Voice of Nature

Voice-of-Nature-1For the Voice of Nature is the Voice of God –
It speaketh through all things into all
times, unto all mankind.
And, as the seasons and the sunshine with
the rain and the thunder through
the Voice of Heaven
Each has its time of coming and going – which
is like the coming of Spring, and the
freshness of the newborn year.

Voice-of-Nature-2bThe springing up from the earth is the Voice of Nature.
And there is the time of Summer and of the
green fields, and of the mighty forests –
And the song of the Summer is the song of Spring in its joy;
And they count time by it in the wind which
sweeps the leaves.

Voice-of-Nature-3gThe joy in Man’s heart is not the joy one
finds in another man’s heart;
Neither are the treasures in his storehouse
the treasures in his own storehouse,
For each man findeth in his own way – the
joys and the treasures of this earth.
And all the treasures of this earth come
and go – as do the Winter winds
and the Summer skies.
But the joys of the Spirit remain with him forever.

Excerpt from “The Anthenium

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