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sun-surface“To the earth scientist the sun is only a hard core or nucleus of energy which expresses frequency in an earth or material spectrum; however, the sun is actually larger than our entire solar system. If we refer back to our concept of the atom, here is an allegorical equation. The atom has the hard core or nucleus which is the central vortex, while around in space surrounding this nucleus are vibrations or circular tracts of energy wave forms which carry positive and negative charges.

sun-as-atomOur solar system functions just the same way. It is actually a blown-up atom on a tremendously large scale. The various planets are revolving around the nucleus or sun, on orbits which are wave from patterns. The planets, themselves, are revolving around the nucleus or sun, on orbits which are wave form patterns. The planets, themselves, although they may appear solid, are only so because they are a product of concept. Actually, each planet, in turn, represents a hard core, or nucleus of energy. Surrounding each planet and out into space are the unseen, invisible fluxes which you have called magnetic forces. This is a misnomer. These so-called magnetic structures are actually connecting spectra of energy which connect the whole structure of your solar system with the radiant energies which surround it in free space.

Thus you see, from our perspective, we view your whole planetary system as a tremendously enlarged atom; as one of such similarly related component parts which form, in either case, the positive and negative charges or, as the planets themselves, whichever the case may be.

I hope your earth scientists are able to lift their vision sufficiently to see this. If you consult your encyclopedia, you will see that all planets in your solar system are revolving around the sun in a counter clockwise rotation and on a flat plane. Likewise, you will see such pictures of spiral nebulae, such as you call the universe, are also pictured in a flat plane – something like a large disc with many radiating curved lines like a pinwheel. If you consult your history books, you will read where once, man believed the earth was flat and pushed around the sun by an Angel. This you know now is a fallacy. So, likewise, in the future, you will recognize that the flat plane appearance has also been an illusion. Your solar system, just as your universe, is only a small fraction of the vast parabolas of space; and while your concept seems to relate you in this astronomical aspect, as flat plane surfaces, yet you are as the small boy standing in the middle of a vast plain, and in looking about you, you may think it is flat, but it is actually only a small, remote fraction of the total surface of your earth planet.

So, when the day comes when you travel in free space, you will find a definite barriers or lines of demarcation which are beyond the speed of light. Such barriers or lines are actually curved planes or surfaces which are oscillating in their particular frequency which relates them, in the law of harmonic relationship, to all other dimensions.

The first body is the Sun (acting as a nucleus). Over one hundred years ago, in 1854 [sic] (2), the eminent astronomer Sir William Herschel suggested that the Sun may be inhabited and that the inhabitants may no more suffer from the intense heat than those who live in the tropical regions of Earth! He believed the Sun to be cool body, not a hot, flaming gas ball.

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In relating these various principles and concepts, we relate a true picture to the scientist as to howvortex-EMF the great worlds and planetary systems are formed from out the great vortexes in other dimensions – not simply by collecting cosmic dust together; actually, it is physically impossible. There is not enough of this dust precipitation in the entire cosmic universe for such. What they call dust would have to be automatically subdivided. This is very infantile and childish. The worlds and the sun were created in one particular way: They have become the point of a great and certain particular kind of a vortex of energy which has a great variety of forces within itself; that is, negative and positive forms of energy that can be likened to centripetal or centrifugal forces that stem down into the center of the vortex and which, in turn, because of the tremendous forces involved, compress energy, so to say, into atomic forms. They collect or formulate into worlds or suns.

Ions and electrons in space are usually intimately mixed, in a “soup” containing equal amounts of positive and negative charges. Such a mixture is known as a plasma (the same term has a different meaning in medicine; (see the history of plasma). In many respects it behaves like a gas, but when electric and magnetic forces are present, additional properties come to light, quite unlike those of ordinary gases.Thsuns-plasmae ionosphere above our heads is a plasma. Unlike air, it conducts electricity, and in fact, the ionosphere in the polar regions carries large electric currents, as is discussed in a later section. The electric conductivity of the ionosphere, unlike that of metals or seawater, is very much influenced by the Earth’s magnetic field. This is a rather special plasma, because the ionosphere also contains a fairly high number of neutral atmospheric molecules, with which the ions and electrons constantly collide.In contrast, collisions are extremely rare in the solar wind. If this were an ordinary gas, or if the Earth lacked a magnetic field, the solar wind would have penetrated all the way to the top of the atmosphere and would then have flowed around the Earth, the way water flows around a rock in a stream. Something like that in fact happens at the planet Venus, which seems to have no magnetic field of its own. At Earth, however, a strong magnetic field confronts the solar wind, forming a much bigger obstacle than the Earth itself. Because the solar wind is a plasma, it is forced to detour around the Earth’s field, creating a large shielded cavity around the Earth the magnetosphere. The explanation of space phenomena thus requires a good understanding of plasma physics. Unfortunately, no laboratory can duplicate the large dimensions and the very low particle collision rates found in space plasmas. The behavior of such plasmas can be sometimes simulated by computers, but ultimately, to figure what actually happens, one needs to send instruments into space and study their observations. – NASA

The scientist will find, when he gets out into so-called space, say 150,000 to 200,000 miles away from the earth, that the earth looks very much like the sun. It will have a highly charged field of force around it that is ionized, which will make the surface of the earth practically invisible. One will not be able to see the surface of the earth any more than one can see the surface of Venus, because ionization is taking place with certain types of gases and certain kinds of radioactive particles that present a sort of luminosity just the same as it does around the planet Venus. The scientist has already become aware of the fact that there is a very highly charged layer up there somewhere. Anywhere from 400 to 1,000 miles out, the radioactivity is extremely intense, and that is only an indication of the things to come when he gets even further out than that. So far as the atmosphere of the earth is concerned or the immediate vicinity of the earth, the atmosphere is comparatively free; it is almost as free as a vacuum – the same as it is in outer space when it comes to various kinds of energies. You can almost visualize it as some sort of a terrific pressure which holds or keeps the atmosphere of the earth close to its surface from the outside, in a sense of the word – pressure as it might exist in the terms of contrariwise frequency relationship.” – Excerpt from Tempus Invictus I

Michael and his angels refers to the inhabitants of the worlds beneath the corona of the Sun.  What is the nature of the Sun?  It is not, of course, cold in the sense of archangels-around-sun-4-postdegrees, but is not a flaming body.  What is beneath the Solar corona which no man has seen?  What do you think is its nature?  It is a cool body.  What is beneath it?  Planets.  Everything is duplicated in the Father’s realm.  Study the construction of the atom.  There are as many electrons as protons in each.  If you have twelve planets without, the Sun is the nucleus; twelve planets are the electrons and within the nucleus are the protons.

Twelve neutrons.  What are they—speaking of the System, that is?  The twelve bodies beneath the surface of the corona: The Sun is composed of twelve bodies, and their revolutions bring about the strange eleven-year Sun-spot cycle.  But the inhabitants —because there are inhabitants upon the Sun— are different from those who inhabit worlds.  I could not begin to explain life as it exists there.  But they are worlds.  Life does not exists in flaming gas.  These beings are the angels, so-called.  Michael and his legions, —the archangels, —are all sun dwellers.

Why are there only seven archangels?  Because there were only seven planets of the ancients.  Because they did not have the complete picture this did not mean there were not more.  The real ancients knew there were more.  Hence the twelve astrological signs, as also the twelve archangels. -Secret of the Andes by Brother Phillip (George Hunt Williamson), Chapter: Transcript of the Hierarchy, Archangel Michael’s Message, pages 123 and 124.

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