A Spaceman’s Warning About The Dangers of Nuclear Radiation

The-Dangers-of-Nuclear-Radiation-main-4-postDino Kraspedon (1905–2004) was the pen name of Brazilian Aladino Felix, who claimed to be contacted byDino Kraspedon an extraterrestrial from Jupiter’s moons of Ganymede and Io. Much information of a scientific (mainly astrophysics), medical, and moral nature is given in his book.

He was born in Pedra do Baú and died in Uberaba, Minas Gerais. In 1959 he published Meu Contato Com Os Discos Voadores (My Contact with Flying Saucers). The book tells the story of his contact with a flying saucer commander at his home. The extraterrestrial visitor was given a lengthy Q&A interview by Mr. Kraspedon in which he explained advanced concepts in physics and gave insights on how to improve humanity’s social conditions on earth. Later he publicly clarified that he did not witness the male human extraterrestrial leaving or entering a spacecraft. Mr. Kraspedon correctly predicted that there would be a period of terrorism and ironically was arrested for suspicion of being a terrorist in 1968. – Wikipedia

A Spaceman’s Warning About The Dangers of Nuclear Radiation ~ By Dino Kraspedon

Q: Please tell me why you think our use of atomic energy is dangerous?

A: I do not say that the use of atomic energy is a danger to Humanity. What I do say is that aggressive hatred coupled with atomic energy will destroy the earth.

There are two sides to every picture. It depends which you choose.

Electrical energy is useful to man, as it turns motors, runs factories, produces abundant light, and in fact supplies, all the requirements of modem life. Yet it is also used in electric chairs to take another life.

Dynamite can also be put to peaceful uses, breaking up rocks, mining, making canals, etc.; but it is also used in weapons of war.

Aviation represents a step forward on the road to peace, and the brotherhood of man, yet it is used to rain destruction on cities, bringing death to many homes, orphaning thousands of innocent children who know nothing of the commercial interests of the potentates of Earth.

In the story of Croesus, all that he touched was turned to gold; mankind is a Croesus in reverse. If he touches the pure gold which God offers him, he turns it to filth that pollutes the world.

Atomic energy is a gift of God, when used sparingly and for peaceful ends. Its wanton use and its application to war could mean the complete and utter extinction of the life as we know it today on this planet.

The last chapter of atomic energy has not yet been written neither on Earth nor in any other part of the Universe. It cannot, in fact, be written by anyone because it has no end. You are, then, still beginners in this vast subject. Soon you will use hydrogen, nuclear fusion, and then gamma rays, as means of destruction. If you do not destroy the globe with hydrogen bombs, you will do so by other more powerful means. One day the end will come. If nothing else, when you discover the magnetic effects of the planets, you will destroy everything. Put a monkey in a laboratory and see what happens.

The people of Earth have two roads ahead: life or death. May they make a wise choice!

Q: Do you mean to say that atomic energy is good, except when used for warlike purposes? In that case, its effect can only be harmful from the moral point of view, but not inherently harmful.

A: I meant both. The moral aspect is obvious, but I implied the material aspect too.

Q: What is its effect upon the material order of things?

A: In a short time you will have hydrogen bombs of devastating power. Remember I told you that in the upper regions of the atmosphere physiochemical reactions take place which prevent the penetration of rays from the Sun. These layers not only filter radioactivity, but also maintain the Earth in space.

One must often admire man’s acts of generosity, when he becomes good and is endowed with intelligence. At other times he shows himself to be a fool. If a slight increase in solar activity disturbs life on Earth, changing human beings, Hertzian waves, climate, etc., how much more harm can be done by an increase in radioactivity directly injected into the heart of Earth by hydrogen bombs?

Solar disturbances are periodic and their effects soon disappear because they are the result of waves; but radioactivity produced by hydrogen bombs has a lasting effect, because atomic dust remains in suspension and takes time to fall. While in suspension it damages the higher layers; when it falls it poisons everything.

A planet is a delicate organism, whose natural equilibrium cannot be upset with impunity. This excess radioactivity begins by influencing men’s brains, upsetting them noticeably. Soon you will see madness range over the Earth.

The use of hydrogen bombs will unleash the horsemen of the Apocalypse, who were designated for that day and hour. Elements now unknown will appear and poison the vegetation and, consequently, men and animals. The seas will be poisoned and the fish will die. Water will be contaminated at its source, because it will fall from radioactive clouds. Showers of particles will fall to Earth and the crops will perish.

Moreover, the atmospheric layers will be changed. Upon their composition depends the stability of the planet. They will then cease to produce light and affect the luminosity of the Sun. They will no longer be able to filter the solar emanations and the Sun will turn black and you will experience indescribable sensations.

There will be Dantesque scenes. It will be then that Earth’s people discover how wrong was the theory based on the fixed speed of light at 186,000 miles per second. Earth will be subject to energy in the form of ultraviolet waves, with speeds of millions of miles per second.

Meanwhile, in spite of this intense solar energy, there will be no light, but only a rusty red glow near the ground. Man will suffer from terrible cold, but his flesh will be burned as with a hot iron by actinic radiation. If man looks at the Sun, his eyes will be destroyed.

The upper layers of the atmosphere produce or prevent earthquakes. A major alteration of these would make the whole Earth tremble and its cities will collapse like a pack of cards; a quaking earth below, and darkness and burning heat above.

Enormous waves will form on the seas, compressed violently by the solar energy. The poles will be subject to greater solar pressure and will melt, raising the level of the seas so that people in maritime cities would be struck with terror. The roaring of the waters will play a fearful duet with the groaning of the earth.

The present rate of atomic explosions has already caused the mean heat of the Earth to increase, and it will continue to do so at the rate of 0.3 degree C. each year. If there were to be a hydrogen war, there would be pandemonium.

Radioactivity in the upper layers is already enough to melt the polar caps and flood low-lying cities.

In twenty years (or more) there will be a difference of 6C. Before then, all the ice of the poles will have melted.

Strange diseases will appear. The liver is a living laboratory and on being attacked by the ingestion of radioactive elements scattered about the world, it will lose its ability to produce the elements for bodily defenses.

Leukaemia will destroy children who have not reached puberty, as well as old people whose sex force is spent. Cancer will spread rapidly. Ghastly pestilence will attack the skin and the eyes and there will be no cure.

Nursing mothers will weep with sorrow, knowing that their milk, which should nourish the child, carries lethal poisons which will destroy its bones and bring leukaemia. Many, unable to withstand such suffering, will seek death, cursing life and those who launched such despair upon the world.

Then humanity will see whither progress without God has brought them maniacs in the streets, the maimed everywhere, hospitals overflowing, cemeteries full, larders empty, millions destroyed by war, orphaned children, ravaged cities, contaminated fields, poisoned waters, terrorized multitudes, plague, terror, blasphemy, grief, desolation. On Earth, people in anguish; in the Heavens the Cosmic Laws upset.

Will you not understand that only spiritual progress linked to God can be of any value, and lead mankind on the road to peace? Will you not yet see that only love can uplift man to reach eternity?

But this is not all. While atomic potential is being prepared in your arsenals to destroy Earth at one blow, guided missiles will be improved.

The day will come when armies will lose their raison d’etre, navies will be useless, and even the most advanced air force will be obsolete.

Men will destroy themselves by pressing buttons. Then the great danger will threaten. In a moment, like a flash of lightning, a cloud of flame could annihilate all life of Earth.

For a rocket, to get from one continent to another, needs to climb to heights where only pure hydrogen exists. There would be a hydrogen bomb in the nose of this rocket. Now, in the upper layers of the atmosphere, atomic reactions are subject to different laws. Magnetic fields are weaker and the bomb more easily triggered off. The critical mass and the critical distance are not the same. The great mass of pure hydrogen in the upper regions and the whole earth would be transformed into a blazing inferno. Even with a bomb working with heavy hydrogen alone, the homogeneous medium would ensure the sudden transformation of these layers into helium. That would be the end. Perhaps it would be better than a slow ending.

No one will know when this day will be, because the blow would be struck by surprise, without formal declaration of hostilities. Men will think they are safely leading a normal life, when a madman presses the button, stabbing the Earth and murdering its inhabitants. Man, for having sown all these years, life without God, shall shortly reap a harvest of tares, because the ears of science are ripening already.

Q: What are the elements which will bring about changes in the liver, causing disease?

A: The radioactive elements will cause changes in proteins and these will attack the liver. Radioactive carbon will alter the metabolism. Cobalt, which normally helps to prevent anaemia, will, in this radioactive state, destroy the blood cells. An isotope of strontium will unite with calcium and affect the bones. Phosphorus, which is concentrated in the brain, will reach motor nerve centres and radioactive iodine will work its way into the main glands of the body. Radioactive aluminum and magnesium will influence the sex-glands. Because of the destruction of parts of the hypothalamus, man will suffer from terrible hunger, but there will be nothing to eat; others will have an uncontrollable sexual desire. If the activity of the thyroid is impaired, it will upset the balance with the adrenal glands, which will either produce an excess of adrenalin or none at all.

Q: What has the thyroid got to do with the adrenals?

A: In the case of a tiger, whose existence in the wild state depends on his ferocity, the adrenals are twice the size of the thyroid, whereas in man, the thyroid is large and the adrenal small. The relationship is obvious.

Q: Is all this a mere possibility, or is it all inevitable?

A: That is something I cannot answer. It is up to you on Earth to decide whether all this stays in the realm of possibility,or whether you turn it into reality.

Man has free will. No one can tell him what he must do.

The only thing I can say is that these will be the consequences. Do not do as the sorcerer’s apprentice did, not knowing what he was toying with.

Men are letting off bombs, not realizing that their effects are not always immediate. It is like the saturation point in chemistry; one can keep putting drops into a liquid without anything happening; then, suddenly the critical point is reached and the whole solution changes. From then on, it is impossible to control the reaction.

Persistent radioactivity in the upper layers of the atmosphere produces the same effect. No one has gone high enough up from the Earth to measure and observe what is happening. If you could have known Earth’s luminosity before, seen from outside, and could observe it now, you would see a difference. The radioactive dust which stays in the stratosphere already gives rise to fear for the future of men.

If bomb tests continue, one day war will be thrust upon you, bringing with it increased radioactivity. Let Earth’s scientists explode bombs for another fifteen years and you will see the result of their madness. It will be too late. If anyone could calculate the effect of two hundred hydrogen bombs upon the uppermost layer of the ionosphere, he would want to shout from the housetops to put an end to this folly.

Unhappily, my friend, Earth is in the hands of raving lunatics; they are unbalanced enough to accuse us of lying if we (the spacemen) tell the truth. Evil must come, but woe to him who commits it. His fate is sealed. He should not imagine that he will not be called to account for lives he has sacrificed to one interest or another. We all expect a day of reckoning, when we shall be called upon to account for the gifts that the Creator gave us.

Q: But could this happen? Would anyone be capable of ordering our destruction?

A: Perfectly well. It is not right that man’s folly should endanger the stability of the planetary system and destroy the lives of others far away.

The entry of a new Sun into our system will be less dangerous than the explosion of the Earth’s hydrogen cover. It would wreak havoc on several inhabited planets. The unbalance of forces would be fatal to many, if it happened suddenly. Then there would only be one preventive measure; destruction of all living matter of Earth. It would be rendered sterile in a matter of seconds. However, I am not in a position to make decisions of such magnitude, nor, for that matter, is any inhabitant of any planet.

The time has come for scientists to stop and think, for man to cease thinking of himself as the Lord of Creation and come down from the pedestal his vanity has put him on, and realize that as he has been in the habit of oppressing the weak, the time could well come when someone stronger shall silence him.

So long as men waged their petty wars of conquest, we tolerated it all. We merely kept our distance, avoiding further contact with those who could not understand us. Now man constitutes a serious risk for everybody, and tomorrow it may be worse.

I do not know how all this will end; I do not even know whether men will mend their ways, and far less whether a superior intelligence will go on tolerating this much longer, or will resolve to act. I am a being of very limited attainment and it is not within my grasp to say what should be the fate of Earthly things. But it is time for man to stop and think. A little thought costs nothing.

We know your affairs better than you know them yourselves; we know when the war leaders meet and what they plan. We are present at your cabinet meetings; we know the hypocrisy with which they exchange platitudes; we read their motives. Rest assured that we would act before they endangered us. We have orders to defend ourselves.

We have done everything possible to show that there are powers superior to those on Earth; we wished to show men that the possession of power does not give rein to violence and that we have no desire to seize the planet. We have flown high, low, singly and in formation. We have performed aerobatics over cities, air bases, fortifications. I personally received an order to move in against an armed aircraft which was rash enough to open fire against my craft. But nothing convinces men on Earth…..

Let him continue along the atomic road he is following. One day the end must come.

One day man will press a button to end the story of a humanity which preferred to die rather than to live happily in accordance with the laws of God.

Excerpt from My Contact With Flying Saucers

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