What is Consciousness? What is Existence?

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So what is existence has been a question pondered on by many a scientist and philosopher and of course everyone has their own opinion so as each man’s opinion is different, existence must be a state of consciousness. “I think therefore I am.”

So what does existence mean to you? What does it mean to me?

To me it means that starting out as this one piece of consciousness condensed currently into a single aware consciousness reacting to light and frequencies of a third dimensional plane that while I am here, I am here to learn and discover exactly why I am here. But what is this one piece of consciousness? Let’s start out with what it isn’t. It can’t be a “piece” of consciousness for as we know or I mean as I know everything is interconnected so that one piece is not one but is one with all in some form, shape, or other. See just how hard it is to try to explain consciousness. It is hard.

Okay from another angle. A sub atomic particle in an atom operates unconditionally on its own being a sub atomic particle yet it is part of a neutron or electron or proton and a neutron, electron, proton is part of a structure called an atom yet the atom has no direct control of what those particles are doing. Same with a molecule which has many atoms yet the molecule doesn’t seem to have too much say in what an atom does even though the atom is part of the molecule. Now the molecules make up an amoeba yet the amoeba has no say in how those molecules act or come together. Or that is to say has no conscious control of those molecules and how they act or what other molecules they will come to together with. Are you getting the picture?

The same could be applied to us. We consciously do not control the infinite number of interactions and actions that take place in our bodies everyday. Example, we haven’t fixed aging yet. So all this is happening in our bodies at levels we could not comprehend. I mean the actions and reactions of metabolism, cell interaction, etc. etc.

Now we know those cells are in there being busy very intelligently going through processes every second of every day and what they do is very complex. Very complex interactions. The cells seem to know their purpose and go about every day trying to accomplish this purpose even though they have no understanding of who or what they are, at least they don’t seem to be conscious of their place and don’t seem to stop every now and then and ask why they exist do they?

man-reaching-toward-stars-4-postNow we humans seem to be part of a greater organism which doesn’t really interfere in our daily lives no more then the molecule tries to tell the atom what to do that exists in the molecule. And yet our lifestyles to us anyway are complex and just as busy as those cells racing around in our bodies. Yet we are different in that we stop and question why we exist and why we are here and why we do what we do. What is our purpose? At least the more aware people stop and do. Others just go through from birth to death like a cell does in the body. Comes in and does its thing then dies never asking why all of this.

For the ones that do stop and question like me, woweeeee, what the hell is this all about?

Really do you know? Is this what makes us different from our sub-species friends the animals?

So we create religions to answer that question but just one problem, that god of our religion doesn’t answer our pleadings when we need them. If you were to say, “God smoot my enemy now.” Likely nothing will happen right? Maybe because we are a smaller cell in a larger body like the cell in the amoeba, and maybe that larger body is a smaller cell in another larger body it is part of. It would seem that the levels above us don’t have the capacity to interact with us no more then we have the capacity to interact directly with the cells in our bodies. Does that make any sense?

So we go through life in a delusion that there is this higher body who created us who can answer our every wish or prayer when it doesn’t work that way.

How disappointing was that when I woke up one day realizing that. But it does answer one thing in my head and that is evolution must be real because we are getting larger then a cell or amoeba or animal in consciousness to the point where we are asking who we are and why are we here. Good questions! So that still brings us back around again to what is consciousness, why do we exist? Everyone has an answer – their own answer which is probably why people like Socrates answered with “Know thyself” and Jesus said “Seek ye within”. The answer is in us, we just have to choose to find it there.

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  • UJ says:

    Existence is the time expressed by light. I think so. I am the Uniontera Ja.

    “So, everything that you can touch with your hand is…”

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