unaware of any such presence before a session. In some cases, a person knows something is not right, either emotionally or physically, and it’s somehow indescribable. As the other being answers the discovery questions, the client hears the narrative in their own voice. This is not an account of their own experience; it is obviously someone or something else describing something quite different. However, it involves their body and mind.

It is clear to them after hearing (and speaking) this dialogue that they have been invaded by an alien consciousness, an extraterrestrial. It is distressing, it is unbelievable, it does not fit into any preconceived notions of reality. And yet, here it is, in their own thoughts, in their own words, and in their own experience.

Through the voices of our clients, we have encountered aliens who claim to be from far away, from other worlds. They describe several different missions, functions, or purposes for being here: they are the colonists, expansionists, scientists, hybrids, conquerors, and worse.

The majority of our clients in an altered state of consciousness discover these other personalities, other beings or entities, other voices, when they explore the farther reaches of the subconscious levels of their own minds. Some of these others are friendly, even helpful, others are neutral, still others are opportunistic and are using the energy and resources of the host, while others are hostile and downright harmful. All these parasitic intruders exact a cost from the host.

At the present time, more than half of our clients discover attached ETs during sessions, and other therapists who use SRT techniques also discover such intruders. The extraterrestrials describe various reasons for being here, but most have no compunction about the invasion, no hesitation regarding the violation of the free will of the affected human. Basically, there is no concern for our individual sovereignty as a sentient species.

These intruders may be lost, marooned or retired here on the earth. Some claim to be using the eyes and ears of the human as they themselves do not have the proper apparatus to perceive this reality, dimension, or plane. They assert that they cannot interpret the band of the electromagnetic spectrum which we see as color, nor can they interpret sound waves. Some of the ETs declare they are here on scientific expeditions, much as human scientists explore the jungles, oceans, and remote places on this globe.

Normally, the attached ETs are not hostile nor aggressive when discovered, nor are they threatening. They are intrusive, secretive, and do not like to be disturbed in their work. When questioned, they will speak and they don’t hesitate to disclose their purpose for being with the client. They don’t think there is anything we can do to disturb them or interfere with their activity.

Many of the attached ETs claim that they have been with the client not only since early childhood, but also in former lifetimes here on earth. In a few cases, they claim they came from the same homeworld as the client and that they were friends, family, or colleagues there. These connections go back a long time! A few clients hesitate to get rid of a being with such an intertwined history.

Some aliens, through the voice of the client in altered state, assert flatly that they are taking over the world in this manner. They plan to simply suppress the human will, control human bodies and take up residence here in these physical biological vehicles. Further probing reveals the dark force entities, or DFEs, influencing or controlling these ETs. This aggressive, invasive, overpowering behavior is an almost universal sign of DFE infestation.

In some cases, the intrusive ETs claim to be operating under the spiritual principle of Universal Oneness, and since they are part of the One, and humans are also part of the One, they are not interfering with someone else, only exploring the larger dimensions of the One Self. This is a distortion of spiritual principles in the pursuit of selfish and intrusive goals.

There may be many intelligent species in the universe. If we accept the possibility that the information coming through the consciousness and voice of our clients is valid, then we may assume that a great number of extraterrestrials are already here among our population. And many of them are interfering with living humans in much the same way that discarnate EBs and DFEs disrupt the normal course of human life.

Many folks have a strange “save me” attitude toward supposed higher beings from other places. An invitation to an ET group may bring visitors, yet if they haven’t saved humanity before this, why would they do it now? An invitation to the “space brothers” may bring in the dark ETs, and that would be the beginning of a bondage that could last a long time.

SRT techniques are gentle though firm. Each type of attached being is guided to make the choice to leave and cease interfering with the human host. The client learns to recognize and heal the vulnerability, secure the opening, and rescind the invitation that allowed the attachment, in the present life or during some other existence. It is not unusual to find that the client, very curious at some time in their life, actually called out for someone from the skies to come to them. The response can be a big surprise!

Even when a human being does not invite the aliens, they come anyway from somewhere “out there.” These are the lost ones, the colonists and invaders, the scientists, or the ETs who are controlled by the DFEs. On the lighter side, some of those who come may be teachers, even some aspect of ourselves from some future time or alternate dimension, or they may be entering the fabric of our time-space continuum to bring us hope for our future.

Whether or not the narratives are valid, a degree of emotional and sometimes physical healing occurs with most of our clients as a result of regression therapy, recovery of soul fragmentation, spirit releasement therapy, and ET releasement therapy. As a therapist, this is my first goal. As an investigator, I continue to be enormously curious. Yet there is no way to prove or disprove these situations. However, the consistency of such narratives from many hundreds of clients seems to indicate a real and widespread condition which warrants further serious, unbiased investigation.

Self Protection

With awareness and understanding, the client can learn to pay attention to the signs of approaching intruders. A person can learn to say “NO!” to an opportunistic entity. This certainly helps restore the feeling of personal power and the ability CEVI to protect oneself. This has been suggested in several recent books. Some experiencers claim they have been able to interrupt and stop an abduction by various strategies including: reciting the Lord’s Prayer; feeling and expressing righteous anger; visualizing a fountain of light pouring from their body; extending the energy of love rather than fear. The approaching ETs seem to hesitate, then just fadeaway!

Excerpt from CE-VI: Close Encounters of the Possession Kind

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