Born Equal Versus Equal Rights ~ Part I

Born-Equal-vs-Equal-Rights-main-4-postThe popular phrase, “All men are born equal”, first came into prominence at the beginning of the revolutionary-warRevolutionary War and was perpetuated by its incorporation in the Declaration of Independence. It should be pointed out, however, that some of these instigators, advocates and underwriters of this war were children and descendants of religious refugees who came over on the Mayflower and similar vessels to colonize the New England States, where they set up one of the strongest and most oppressive of all religious systems still classically referred to as puritanical, etc. These people did all and more of the oppressions and atrocities in the name of religion, as were done by the Church of England—the cause of their migration. Yes, they even burned “witches” at the stake as late as 1890!

lincoln at war zoneIt was Lincoln, however, who reincorporated this misconception into the Emancipation Proclamation, thereby precipitating a ghastly and bloody war, (which is still being fought) placing the poor unintellectual black man on a competitive basis with the educated white man—a competition which he has never been able to meet. Should the black man gain victory in present-day rioting, obtain what he believes are his freedoms, he will only increase this competition.

In a more final analysis, the concept that all men are born equal or have “equal rights”, if lived to their fullest meaning and interpretation, would create a socialistic state, reduce all people involved to a common level, leave them without leadership and democratic governmental form. They would live likerobotic-mandroids-4-post robots, performing the necessities of existence automatically not daring or caring to utter a word or make a movement which was not similar to all others. In short, these much-touted and vaunted equalities actually defeat and are contradictory to our free enterprise systems, which again is, in itself, a civil reinstatement of survival of the fittest, per se.

This free enterprise system can function only when there are differences in the ways of life, the desire for different life values and interpretations, specialization in these differences which give rise to better arts, crafts and sciences. Yes, the misconception of being born equal or with equal rights is anarchy against any law of the jungledemocratic governmental form, giving each person carte blanche rights to do what he pleases regardless of his neighbors; and how many people are there who could live thusly and not infringe or impose upon others? As man is, by nature and through evolution, a predatory animal living by the jungle law, survival of the fittest, he must therefore be restrained and directed in his life. This can best be done in his present evolutionary position by a governmental system which determines individual action to the best advantage of all others. This government should also encourage individual differences, their development in self-selected fields of specialization, etc.

Actually, this is our present form of government, partially at least. Under theducatione free enterprise system, people are able to express and develop individual propensities. Unfortunately, these advantages are constantly in jeopardy by efforts to reinstate and enforce or reinterpret into life false concepts of equalities, of birth and rights among men.

Not until man learns to live in understanding of a progressive evolution and all incumbent factors will he be able to eliminate the strife and turmoil from his daily life—turmoil and strife which is, incidentally, a necessary and sustaining force in his earth life and which gives him his drive, his determinants of value discovering-your-spiritual-side-4-postaccording to his elemental evolution and to be selective to his best interests. And in this chaos of material lusts and desires, each man constantly finds the creative bias, the inspiration, the ever-apparent necessity to become a better person.

The present-day conflict between the whites and the blacks is a rather dangerous area in which to make any remarks or commitments, especially to politicos or other public figures, except possibly those individuals who attempt to cover themselves with glory by siding in with the minority group. On several previous occasions, remarks were made or discussions entered into by the Unariun Moderator for which he could quite conceivably be misunderstood. As the Moderator, however, I consider this issue an important means whereby clear-cut and concise evaluations can be made.

The whole controversy of “Civil Rights” for the Afro-American man seems to be clouded with hypocrisy and bigotry, as well as a general lack of knowledge, misconceptions, etc., of the real and basic values involved. Two very widely used terms or phrases which are being used as battle cries are, in themselves, widely divergent subjects, even though they may sound or appear similar in usage. These phrases are “All men are created equal”, and the second, “Equal Rights under the Constitution”. The first phrase, “All men are created equal”, is a classical misconception of long standing, born from out the minds of religiously and politically oppressed people in an attempt to equalize certain values and modes of life which they have been forced to accept.

we are all different and uniqueIt is quite obvious even to the casual observer, there are no two persons alike; no two people look exactly alike, nor do they think alike, and each person views the same particular objectivisms differently. These differences in evaluations, in actions and reactions are even more widely pronounced in different races and ethnic cultures. The term “created” is entirely fallacious and smacks of the stamp-mill assembly line technique which would have to be used by this supposed almighty god to keep pace with the procreative needs of the world.

The idiocrasy that each person is “created” also hints of a singular “once lived” life and automatically blinds the believer to the true logical evolutionary creation and re-creation, not only with mankind but with the entire visible and invisible universe. Only in evolution can we find the logical and intelligent answers to all questions, not mandated by the whims of supposed gods but through science and well-ordered laws which have been so frequently discussed in our liturgies. Therefore, spiritual evolutionthe idiocrasy, “all men are created equal” is abhorrent and lacks any semblance of reason or logic. The religionists or advocate, however, might try to evade this interpretation and point out that his god considers all people equal. Here again more fallacy, for if such equality in creation were so conceived by this figurative god, it would automatically destroy any and all differences and purposes for this creation of man, for the earthman would then be a superficial whim without difference or purpose, even contradicting the obvious evolution everywhere about him.

It would also contradict the depiction of god and the “Judgment Day” when he selected the 144,000 for his “New City”. He would be a rather inefficient and poor creator to have made billions of people and have them all turn out defective or bad except this small number!

There is a way, however, in which we can understand creation or the Creator “seeing” all people exactly alike, that is, if we understand Infinite Creation, as in the previously discussed Principle, as a functioning oscillation, harmonic regeneration and other necessary fundamentals. Then as each human is actually merely a tiny speck of oscillating, reenergy mangenerating energy, Infinite Intelligence then ‘sees’ or is conscious of this tiny speck of oscillating energy as it oscillates in its particular way with Infinite Intelligence; however, here the similarity ends. The combination of harmonics or the ways in which these various regenerations oscillate between each person and Infinite Intelligence are always different. Each person makes up a different compound of these numerous oscillations, their harmonics, etc., and while the principle involved is similar, each person is actually determined differently by Infinite Intelligence. If this were not so, then the Creator or Infinite Intelligence would not be able to distinguish between a falling sparrow and a falling man. All creatures, all things, all substances oscillate in principle with Infinite Intelligence; in fact, the very energy substance of their makeup is part of Infinite Intelligence.

It is resolved, therefore, that as the earthman lacks comprehensive knowledge of Infinite Creation, he should spiritual evolution twonot tamper with what has been and is obviously, for very specific purposes, these different racial classifications, ethnic culture groups, national and international dispositions. These factors are, in themselves, competitive elements whereby Infinite Intelligence progressively recreates along the evolutionary pathway, these different peoples in their particular cycle of evolution so necessary not only to these peoples but as the way in which Creative Principle is kept constantly in action.

The second, “Equal Rights under the Constitution” is worthy of much more consideration. Here again, however, while it first appears to be a great ideal that all people have equal rights and equal opportunities, unfortunately it will not work among the races of people which inhabit these United States (or the world for that matter), for the simple reason that as all these people have differences, they are different personalities, live different lives and see things differently, their determinants and evaluations are not going to coincide. This fact has already been proven with the enactment of the “Bill of Rights” and more than ten thousand laws which govern the peoples of this country—laws which were passed by a vast and preponderant law enforcement system.

At this point of our introspection we might become frustrated, throw up our hands and toss the whole thing out. We can, however, summarize the different salient points which have been brought out and philosophize within our own minds:  mankind and his temporal earth life is an evolutionary cycle. As of today, there is racial confrontationample proof, man in his position in this evolutionary cycle is not yet sufficiently advanced to live in harmony either with himself, his family, his nation or the multitudes of people which make up the different races. He has not yet learned to live by the Golden Rule given two thousand years ago, which would automatically make the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and all the laws entirely superfluous and unnecessary. And so the mad, blind pursuance of life goes on. The utterances of sages and philosophers expounding great truths, the moral lessons constantly taught in repetitious wars, the tragedy of human ignorance which breeds poverty and despair still goes on even more forcefully, more rampant, yes, and more fearfully for the many hundreds of millions which comprise the earth’s population. Man has recorded the histories of yesterday and the obvious and sometimes tragic lessons which are so apparent; yet even as he teaches these histories and lessons to his children, he is repeating the same mistakes, perpetuating his future to the same tragedy.

Excerpt from Tempus Invictus

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