What Is Behind Energy? Q & A With The Moderator

What-is-Behind-Energy-main-3-postQ – What is behind the energy, the moving power, or the source of energy?

A – All energy starts from way off—out or up there in the great Infinite Vortex which stems downward and multiplies and regenerates and recurs into numerous dimensions which, for convenience sake, we shall call vortexes.

Q – How is it that they claim we see or view everything inverted? Are we, by any chance, upside down?

A – No, indeed not. It is like everything else in this universe, it IS merely concept. Seeing is merely an optical law. You have learned to relate yourself to it and live by it in a normal fashion. We can turn the yoke of a television set over and the picture will be inverted; you would then have to be on your head to see it right side up. If you came into this world without eyes, you would have to conceive things in a different way. The transfer of a picture into your mind is a related mechanical process called optical principles or ‘angles of incidence’. There is no color in anything, but merely the property of any substance to absorb and to reflect certain waves of energy which you call light or darkness; These wave lengths of energy can be reflected by other substances, such as a mirror or a pond. Anything that you can conceive in this world depends upon your relationship to it but we are going beyond this. We are seeing everything as energy; we are linking ourselves to the Infinite through the higher consciousness. These simple physical sciences can be very easily divulged. What is being taught here tonight is far beyond the physical optical dispensation.

Q – Since there must be a force beyond energy, what is beyond consciousness?

A – As Kung Fu says, “The longest journey begins with the first step. To answer that properly I would go beyond the concept of your own mind. We shall start first from this great central vortex, which I explained in the lesson. We see in this great central vortex a great Supercelestial Universe, a multiplying and reoccurring intelligence. Beyond that we could say, would be a mass conglomeration of an infinite number of Superhuman minds which have been projected from certain laws and relationships of which we may know nothing. To assimilate these facts, we need to start at some point in order to associate these things into the mind. It is of no use at this point to get too abstract for the majority of students. The Infinite is the abstract.

Q – Are we here on this plane for experience only, and who is to say whether a deed is good or ill?

A – That is in itself the practical aspect of the whole thing because this terrestrial dimension is part of that learning process or experience. It is very necessary to everyone. Unfortunately, we find many left-hand or right-hand, or extremes of expressions, where you see individuals or minority groups who might capitalize or exploit the weaknesses of human nature or exploit the goodness of those about them. But in the ultimate attainment, we are the absolute judge, jury or executioner, according to what we take into ourselves in the domain or the threshold of experience. We have to consider this world in a rather abstract way because it is one of many, many worlds where experience is a necessary integrating factor. Experience creates a certain impact. It creates wave forms which are projected into the psychic self which reconstructs the psychic self in that building process which was previously mentioned. We are constructing for ourselves, a spiritual body which will live in a higher dimension through this experience, by automatically accepting or rejecting certain values or certain negations which will reconstruct this spiritual body.

Q – Are we to understand that you said the sun is not actually hot?

A – Yes, that is what I was showing you a moment ago. You need not necessarily take my word for it. The fact the sun is not hot has been expressed by these higher minds and by advanced thinkers of this time; by Churchward in his books, and those who carved the hieroglyphics in the temples and pyramids, and in many other places have repeatedly portrayed that the sun is not hot. The sun is a radiating source of energy and that energy, as a pure form as it resides and comes from the sun, is Energy-Oneneither heat nor light. Instead, it has to be changed by magnetic and gravitational structures and by various polarities which are involved because these polarities come through this great central universe. I shall draw the universe here for you. This is how it appears from Mt. Lowe or some of the other observatories. If you were to look at it edge-wise, it would look like this. Now from this central vortex we find great lines of magnetic energy which stem out around this huge vortex. Our solar system appears as one tiny speck in comparison. There are 100 trillion of these white specks which are visible to the Mt. Palomar telescopes, all of them bigger than our own sun. Down near this central vortex we find an intense concentration of suns. These are all energies which exist in higher dimensions of higher vibrations about which science today knows nothing and they will not know until they get out into space with instrumentation to measure them. Here in our solar system are definite lines of energy; the flying saucers come in and fly by them, they utilize that energy. One line of energy comes to earth and flows through the earth and creates a polarity. One side of the earth becomes negative and the other side becomes positive. This is manifest up higher by another vortex of energy which we call the magnetic poles. Energy re-creates energy and regenerates itself. It regenerates itself through these countless dimensions according to the harmonic frequency of the multiple of 2 and 1/2 times the fundamental frequency. Think this over; I explained these things one time to a professor of calculus out at the University in Westwood and he did not get it either, but he said that someday he would. This was about four years ago. Atomic science today is just beginning to prove some of these theories.

Energy-TwoQ – Would you explain further regarding light, air and dimensions?

A – All right. You look out here into the air, but what is this air? It is mostly nitrogen and oxygen with a few other inert elements and gases such as argon. They resolve themselves  into molecules; the molecules, in turn, are definite structures of tiny atoms, all held together by the same magnetic laws which hold the universe together. This power is the same which holds the universe together. This power is the same which holds the molecules together. A horseshoe magnet has two poles in which you have these same magnetic fields, magnetic lines. The power thus generated is that which runs the motors in your vacuum sweepers and your washers.

Q – What part do resistors play?

A – Resistors are diametrically opposed atomic structures in relationship to the flow of energy which can create heat or can be dispensated outwardly as magnetic lines of force. Take a small wire for instance, electricity does not travel through the center but over the surface of the wire. Now every time that electricity comes in contact with the molecules along the surface of the wire, it creates certain disturbances because of the magnetic lines of linkage and in doing so, it will create a field of force which is another transposition of energy according to a certain fundamental frequency.

If it is a 60 cycle current which flows through the length of the wire, we shall find fundamental frequency generated on the outside of that wire in the direct multiple and relationship.

Q – Do we get heat from the resistance in the air?

A – No, you do not get all of heat and light through resistance of light through the air. Most of the heat comes through an interchange of energy through the magnetic structures. It is called hysteresis. We get hysteresis in a transformer; if we pass energy through a coil of wire which is wrapped around a core of iron, we get hysteresis in the iron, thus producing heat. The iron becomes red hot if we get enough current going through the wire.

Q – Then is the energy from the sun warm because of hysteresis?

A – Certainly, because there you are then coming in direct contact with the source of energy. As it is reflected down, you not only have hysteresis in the atmosphere and the molecules and atoms in the air, but also hysteresis and interchange of energy through the magnetic structures which you call gravity or which is called polarity, or positive and negative.

Q – Would you say then that the gravity of the earth is the negative polarity and the positive is the sun?

A – That is right, because out in this great central vortex is the sum and total of all our gravitational forces. It relates, as I explained, right down through from one dimension on into another. We have the same transposition of energy into different forms, some of which you call gravity or which you call heat and light or any other particular kind of energy.

Q – Are there actual structures of energy?

A – Yes, now for actual purposes we understand that the interchange of energy is in the sine wave. That statement will simplify things for you as far as this 3rd dimension is concerned. But in the 4th Energy-Threedimension, we again have the circular concept. If you are a little ant up here on top of the circle and you want to see what’s going on down here at the bottom, you do not need to walk all around because you are in tune with it. The vibration is the same in that entire cycle. By attunement you could know instantly all that was occurring at any point simultaneously. You conceive it in the mind; you need not cover the area by traveling there. But it is different in the 3rd dimension because here we have time and space. In the 4th dimension we have eliminated time and space because we are simultaneously in tune with the whole universe instantly. We can liken the dimensions to a piano keyboard on which there are an infinite number of chord structures, some harmonic, others inharmonic. The universe, or what we call our 3rd dimension, functions by this same principle. The science of our 101 elements is based strictly upon certain relationships which are called energy masses or atoms and which are revolving from a certain frequency relationship. This point is the one on which the scientists have their little differences and misunderstanding of the isotopes, because the isotope is the same atom in higher form. These principles are used in the flying saucer that comes down from another planet. The men who created these saucers know about the laws governing isotopes and frequency change. They know how to change the elements in that ship from one dimension to another, like changing the vibration of an atom. You may think the saucer is hot because it is red, but it is not. It simply means that the ship is radiating a certain energy which we call light. It isn’t heat at all. It changes from rosy hues to a brilliant white just as quickly. So what happens? The ship merely becomes an object of radiation.

If we would learn to change the natural vibrating fundamental frequency of the atom, which is called a material atom, and change it to the frequency with which it is to be related, we could do exactly what the Flying Saucer man does. Other people on other planets are doing it; they do these things on Mars, on Clarion, and on many other planets and have been doing so for hundreds of thousands of years. As I said in a past lesson, the eartheans are in a very low plane of understanding.

Q – What is meant by either soft light or hard light?

A – The light spectrum is visible to the rods and cones in your eyes merely because through the lens of the eyes certain frequencies of energy strike the rods and cones. There are phosphorus compounds on the apex of those cones which are activated and regenerated and thus degenerate according to the different fundamental frequency relationship of those wave forms. This process transposes to you, into your intelligence, your concept of what you termed light or dark, or is objectified according to the various impulses which are compounded within those wave forms.

Q – They materialize the flying saucers then?

A – In a sense, yes. The atoms themselves are changed in the relationship to the dimension in which they normally reside. But the atoms themselves are strong magnetic fields of force and are held together through these fields of force and through the laws of harmonic relationship. The atoms relate themselves automatically through any one, or a number, or a million different dimensions. Simply because the space-men know the secret of how to transpose the atoms of the ship (or the frequency rate of vibration), the atoms lose their relationship in the dimension in which they normally exist. The ships then are not subjected to the ordinary or normal laws of the dimension in which they normally reside. Jesus did this voluntarily to his own body and could walk through stone walls or appear and disappear. However, Jesus was not alone, for there have been many people on the earth who not only have done such things through the past ages but who are doing them at the present time.

Q – How is this done?

A – You must imagine that these little atoms are like a lot of little moons turning around the earth very rapidly. They are all held together by very definite forces of energy so that they cannot fly apart. These energies are very strong because they are related to a higher dimension. Take, for example, a spinning top; at the top is a vortex which enables the top to stand erect and spin. This vortex holds the atoms together. Now by changing the relationship of these little atoms with the vortex, we change the way they vibrate so that they are not subjected to the same laws of gravity and other various physical laws which we have here in the 3rd dimension. So far as that plane or world is concerned, it is weightless. We need first to master the simpler basic understanding before we are given, or could understand, top flight secrets.

Q – Is this how men from other planets make appearances here and some few of our eartheans ride in spacecraft?

A – Yes, by the frequency change in the physical body, of both the spacemen and our eartheans. Our people may not realize what has taken place, but it is the only way it can be done in 3rd dimension or, as he believes, he takes his physical body. If he did not go in astral flight, the physical would have to be changed in frequency vibration. Usually the Venusians who have made these contacts have built up this thought—form body—or by so-called materialization—so the earth man could recognize and accept his situation. This is not the natural state and form of the Venusian or of other planet residents.

Q – Again referring to the filament, does it glow because it is the weakest part in the completed circle or because of its different ratio?

A – You might say it is the weakest link in the chain reaction between the dynamic, the generating force, the E.M.F. (electromagnetic force) and its negative polarity. But you might also say that it exists simply on the general principle, as we explained, as a reactive element in the flow of energy because it is, in some way, diametrically opposed in its rate of vibration as an atomic structure to the E.M.F.

Q – I asked this question because I was wondering why the other wires that lead the current to the filament didn’t glow.

A – Simply because they are of large enough capacity to carry that current without any serious disturbances to themselves or to the current. You are getting into the dimension which is known as Ohm’s law, a very simple factor of resistance, because any wire, no matter how large or small it is, has a resistive element in the E.M.F. Except at absolute zero, minus 459°, there is no such thing as a perfect conductor.

Q – Would this mean then, that the earth is conscious of the light and heat and the warmth because this planet is the weakest link in the chain of vibration?

A – You can liken it to a resistive element, that is, the magnetic structures and interchange of magnetic structures, as they are relinked or opposed to themselves according to their frequency relationship, generate heat or generate light.

Q – Do these spacecraft fly only in a certain beam then?

A – There are two methods: one, the manually operated ship—and usually that is the mother ship; but most ships which people have sighted from the earth and in which they have ridden have been the second type, the remote controlled. These ships fly in the center of an energy beam and are controlled by that beam. It is like a huge hollow tube at the end of a searchlight weaving about them through the sky. This beam is moved about in the sky just as one would move a kleig-light about. The light itself moves only a very little and slowly, but the end of the ray or the beam sweeps the entire scope of the visible sky. This saucer or disc, which often resembles a waffle iron in shape, is situated right in the center of this energy beam of force; around on the outside edge are the force fields which make contact with the beam.

Q – Why do they need flying saucers when they can travel astrally and leave their bodies?

A – They actually do not need them. When you arrive in your concepts, at the point where Jesus and other Avatars were, you can go to any other planet without a flying saucer. That is what we are doing now in these various transmissions from dwellers on the other super-planets which we call Shamballa (now UN.AR.I.U.S.). If I can interject the personality, I project out to these various planets and walk around in these many super-planets, and through my vocal cords they are described. I come back with the picture of that which I see and at the same time of my viewing, describe what I am seeing.

Q – In your psychic body?

A – Yes, in my psychic body. I leave the physical behind but am never out of control of it. I maintain conscious continuity at all times. It is not a dead trance; I can at any time get up and walk across the room and still be out there.

Q – Does the physical body feel cold when in this consciousness?

A – Normally I have noticed no particular physical differences whatsoever, other than the top of the head gets so tender and sore and hot that I can barely touch it. At those times the welt or circle, or third eye, appears and activates on the forehead. Not only that, but anyone else present feels the power, and we get the effulgence or aroma of delicate different fragrances from the high Masters who usually come and identify first by their particular fragrances.

Q – Do you feel you go to them or that they come to you?

A – When you get into an abstract concept such as that, if you could picture your psychic body as an organ of reception, you would be looking, seeing, feeling out of every pore, in all directions simultaneously. So you really cannot say anyone goes anywhere, actually. It is the same as, you cannot say your radio set goes to the tower on the hill or the sending station tower comes into your room, or that the transmitter comes into your television set. It is merely a linkage of harmonic or frequency relationship which occurs instantaneously. That is what happens when you get away from this physical body. You don’t have to take trains or street cars to get there; you conceive it in your mind and you are in conscious contact.

Q – Does distance have any influence; say you wanted to go to a planet on the other side of the moon?

A – Distance makes absolutely no difference whatsoever because these things take place in dimensions which are 4th dimensional, and on up, which function in a circular pattern, like gears in a watch. This point was one which Einstein was endeavoring to explain and which he called the compressed time theory. He really arrived at the point in his conception in which he was a little clairvoyant. He finally postulated the theory and I will give it to you roughly: out in free space, in that which we call the cosmic universe, light travels at any particular speed that it wants to. We say that light here, as far as our terrestrial dimension is concerned, travels at 186,272 miles per second; that was the ultimate barrier of the physical dimension. Out in space, it was mathematically proved that light travels four or five times that fast, or even a hundred times that fast, according to the dimension.

Q – Then E.M.C. (Einstein’s mass-energy concept) is not true throughout the Universe?

A – It is not; E.M.C. is only the constant frequency relationship of 186,000 miles per second. Just a few years ago, the engineers in the airplane industry were concerned with the sound barrier, and sound at 740 miles per hour (at sea level), etc.; and you know what has happened to the sound barrier, it has disappeared. Man does arrive at new levels, new realizations. At the present time, that which has been confronting the engineers is the thermal barrier. They believe that skin friction will be the biggest single contributing barrier to space flight because they have about 40 to 60 miles of oxygen or air transfer.

Now there are a lot of other factors which relate to that which we call the thermal barrier. For instance, I will explain this to you a little differently. We have something like two or three billion tiny cosmic particles that rain on this earth every hour. They come from outer space. Most of these little particles are about as big as a grain of sand, weighing less than a gram. We see them streaking across the sky as a brilliant meteor. The word meteor itself means a streak of light. Now you wonder how that little grain of sand could come to earth in contact with friction and generate so much light, but it isn’t that way at all because that tiny particle of cosmic dust, traveling through the upper layers of the air, is traveling at the rate of about 20,000 miles per hour. It piles up in front of it a ball of air or a ball of gas. Because of the friction of the atoms in this ball of gas, it becomes incandescent and glows so that the little tiny grain of sand is actually multiplied a hundred thousand times in intensity and brilliance. This is the same thing which happens on the sun. The sun is a huge fluorescent tube which they call chromosphere, radiating energy from the sun’s surface, and is exactly the same thing. They are pulsations and radiations which are not heat at all.

Q – If we can really realize infinity, then we know all that it is? Isn’t that it, that it just is?

A – You can look at it so if you wish, but in going down the street and looking about you and saying, “It just is,” does not lead us anywhere in our philosophy. We have to determine what is the relationship, what the values of the generic creative forces are behind these things and how they function, otherwise, it isn’t is! It is something else.

Q – Well, if it occurs down here, then it must have occurred in the higher dimensions first.

A – That is exactly right. It has to come from the higher dimensions first. You must know too, that everything that you do on this planet, whether you burn your house down or whatever it is that you do, that it has the same amount of energy transference in higher dimensions. You do not dissipate energy. You do not destroy it; but it re-creates itself, expresses itself in different dimensions according to these fundamental frequency relationships.

Q – Would you tell us something of Swedenborg?

A – Yes, we had Swedenborg a short time ago to give us tape transmissions.

Q – Wasn’t he clairvoyant?

A – Yes, he was. Emanuel Swedenborg developed a very high degree or dimensional form of clairvoyance and visited what he called the Seven Celestial Kingdoms. These are the Seven Shamballas, or “UN.AR.I.U.S.” as they now choose to rename it for this new age and which will be described to you in future lessons.

Excerpt from The Infinite Concept of Cosmic Creation

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