An Astral Visit To The Future

future-world-4-main-2by Jurgen Ziewe – Excerpt from The Ten Minute Moment (A Future Probability):

“I had risen to the top of a building and began viewing the world from a future probability perspective Ten Minute Moment Bookwith astonishing clarity. Laid out in front of me was a future world. I could see completely new technologies fully applied, where houses and dwellings are grown organically from artificial DNA which is controlled by thought, which in turn is controlled by an adopted process of a self regulating ecosystem. Mankind has internalized the mechanics and wisdom of eco-systems which considers the world as a whole, allowing nature and man to prosper in equal measure, living in balance side by side.

Food and goods are produced by thought induced processes operating on a quantum level using revolutionary new technologies which no longer rely on monstrous production plants and power stations for energy. The economy of wealth is replaced by an economy of need, which equally addresses all aspects of needs, from physical, emotional to cultural and spiritual ones across the whole of our species and the whole of life on our planet.

Out of curiosity I focused on more detail. The science of the future is tied to quantum processing, 6th-dimensional-creation-4-postevolving new processes and solutions in the blink of an eye. It will employ fractal algorithms for the production of goods. Industrial complexes will be replaced by energy being produced locally simply from the light and the air surrounding us, it will be stored and released efficiently. Cloth will be grown dynamically, their texture manipulated by thought. Food supply is abundant and consumption regulated by the need of the body. Health issues are mostly a thing of the past. We will be able to address any problems before they arise. Most people will be enabled to chose the time and manner of their transition which they have already mapped out before they die, but it is not a brave new world, there is freedom of choice. We have learned how to communicate with our departed friends and family as easily as using a phone. It is widely accepted that life is a dynamic process rooted in the perception of its here and now, thus allowing us spontaneous access to its treasures.

Astral-Dimension-FiveI saw technologies in action where our dreams can be accessed and manipulated into lucid dreams, creating whole virtual worlds which will allows us train ourselves in parallel in skills previously unimaginable. Science is conducted from higher dimensional levels applying completely new methods of research. People are able to participate in each others lives and understand them in virtual simulations. Needs, which may have been neglected or overlooked in early childhood or arise out of a deep inner drive can be addressed and compensated in an immersive virtual way.

future-city-peopleCrime is virtually impossible because of instant feedback of consequences which serve as a deterrent, but the mindset will be completely different in any case. People will be able to share on an experiential level and it is understood that man’s existence is taking place simultaneously on multiple dimensions. We no longer perceive ourselves as separate entities divorced and alienated from each other by our physical bodies, but instead experience our society as units of the same core consciousness, working in harmony for our common good.

Astral-Dimension-FourOur learning is accelerated and the main energy for creation is engined and motivated by the heart with the rewards distributed to all life. We have learned that our intelligence is no longer perceived as being determined by the brain, but that each cell in our body provides an access point into a greater consciousness. We are a divine species just evolving from the darkness of our ignorance.”

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