Atlantis And Its Advanced Use Of Crystals

Atlantean-Use-of-Crystals-main-4-postby James Tyberonn

Atlantis was a technological city that had advanced knowledge of how to use crystals for the purposes of healing, childbirth, crossing over, meditation, awakening, increasing psychic abilities, increasing mental capacity and clarity of thought.  Atlanteans used crystals for the progress of advancing their science and technology, they had many temples that housed labs which grew different types of crystals that were used for dematerialization, teleportation, and telekinesis, as well as magnetic force fields.  Atlantis had huge libraries that stored records and other knowledge using crystals much like a computer is used today.

The Atlanteans also used crystals to help with botany and agriculture, weather control, they had huge crystal tower generators within the city for creating electricity, balancing the energetic vibrations of the planet so it would spin on its correct planetary axis.  The crystals were also used for communication purposes as they have the ability to transfer energy, to retain it, to maintain its intensity, to focus and transmit energy over great distance to similar receivers as are equal or comparable to the transmitter.  Many of the larger stones, called Fire Crystals, were the central receiving and broadcasting stations, while others acted as receivers for individual cities, buildings, vehicles and homes.

On a higher spiritual level, rooms made of crystals were places where the Initiates left their bodies in the Final Transcendence, called the ascension process, where the Atlanteans would evolve to higher dimensional realms in the universe, some of these Initiates would often never return as they gained light bodies that were pure energies.  When someone gained a light body they could travel in space anywhere that they needed to go as they were now made from the highest vibrational frequencies produced from the stars and source energy.  For more on this please read the following. If for some reason it doesn’t appear in your browser, download pdf here.

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